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    Banawe Restaurants II

    I know there's a previous thread on the subject but I'd like to see things updated and fresh input. For starters, here's a comprehensive list of what's in the area:
    • A La Diane (Sto. Domingo)
    • Agedashi (Del Monte)
    • Amoranto Grill (Retiro)
    • Betty's (Biak-na-Bato)
    • Bodhi
    • Burger King (Q.A.)
    • Cafe Capreal (Retiro)
    • Cafe Monaco
    • Cajun Flamed Burgers (Retiro)
    • California Grill (Del Monte)
    • Causeway Seafood Restaurant
    • Chinatown's Best
    • ChowKing (Banawe, Mayon-Retiro)
    • The Coffee Beanery
    • Coral Garden
    • Dencio's
    • Dong Ya Hotpot
    • Elar's (Speaker Perez)
    • FatBoy Pizza
    • Feng Wei Wee
    • Gloria Maris
    • Greenwich (Mayon-Retiro)
    • Ha Yuan
    • HanPao Tea House
    • Hap Chan
    • Hok Chiu
    • Ice Monster
    • IceBerg
    • Ichizen (Maria Clara)
    • Jollibee (Araneta, Banawe, Banawe-E.Rod, Mayon-Retiro, Q.A.)
    • Jonas
    • Kai Sushi
    • KFC (Banawe, E.Rod, Sto. Domingo)
    • Kong Tek (Macopa)
    • Le Ching
    • Lighthouse
    • Li Yi Men
    • Ma Mon Luk (Q.A.)
    • Mami King
    • Max's
    • McDonald's (Banawe, Banawe-Q.A.,D. Tuazon)
    • Mr. Poon
    • Muang Thai
    • North Park
    • Pho Saigon
    • Red Ribbon (Retiro)
    • Shakey's
    • Shokudo (Del Monte)
    • Starbucks
    • Suka at Sili (D. Tuazon)
    • Suzhou Dimsum (Retiro)
    • Tasty Dumplings (Retiro)
    • Tempura (Retiro)
    • Tramway Tea House (Scout Alcaraz)
    • Tazza Cafe (Maria Clara)
    • Tempura (Retiro)
    • Wah Yuen
    • Yellow Cab
    Fire away your comments!

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    California Grillin is Aku rebadged... and worsened.
    Tramway.. 165 all you can eat buffet.. cant go wrong. as wrong.. but it's totally quantity over quality though.
    Le Ching.. aint touching that place for a while
    Hap Chan. Old Reliable
    Li Yi Men... cant go wrong rin.
    Causeway... your qc subtitute for 'Panto' outside ongpin/ emerald..
    Tasty... good cheap meals! (under 100 per person)
    Bodhi... cheap food din
    Kong Tiak... better than Bodhi bhuddist vegetarian food. (since they cook it fresh upon order)

    yung iba are franchises na../ tinatamad/ havent ate there yet.
    anyway banaue's restaurants are slowly dying na imo... since people nearby would rather drive to tomas morato for 'better' food. except for chinese food.. which i guess still stays strong...

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    My family stopped eating @ Le Ching 10 years + ago because my dad had a very bad experience ( health-related ) because of their unsanitary practices. We believe na madumi dun.

    Hapchan : Yumyum! Tsa-mi , etc.
    Tasty : yipee so glad merong Tasty sa Banawe, we used to live near Tasty Binondo e ( the masangkay branch )
    Bodhi : my mom's emergency food trip lagi pag wala siyang naluto for lunch hehe
    Wah Yuen : I love the food here. THE BEST =)
    Fernando's : it's a karinderia, but I love their kalderetang kambing! nagpapatakeout lang ako dun since it's an inuman area.
    Dencios : sarap ng fish sisig nila dito
    North Park : ok naman
    Starbucks : ok lang! pero SANA MAGKAROON NA SILA NG STOCK NG GREEN TEA FRAPPE!! went there twice, wala silang GTF

    may bagong Vietnamese restaurant there that replaced Telecom Gallery, it's my uncle-in-law's brother, hindi ko alam if mabenta since mas malakas Chinese food dito sa Banawe...

    Pero sa mga ka-age ko (hehe feeling young! ) i steer away from Banawe area ( except Starbucks ), for good food with my friends

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    I've been to Li Yi Men twice and all I can say is that the food is really good. The seafood is fresh. You could really taste the freshness of the shrimps even in their siomai. It doesn't have ambience though, but the food's good!

