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    Binabasa ko muna reviews niya sa likod..

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    I pick the books I read based on the following criteria:

    *with Christian and health and fitness books, if it's a bestseller
    *with fantasy books or novels, usually if the cover is eyecatching and the title is intriguing
    *if someone I respect on tv liked the book
    *if one of my bookworm friends liked it

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    I choose my books by content so its important for me to browse on the book I'm going to purchase or borrow.

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    -if a lot of book readers recommend the book
    -if i've read past works of the author and loved the book
    -if i like the cover
    -if i like the first few pages written
    -it helps too if it earns good reviews and has been in the bestseller list for long

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    when i first started i pick them based on the authors.... i used to collect books by the author.... i also buy them based on the reviews that i get from my friends....

    but right now i'm a sucker for good covers.... para maganda i display sa cabinet.... hehehehe

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    i usually buy books based on the author........o kaya referrals ng mga friends ko........pag maganda then i buy it.......

    minsan manghihiram muna ako......... then pag nabasa ko na tapos nagustuhan ko i buy it kahit nabasa ko na..,,,parang....collection ba.....

    i go for sidney sheldon, danielle steel, nicholas sparks, mga psychology books tsaka inspirational types....

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    • an attractive cover or interesting title
    • it was recommended by had a good review in Time or the NY Times....
    • a good movie was based on the book.... that's why i picked up Nick Hornby's High Fidelity and also his About a Boy.... Trainspotting.... etc.
    • also, i'm always on the lookout for books with Asian themes or settings, anything to do with Japan, actually.... maiba naman, huwag nang puro American/European....
    • anything related to Alice in Wonderland.... or the Victorian era....
    • it has a major discount and looks interesting!

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    There maybe literally thousands of great books out there (and I would admit that I can't afford to buy all of them), so I am very picky and discriminating with regard to choosing books to read. First and foremost, the book should be very interesting and unique. I don't limit myself to a specific genre or author and I seek diverse topics. I want to hear many but distinct voices. I don't care about covers or titles or even the reputation of the writer or what pompous literary critics say. I am much more interested in the work itself: if it would teach me something new or give me a fresh perspective if it's something I'm already familiar with.

    I guess choosing books for me is like choosing people to date. You do not want to be caught with "just anyone", do you? Books, like dates, can become extremely expensive, so sometimes it's an agonizing exercise to just decide if they are worth my time and money. Well sometimes it's a quick decision and I just trust my gut feeling and leap on a book just by instinct. The good thing is that after a few dates you can always toss them away; that is, if they become very demanding or if I find them too banal and boring. An advantage for me is I live near a public library which offers free "sampling of dates" seven days a week. There are thousands of books on the shelves so which to pick then?

    For a start, I also consult those stupid "100 best..." and recommended lists. Although, most of the time my "matchmakers" are the authors of books I have already enjoyed reading and immensely liked. I research the writers or people who had influenced their writing. I read essays written by or written about them. Like the other Pexers above, I also trust the taste of teachers and friends that I admire. I trust their judgement, and so far they have never failed me. I think it was St Augustine who said "The world is like a book. If you stay in just one place, you're reading only one page." Along this thought, I want to believe that a book should be one's key to new and faraway worlds, the many quality books you read the many wonderful places you'll be visiting.
    Ooops, napasobrang haba ata ako, sorry po.
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    lately, i've been reading book recommendations here at pex then i read online reviews about these books before i go to the bookstore to buy them.

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    I can't deny that it's the cover that catches my attention. But sometimes the genre helps also...
    The author's previous books also has something to do with it. I have like, 4 books of Paolo Coelho, just because I think the ALCHEMIST is a classic! LOL!

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    Friend's recommendation

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    Lately, I've developed a habit of picking up books which are substantial and beneficial to me in particular ways. And it's not something wrong. Back then, I'd just pick them up by the dozen from the shelves and devour them for reading pleasures sake. Time devoted for reading literature such as novels is getting scarcer these days. A thousand other things demand attention. Lucky me I have had a strong foundation of stack knowledge (acquired from vast reading) absorbed in the past years. It justifies later "Utilitarian" reading.

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    i just ransack my friends' book and comicbook collections. they're comparative literature students. i also read their readings when i'm really bored.

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    I smell the book. I know, I know, I'm a weirdo. But I smell it. There's a certain smell... If you're a batang National , you know what I mean.

    Then I feel the cover, if it's nice and smooth to my hands. Then I read the summary, but I never put much stock in the summary. They're usually written by other people who have a narrow outlook in life, therefore ending up with a plot so dissimilar to the one inside the book.

    I then proceed to open the book to the front page, and start reading. If it hooks me and I feel an intense need to share some more with the author, or just simply want to find out how he/she ends the story, then that's the time I buy it.

    Of course, I already have a list of what books I want and the authors I idolize, which makes my book shopping a lot easier sometimes.

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    Hey, Veruca. You are not at all weird because I smell books, too! I know exactly what you mean!
    I know it's a little insane to use the book's smell as the basis for buying, but I don't care. It works.

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    I usually stick to the author I know. I also buy books that are highly recommended by a friend or by my org.

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    Originally posted by sj the great
    reviews, those "international bestseller" signs on top of covers...and then there are books which make me go..."Have to have that, have to have that..."
    Reviews and bestsellers?

    Never again would I rely just on reviews, even from literary critics of NY Times. And those praises from other writers on the back of the covers or that winner logo on the covers, I would not trust them either. Not because a book wins a "Pulitzer" prize, it means magaling or even readable na yong book. Take my case, I recently bought , without doing any research, Annie Proulx's "The Shipping News" . Bought it because it's a best-seller, it's going to be a movie, and critics love it. Big mistake. After several pages of reading, in agony I want to throw up and scream. This is the most pretentious book, trying to pass for an intelligent and stylish one. If Proulx's kind of writing is literary form par excellence, I'll just return to Robin Cook.
    I guess, don't rely solely on critics and notable lists; often recommendations from ordinary tao, who post reviews in and barnes&noble, are more reliable.
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    i pick the book i read if im interested in it when i see it in a bookstore. also, if the synapsis at the back of the book is good, i will often give it a try scanning and skimming over it before i make the final decision whether ill buy it.

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    Thumbs up Reviving This Thread

    1. The Book Club I am in

    2. If I like the author, I try to read all of his/her works

    3. During my commute time, I see a number of commuters reading and I try to remember the title.

    4. In a bookstore, the current-books table

    5. In the library, staff picks.

    Saw someone reading this awhile ago and I read some will have it for my March to-read list

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