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    Zamboanga Trip

    Hey Im going to Zamboanga this October. Any tips on the itinerary? Its a five day get away. Sobrang tipid lang kaming tatlong magkakapatid.

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    kelan travel dates niyo?

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    Been there last week of July for 3 days.

    Found a blog entry about Zamboanga: The Hunt for Vinta at Zamboanga

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    enjoy your stay in zamboanga...

    Quote Originally Posted by ak0siAnne View Post
    Hey Im going to Zamboanga this October. Any tips on the itinerary? Its a five day get away. Sobrang tipid lang kaming tatlong magkakapatid. mean you'll be here for the Annual Hermosa Festival?...the high lights is the FIESTA PILAR on October 12....

    please do visit
    1. fort pilar...
    2. stay in Lantaka Hotel...just near the Fort pilar n paseo del mar....its nearer to the city....

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    there are many places to see in zamboanga.....

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    daming falls na pwedeng puntahan: merloquet, dulian at victoria falls. pwede ring magcaving sa victoria. swimming sa sta. cruz island. sarap ng kakahuling crab doon, manamis-namis. punta sa pasonanca park. barter sa canelar. food trip sa paseo del mar.

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    isa pa sa mga kina-inlaban ko sa zamboanga ay sobrang babait ng mga tao. extra effort sila sa pagtulong sa amin. kaya nung naglibot-libot na kami nawala na iyong takot namin sa lugar.

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    Maganda nga sa Zamboanga, merong potential for tourism kung mas ioorganize or mas ipro-promote.

    Ang hindi ko lang gusto sa Zamboanga ay masyadong marami street children sa kalsada at medyo nakakairita na sinusundan sundan ka lagi at namamalimos. Problema rin ang transportation, 50 to 60 per trip ang bayad sa tricycle nila.

    Yun namang Sta. Cruz Island, maliit lang ang lugar at saka delikado sa hindi marunong lumangoy or bata kasi biglang lalim. Nung anduon kami, natapat pa na palayo sa Islang ang agos ng tubig. Delikado. Also, nagkalat ang putol putol na corals, I can imagine produkto ito ng dynamite fishing or something na pag abuso sa kalikasan.

    Ang hindi ko napuntahan ay mga falls. Been to Pasonanca Park too, as well as Yakan 'vilage' (souvenir shop). We stayed at Perlita Hotel on first night (terrible) then transferred to Lantaka Hotel (very nice).

    In general though, I like Zamboanga.

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    shegothim advice naman papunta sa merloquet falls. kami 2 lang ng wife ko.

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    Fort Pilar is an important part of the history of the city of Zamboanga.The Fort was built as a defense against the raiders sent by the Sultans of Mindanao and Jolo way back in 1635. The construction was supervised by Father Melchor de Vera, a Jesuit priest-engineer. It was was originally named "Real Fuerza de San Jose", then "Real Fuerza de Nuestra Señora del Pilar de Zaragoza" in 1719, and finally "Fort Pilar" after its capture by the American forces in November, 1899. Nowadays, the main attraction in this fort is the Shrine of the Nuestra Señora del Pilar de Zaragoza.


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    Humble paradise in the quiet place of Pamucutan

    try go to Pamucutan... nice din ang mga falls and river

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    Amazing Merloquet Falls

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    How true na pagpumunta sa Sta.Cruz island eh me escort pa daw na military dahil delikado for tourist? Oh dati ganun pero ngayun hindi na...

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    totoo yan. pag nagpa-arrange ka ng tour sa tourism magaassign din sila nag security nyo.

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    Hi! Im going to Zamboanga on January. For those who have been there, do you mind sharing your itinerary? Limited lang kasi info na nasearch ko online eh! we'll be there solo!

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    eto po ang itinerary namin

    1st day (Pueblo tour)

    5:30am - Depart Manila
    7:00am - Zamboanga City Arrival
    7:15am - Check-in at Casa Atilano, bonding with gt sises and my travel friend
    10:00am - Start Pueblo tour
    10:15am - Reservation for the Sta. Cruz Island tour at the tourism office at Lantaka Hotel Bldg.
    11:00am - Fort Pilar and Zamboanga City Museum
    12:00pm – Lunch at Jimmy’s Satti House at Pilar Street
    3:00pm - Meryenda at Myrna’s bake house
    4:00pm - Visit the other tourism office at N.S. Valderosa St., claim their free Chavacano dictionary
    4:30pm - Zamboanga City Market, walkathon at Pueblo
    5:30pm - Zamboanga City Cathedral
    6:00pm - buy some groceries at Mindpro Mall
    7:00pm - back to Atilano

    2nd day (Sta. Cruz islands and Pasonanca Park tour)