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    saan yung starbucks?

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    suzhou dimsum in the middle of cafe capreal and tempura. the xiao long bao is super good! as well as the shallot oil mixed noodle. the beef dish also is so good - parang beef with soy sauce - forgot na - but it's really good. the dumplings are good too. super cheap pa. the place is new and is clean. they're opening in tomas morato, and have been open in mabini for quite some time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by skybar
    saan yung starbucks?
    Lampas ng Del Monte papuntang C-3, beside Hi-Life Spa and in front of Manresa Retreat House.

    Here's an added list of those I missed in my first post:
    • California Deli
    • Fook Yuen
    • Frio Mixx (Retiro)
    • King Crab
    • Mini Shabu-Shabu
    • Ponciana's (Retiro)
    • Wok with Liu

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    Starbucks is sa side ng Icebergs/ California Deli

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    I absolutely love CORAL GARDEN!! I think you guys missed this one. Super sarap ng OYSTER CAKE nila and also the FRIED TOFU!! Yumyum!!

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    where is that?

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    Coral Garden is in that stretch of Banawe between Cardiz and Kabignayan streets, in front of the Fe del Mundo Children's Medical Center.

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    Very Informative thread Mr. Krakista! I appreciate the comprehensive list!

    My favorite here is Han Pao. Everytime I go to Banawe to have my car fixed I splurge the money I saved here at Han Pao. I especially like the Han Pao Noodle Feast because it's so cheap (< P200) and its sooo good! I also like their Yang Chow rice, its as good as Hap Chan's Yang Chow (I think the owners are relatives). Han Pao also has great HoToTay, half an order is probably good for 2.

    Sad part is they only have 2 branches that I know of, here in Banawe and another in Shaw Blvd. I dont know what the pure chinese food aficionados think about Han Pao but I like it better than Hap Chan.

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    they cook their food slightly crappily eh.. hanpao's alright rin naman. pero if we were to choose between that and hapchan/ li yi men/ causeway, it'd be the last place we'd go to.

    and han pao doesnt really have much dishes eh.

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    For cheap takeouts and sushi in bilao there's the Dapitan wet market or SUKI MARKET. It's featured in page F6 in today's Inquirer or you can read it online. The sushi bilao I brought to the PLUG party last May was a big hit.

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    Nabanggit pa kase ang Suzhou ...nagcacraving tuloy ako...! I got 2 respondents/tasters of Suzhou dumpling - a locale who have frequented the famous dumpling house in Shanghai and a HongKie (whose ethnicity's know for foodie critic) - and they gave thumbs up with the dumplings of Suzhou....(*Note: Hindi ako may-ari ng Suzhou...sana lang nga.... ) Anyways, Im peeved that they closed down in Makati - well, siguro panget rin kase *** location nila and I don't know if Makati people (the higher end Ayala + villages area people) knew how to appreciate this...kaya yun...closed down na sya...

    Cafe Monaco is owned by a Korean and that's where I learned how to eat Chap Chae ....masarap syempre kase Korean na nagluto eh...hahahaha...but the crepe is noteworthy! Go for it!

    Cafe Capreal ---- Go for "ang walang kamatayang" quesadillas

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    Krakista : we order din sushi there!!! sarap nga

    Oh my, I want to try Cafe Monaco! I'm a sucker for chapchae!!!!..and Suzhou too!

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    my favorites:
    chinatown's buffet: super worth it
    hanpao: i love their dumplings
    tazza cafe: ok na tambayan (mom ko actually ang madalas dun)
    suki market's sushi and calamares are very good

    for fastfood: kfc, mcdo, and jollibee

    any comments on fatboy's pizza? wanna try it kasi.

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    Fatboy's Pizza is ok, I had pizza and pasta delivered to my house twice. The pizza's good naman, but not Pizza Hut style, more comparable with Greenich? The pasta's good, parang Pizza Hut spaghetti yung spag with meatballs nila hehe

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    thanks for the feedback vjsophie.. i should try it na

    nga pala.. merong masarap na bilihan ng fresh lumpia at roast beef sa d tuazon near/kahelera ng mcdo.. (i forgot the name e).. maliit ng tindahan lang sha, and for take out orders only..

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    is it true that causeway serves P 38.00 dimsum from 9pm to 12mn?

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