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    We all have our personal style especially when it comes to dressing, pero bakit may mga porma tayong kina-iinisan? What makes a certain outfit baduy for you?

    Go on and tell us:
    Ano ang pinakabaduy na porma para sa'yo?
    (If possible, provide concrete examples! )

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    Pinakabaduy na porma:
    April Boy Regino.

    Long sleeves with t-shirt inside, combined with a cap. Long hair pa.
    Tight fit pants and boots. (grabe! weird!)

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    Well for me, people have subjective views regarding Baduyness. Some people might feel that April Boy is baduy, but for April Boy's fans, he could be a fashion icon!

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    bandana sa hair. no comment.

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    i hate white shoes! i think they should be banned! okey lang yung ibang shades ng white, wag lang yung talagang off-white!
    okey lang din *** sa sandals pero as in yung closed shoes it's a big no-no for me

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    for guys, yung super tight fit na jeans... eeeww...

    for girls naman, anything with super dami na ruffles... i won't even be caught dead wearing those...!

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    on guys: hair gelled to spiky (im)perfection - if you were going to a party it would be okay - but in school?

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    -People who wear shirts that have big logos in front.. shouting to the world, "Look!! I have designer clothes on!" ....Oh puhh-lease.
    -Girls who dress up (too much) just to go to school...Where's the party? Also, girls who wear high heels EVERYWHERE...don't you feel sorry for your feet?
    -Guys who wear "nutters" (super tight jeans and they think they're so sexy in them) or leather jeans (ewww)
    -pointy shoes (witch-style)
    -Anything that's too neon green, yellow, orange.
    -Jolina's style (sometimes) Oh my goodness, one time, she performed in San Francisco's Fiesta Filipina and she wore these awful pair of neon green pants with a metal loop-ring belt and had her hair in dredlocks...A lot of people commented on how outrageous she looked and I heard some whispering, "What the f--- is she wearing?" .....That was a shame since she seems like a very likable person and a good performer...Some people didn't appreciate her talent as much cuz of her outfit.

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    Originally posted by Entropy:
    on guys: hair gelled to spiky (im)perfection - if you were going to a party it would be okay - but in school?
    I think it looks cute when guys do that! It makes guys look cleaner/neater.

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    guys in very tight jeans na parang magtatanim ng palay! sus!

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    This "HIPHOP" porma kind of thing. Makes me nuts.

    So Such

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    Inter-barangay basketball jerseys tucked in jeans.

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    Guys in tapered and bitin jeans..
    Black pants, white socks
    Brown belt, black shoes and vise versa
    Shoulder pads
    Matching everything

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    What can I say... combination of:

    Barong Tagalog
    Dark Blue Jeans
    Pink Socks*

    *I have a male officemate who wears pink socks!

    Pwede na kaya yun?

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    Platform shoes with flowers (???)
    Flared jeans with embroidered flowers on the hem
    Oversized shirts with matching oversized jeans --eto yung hiphop look right? Can't you get clothes in your size?

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    For boys:
    >; Mga nasobrahan sa Ricky Martin look
    >; Mukha kang Boy Band
    >; April Boy look
    For girls:
    >; Jolina Magdangal look
    >; Suot na parang galing ka sa niteclub
    >; Color Patterns

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    I think anyone can wear absolutely anything they like and be able to pull it off somehow. Kabaduyan for me is relative, for me the essense of true kabaduyan is when something looks like they are trying so hard to pull off a certain look and are failing miserably at it. I mean, what could be worse than wearing the latest designer knock off styles to a party only to find 80% of the people there are wearing the same thing? The whole time you would probably feel really baduy for looking so predictable. Another thing is when someone looks like they feel uncomfortable with what they are wearing whether physically or mentally and it shows. There's nothing like seeing someone trying to wear a style na hindi bagay sa kanya and alam niya the whole time mukhang alanganin. THAT for me is true kabaduyan.

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    Yeah, I agree that kabaduyan is very relative. May mga pormang bigatin ang dating para sa ibang tao, pero sa iba, baduy! Just do it babe!

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