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    Ford Escape 2004 XLS nicknamed "Dagul"

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    Quote Originally Posted by renwock View Post
    Dito sa amin halos 1:1 ratio ng tao to sasakyan dahil sa kakulangan ng public transportation.

    Personally, I drive 2014 Land Cruiser Prado and 1999 BMW 318i. Our parking lot houses few more family cars:

    2008 Honda Civic
    2008 Mitsubishi Lancer
    2003 Toyota Rav4

    I think it's about time we upgrade some of these vehicles, looking at the all-new X-trail for Civic, and perhaps Patrol (Royale) for my Prado by next year. I just love cars

    1999 BMW 318i
    2014 Land Cruiser Prado
    2009 Land Cruiser GX

    Iba talaga LC kahit nagkaka edad na, wala pa ring kupas.

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    Eto ang aking pang-araw-araw:

    2014 Nissan Pulsar SSS hatchback: 1.6l turbocharged.


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    ^panalo sa iyo. But not for james deakin, top gear, and other popular car authoritiea. Mas naniniwala ako sa kanila

    On topic. Ford f150 at kia sorento. Dati sa pinas.. revo where i learned to drive

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    I will drive a Mitsubishi Expander 2018 hahhahah. Does anyone have the same interest ?

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    ^ Interesting design. Not liking the front though. Have to wait to see in flesh. Looks like this will be replacing the Adventure.

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