    5:00am - wake up
    6:45am - left Casa Atilano
    7:10am - arrival at Paseo del Mar, travel to Sta. Cruz island
    7:30am - arrival at Great Sta. Cruz Island. Photo ops and brunch at the island
    11:30am - depart Great Sta. Cruz Island. Travel to Little Sta. Cruz island
    11:50am – ask permission to visit Little Sta. Cruz island
    12:30pm - arrival at the port at Paseo del Mar, meet up with kuya Manny Paster of Lacuachero Outdoorshop
    12:45pm - visit Lacuachero Outdoorshop, tour organizer of Eco-adventure tours at Zamboanga City
    1:00pm - back to Atilano, wash up and lunch at a carinderia near the lodging inn.
    2:00pm - Pasonanca Park tour c/o Lacuachero Outdoorshop (Boy scout camp, treehouse, aviary, butterfly farm, unknown soldiers memorial shrine, Cesar Climaco Park , photo ops at a river)
    6:00pm - Baywalk, sunset photoshoot
    7:00pm - dinner at Sugba tula kilaw foodhaus
    8:30pm - Fort Pilar Shrine
    9:00pm - arrival at Atilano

    3rd day (Merloquet falls and rappelling)

    7:00am - start tour
    8:10am - Zamboanga City fish port
    9:50am - jump off point of Merloquet falls at Brgy. Sibulao
    10:00am – start trekking
    10:20am – Merloquet falls at last =)
    11:00am – lunch
    12:00pm – start trekking to second level of Merloquet falls for the falls rappelling
    12:30pm – rappelling time
    2:00pm - goodbye Merloquet, I’ll see you again
    2:30pm - arrival at jump off point
    2:45pm - travel time
    5:00pm - back at Atilano
    8:00pm - dinner at Paseo del Mar, tried their knicker bocker
    10:00pm - back to our lodging inn

    4th day Pasalubong time =)

    7:30am - Zamboanga City Market
    8:00am - breakfast at Jimmy’s Satti House
    8:40am - Myrna’s bakehouse, tried their Maria Clara cake
    10:00am - travel to Yakan Weaving Village
    11:20am – Atilano
    11:30am – Canelar barter
    1:00pm - lunch at a carinderia near Canelar barter
    1:20pm - back to Atilano
    3:00pm - ride jeepney going to Zamboanga City airport
    3:15pm - check in
    4:10pm - boarding
    4:30pm - til we meet again Zamboanga
    6:00pm - arrival at terminal 3
    7:00pm - home sweet home

    andito din po ang buo kong kwento sa aming trip:

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    PanO po magpa arrange ng tour and how much will it cost? Il b there sat Tapos b back ng Sunday. So I'm have one day only. any reco what not to miss pag ganitong Uover the weekend trip lan

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    kailan po ang punta nila? may solo trip din kasi ako sa zamboanga sa june pa naman.

    Quote Originally Posted by lilhermione08 View Post
    PanO po magpa arrange ng tour and how much will it cost? Il b there sat Tapos b back ng Sunday. So I'm have one day only. any reco what not to miss pag ganitong Uover the weekend trip lan

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    will you be having an early morning flight???

    anyway here are my recommendations...

    have your breakfast at Busy Bee (along Gov. Camins St., near airport) try their Arroz Caldo and Fresh Lumpia, they also have an assortment of kakanin

    if adventurous enough you can drop by Pilar St., and have a taste of SATTI, a famous muslim breakfast staple

    go to Yakan Weaving Village buy some stuff and pass by La Vista del Mar Beach (magkatapat lang sila)

    visit Zambo Metropolitan Cathedral (downtown area) one of the biggest and most modern churches in the Philipplines, then have a stroll along the narrow streets of Zamboanga... btw, yung mga shopping center/bldgs ay magkakadikit lang, use comfortable pair of shoes or slippers

    12:00 noon
    have your lunch at Patio de Palmeras or Country Chicken... try to order their BILAO, good for 3-4 persons na yun

    go to Pasonanca Park and visit Paseo de Jardin or the famous postcard perfect Tree House and if you have a car, why not drop by Abong-Abong Park (around 1 kilometer away from Pasonanca)...

    shopping for barter goods at Canelar Barter Trade, try to haggle they'll definitely give you 10 to 20 pesos off from their asking price

    have your dose of sugar rush and coffee at Myrna's Bake House along Pilar St... their cakes and pastries are of greater quality and taste than most bakeshops that i have been to...

    go to fort Pilar and light some candles as well as pray for yourself and loved ones... then proceed to Paseo Del Mar, you can stroll inside and have some picture taking as well... daming pwedeng kainan sa loob including the famous Alavar Restaurant

    8pm, coffee at Lantaka Hotel

    10pm... visit Catribo Complex at Buenavista St to kill time and relax

    note i did not include visiting the Museum since it is closed on a Saturday...

    have a great stay in Zamboanga, sayang based na ako sa Davao, kundi ako na magpapasyal sa inyo sa mga nasabing lugar, gasolina lang sana magagastos niyo for my service, hehe

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