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    Akasha suggested a forum for Animals and Animal Care. We can't have the forum yet so I guess we'll just have to make do with a thread for a while.

    I'll start. I'm visiting a breeder this weekend 'cause I plan to buy a shih tzu puppy from her. What should I look out for so I'd know I'm getting a healthy puppy? Should the puppies' living condition be scrutinized? If, for instance, I take the puppy to a vet for a check-up immediately after I buy her, will the vet be able to tell if something's wrong? I'm getting the shih tzu for quite a big amount and I just want to be sure that it won't die two months after I get it from some congenital disease. Any other tips about buying dogs, taking care of puppies, grooming, etc. are welcome.

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    My dogs' vet told me to never, never feed the dogs anything with chocolate, even if they look cute while they're begging. Chocolates are apparently toxic to dogs.

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    Yehey!!! A forum for Animals! What a great idea! (For obvious reasons, hehehe...)

    Ira I read din that chocolate is bad for dogs. Usually sa mga dog treats or recipes for treats, they use carob chips instead of chocolate.

    Ada I'm not really an expert on Shih Tzu's so I can't give you any advice on what a quality Shih Tzu puppy should look like. But I love dogs and I've picked quite a few puppies and so far so good... Actually frustration ko nga na I didn't push through with Vet Med nalang...sayang coz I got accepted na to UPLB and everything... But that's another story, hehe!

    Anyway back to your question. I'm not an expert, but I read up a lot on animal care and here are a few tips on picking a healthy puppy...

    First of all do you know the breeder? Was he/she recommended to you? It is always a good idea to go to a reputable breeder. Use good sense when visiting a kennel. Is it clean? How about the smell? Are the dogs perky and friendly? Don't worry if the breeder has as much questions for you as you have for him/her. Concern is a good sign. Try to question the breeder's knowledge of genetic health conditions for the specific breed. Questions I'd normally ask are: How long have you been breeding dogs? Can I meet both parents? Is the purchase of the puppy guaranteed against health or behavioral defects? Of course the ideal situation would be to find a breeder who is dedicated not only to the dog's conformation but also to the good temperament of the breed.

    I don't usually advise buying puppies from pet stores. I'm not sure about here in the Philippines, but I know in the US (and maybe in other countries) there are pet stores that get their pups from puppy mills. Maybe not every pet store but there are some that do. I read that if you ever find a pet store that you'd like to buy a puppy from, insist that the store prove that the puppy came from a breeder, and call that breeder and ask the same questions you'd ask when visiting a kennel.

    Should I assume you've interacted with the litter and picked the puppy you like best? Coz there are books you can read to help you understand dog pack heirarchy. Even among the littermates kasi makikita mo na yung personality ng puppy. I guess generally avoid buying a puppy who looks sickly, acts too nervous or afraid, or who can't calm down after a half hour of interaction. How a puppy relates to littermates is how he/she will relate to you.

    About the living condition naman, avoid any clear signs of parasites, etc. Or kung may galis yung puppy. When I bought my Beagle, I noticed he had some rashes on his legs. Good thing the vet lived nearby lang so I called him to come over to the kennel. So at least na vet check na rin yung puppy. The vet recommended a prescribed diet for a week to see if the rashes were just an allergic reaction to the food they were giving him. It turns out he was allergic. So I switched dog food. That dog became the first Philippine Grand Champion Beagle.

    Another experience naman I had was when we were looking for a new German Shepherd puppy last year. We went to the same breeder we got our other GS from, coz at least kilala na namin (we also have the same vet), and happy naman kami with our dog. But what happened was, we looked at the new litter when they were quite young pa, and they seemed okay. But when we came back 2 weeks after, we noticed parang pilay yung isang puppy. Then sumunod the other puppies after that. It turned out may congenital defect pala. Bad combination yata yung parents or something. There was one puppy left na walang defect, but who knows if the problem will show up in the future diba? Kaya maybe it's a good idea also if you have an agreement or something with the breeder, in case of congenital problems. I think the best age to bring a puppy home is when he/she is between 8-12 weeks old. Just when he/she is strong enough and ready to bond with you!

    Siguro I'll end this na muna here, hehe! Give chance to others... Boring na ba? If you have any more questions about other things, just ask okay? Siguro yung puppy care, grooming and training sa next chapter na lang...

    Anyway hope I've helped! Good luck with your new puppy!

    By the way, these are my 2 overgrown puppies... Rafter and Bailey

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    does anyone have female maltese for sale? i need one preferably less than a year old....

    Oh.... kapag may tanong kayo tungkol sa fish ako naman ang iconsult ninyo

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    nikolai: Great post! Thanks for the tips. I'll be sure to go through them again before I visit the breeder. Btw, I found out about the breeder through the net. They posted a message in Female Network saying they were selling shih tzu's so I emailed them. If my plans push through, I'll pay them a visit this Sunday. The breeder has more than 30 dogs which stay in 2-hectare lot. Based on the emails I've exchanged with the breeder, I can tell that she's very passionate about her dogs and loves them a lot. I believe that she gives her dogs the best care possible. I'll see for myself when I visit. [Don't forget to post the next chapter of your message. ]

    I heard chicken is also bad for dogs, or does that only apply to shih tzu's? Is dog food really better for dogs compared to human food [as in food ha, not tira-tira]? My last shih tzu survived on human food and she was very healthy. Isn't human food more nutricious than dog food?

    How many times a week should you bathe your dogs? My dad used to give our dog a bath every other day. Is that bad?

