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    Bigkis?! Yes or No.

    What's really the purpose of bigkis?

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    They say it's for holding the navel. But I didn't use it for my baby.

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    I used it on my baby, and the next day her belly button was bleeding. I never used it again.

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    Pediatricians now actually discourage the use of bigkis because infants normally breathe through their abdomens, kaya pag may bigkis mahihirapan sila huminga.
    I never used it to my baby, kse wala naman talaga sya advantage sa navel.

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    i never used bigkis, although my mom keeps on insisting that we should hehehehe!! oldies ****! wala namang benefits ang bigkis, dangerous pa nga eh.

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    bigkis is jst an old practice, it's not advisable anymore...

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    bigkis was once believed that it can prevent colic or kabag. my baby was colicky, so we tried using bigkis. walang improvement, so i stopped using bigkis. yun kabag naman niya, nawala na lang mag-isa after a while.

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    malaring oldies na actually dangerous. like spitting on the mosquito bite (can cause secondary infection), using alcohol to bathe feverish babies (can worsen fever, make babies drunk), wet piece of cotton on the forhead for hiccups (choking hazard) - all rubbish. not the mention health hazards.

    i refused to use the bigkis too - baka ma-infection yung pusod. It need to dry, then it'll just fall off.

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    i was forced to use bigkis for our first opposed to what the pedia advised.dangerous nga daw...but if you have no choice,dahil sa mga parents or in-laws...use it but not too tight.

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    ask me...
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    no...its what old people did in the past.

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    ako rin hindi ko nilagyan ng bigkis anak ko, lalo na nung may sugat pa sa pusod, mas madaling matutuyo ang sugat kapag exposed eh.

    pero nakakainis nga yung mga nanay at lalo na yung mga byenan na pinipilit yung mga kaugalian nila. pero syempre anak ko pa rin yun kaya ako pa rin nasunod.

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    ako din, noong nasa hospital pa ang baby ko, ayaw nilang palagyan ng bigkis. kaya lang old school ako kaya nang umuwi na kami, ako na mismo ang naglagay ng bigkis.

    nakita ko kasi sa mga bata na hindi nilagyan ng bigkis na hindi lumubog ang pusod nila. since babae ang anak ko, ang pangit naman na pag dalaga na siya, nakaalsa ang pusod. saka para hindi malaki ang tiyan niya, para sexy na. hehe.

    pero iyong ibang old practices (like lagyan ng lipstick ang noo para di mausog, etc) hindi ko ina-apply sa baby.

    yun lang po.

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    tinanong ko yan sa Asian Hospital, walang research na nagpapatunay na ang bigkis eh makakabuti. kaya no.

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    yes, i use bigkis to my children. My first child (boy), laging kinakabagan, pero wag lang masyadong tight, my second child (girl), para seksi sya and para pareho clang di bulging un tyan

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    ano ang bigkis?

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    It's a piece of white cloth you tie around bebi's belly para makaiwas sa kabag.

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    never used any of those and my kids are perfectly fine

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    according to my grandma, the bigkis is used to prevent the umbilical cord from popping out especially when babies cry and it was also used before to hold the diaper... when i took nursing i learned that by putting bigkis actually prolongs the healing of the umbilical cord... what doctor's uusally suggest is to avid the umbilical area when bathing babies who's cords aren't healed yet and right after bathing dry the area off and damp it with a piece of cotton with alcohol to dry it faster... since there are no nerve endings on the cord it won't be painful for the babies not unless there has been an infection already... i actually pour alcohol on it and just wipe off the excess that drips to her body to avoid drying the skin... i just let it dry and exactly a week after it fell off.... and pls don't use manzanilla or alcamforado on your babies since it might prolong the drying of the cord and cause skin irritation...

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    kung hinde kayo gumamit ng bigkis anong pinangtakip nyo, yung gasa lang na nakaplaster.. maybe kung ma infect man yun.. kapabayaan or hnde marunong maglagay at magreplace ng gasa..kung wala bigkis wala ding gasa eh lalawit lawit yun sa loob ng damit.. eh di lalo ding ma impeksyon yun.. just my opinion..

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    sa mga nababasa kong literature, walang sinasabing lagyan ng bigkis... dapat nga daw pinapahanginan para madaling matuyo at mag-fall off... kailangan lang daw linisin up to 5x a day with alcohol...

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