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    I suggest you read up on the breed first. Either read a book on shih tzus or surf the internet. Ang dami daming websites na tungkol sa breed na ito. Tignan mo yung breed standard ng shih tzus para alam mo kung anong mga qualities na dapat mong tignan. Don't be deceived by looks alone. Syempre mga puppies kaya ang cute nila pero one thing na dapat mong tignan ay yung eyes (clear ba), nose(dapat medyo wet), tail -kung curled yung dulo kasi quality shih tzus yung tail nila nag curl sa dulo para pag humaba buhok, curled siya, coat/hair- tignan mo kung makapal kasi madaming mga shih tzus manipis lang talaga ang buhok, dapat makapal sya para pag humaba maganda, and check the stomach area, kung may umbok sa may puson, baka may umbilical hernia. Hindi naman to life threatening pero pag lumaki na kasi aso umuumbok din ito so kailangan i-surgically remove pa. Tapos kung male ang bibilhin mong dog, make sure na both balls(scrotum) nakababa. Naku, naloko na ko dito. Bought a male dog tapos after a while (mga two weeks ata) isa lang pala ball ng aso, yung isang ball hindi bumaba nasa may singit napunta so kailangang operahan yung dog at tanggaling both balls na dahil magiging cancerous daw. So nakapon na kaagad yung dog eh 4 months old pa lang.
    Pwede rin after buying the puppy, make an arrangement sa breeder na ipa-pa check mo na kaagad sa vet mo tapos kung may nakita kang abnornmality eh pwede mong ibalik kaagad. Kung conscentious breeder talaga sya di papayag siya.
    Sobrang daming breeders na manloloko na kala mo okay na yung puppy kasi cute nga pero yung pala ang dami daming sakit. So to make sure, ipa-check mo kaagad sa vet kung ok yung puppy.

    Hope I helped you with my tips.
    Good luck and happy pet finding.

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    my doggy is ugly. heeeheeehee...

    yun nga, i heard na never give your doggies chocolates kasi its poisonous pag madami na. wawa naman yung first toy poodle namin, di namin kais alam na bawal pala so pinakain namin ng chocolates, ice cream, coke, cake... etc. ayun lumobo. nagka heart attack. nasa doggy heaven na siya.

    i bathe my doggy... wala lang when i feel like it.... ang sama ko!

    we feed our doggies once a day lang.

    toy poodles sila.

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    Ada thanks for the compliment! I agree with mytyragirl about reading up on the breed. I assumed kasi that you were already decided on getting a Shih Tzu. I forgot to ask you if you were planning to buy a show quality dog or just planning to keep it as a pet. It might be a good idea to let the breeder know what your purpose is. So if you plan to show the dog, make this clear to the breeder so she can help you in selecting the best possible specimen of the breed. Expect a show quality dog to be more expensive than one meant for a pet. It's good that the breeder sounds very passionate about her dogs. Does she show them? Unfortunately I don't know a lot of Shih Tzu breeders. Even when I was showing my dog, hindi kasi sabay yung schedule ng dog ko sa Shih Tzu's. You can call PCCI (Philippine Canine Club, Inc.) and ask about other breeders as well. Let me know if you need their number.

    By the way, here are other signs of good health pala: the ears and eyes should not have suspicious discharges, and (I mentioned this before) the coat should be clean. Lift the hair to see that the skin is free of scales and parasites. Usually naman reliable and conscentious breeders will allow you even a couple of days to take the puppy to a vet to have it checked. Make it clear whether rejection by a vet for health reasons means that you have the choice of another puppy or that you get your money back.

    Good point by mytyragirl about male puppies. There's a term for that condition when the balls don't appear...I just don't remember it right now. Siempre the older the puppy the easier to check for the balls. Pero hassle nga yan kung hindi bumaba. I doubt you'll be able to breed your dog in the future. And even if you are able to, it's probably not a good idea.

    You had a question about bathing. I read that you should probably stick to one bath a month at most. I know some people do it more often, especially in this kind of weather. But the reason for this is that dogs don't have pores to produce oil, so if you bathe them constantly their coats may become dry, dull, full of dandruff, and brittle. I guess you can water your dog down if he gets dirty or needs to cool off.

    About the chicken naman...I'm not so sure about that. I know about some other foods, but chicken? Hmmmm...I can check that one for you. My dogs actually love chicken, hehe! (But I don't give them a lot.) I believe some dog foods have chicken in them, but if your dog is sensitive or has food allergies yata then you should feed them lamb (or lamb and rice). When I was young and had my poodle, we used to feed him human food also and he lived a long time. But now we give all our dogs dog food (dry). I know a lot of people in the Philippines give their dogs regular food, but in my opinion, if you want to give regular food, dapat balanced pa rin. (That's why some dogs eat grass...may kulang kasi sa diet.) So for me it's a lot easier to feed dog food coz you just measure how much to give and that's it! It's more expensive than regular food though. I give Science Diet, which is one of the most expensive yata in the market but at least it's good. There are several brands to choose from naman. Ask the breeder what she feeds her dogs (I have a feeling she feeds dog food kasi). Another popular one is Eukanuba. Although ang sabi yata kasi, mas hindi foul smelling yung stool nila with Science Diet. Anyway remember din that even if commercialized dog foods can provide a balanced diet, not every food will suit every dog.

    When you purchase your puppy, ask for a few days worth of the food they've been giving the pups, along with instructions for feeding so that your puppy will have the same diet he is accustomed to (until you can buy a supply of your own or if you plan to switch). Don't forget to ask about the feeding schedule! Generally the younger the dog the more times it eats. As a general rule, a puppy from six weeks to 3 months should be fed 4 meals a day; 3-6 months, 3 meals; 6 months to one year, 2 meals. After a year, a dog does well on one meal daily. But since there are as many feeding schedules as there are breeders (puppies do fine on all of them anyway), follow nalang the one given by the breeder. How much to feed? I read somewhere that "all dogs are individuals, and the amount that will keep your dog in good health is right for him, not the 'rule book' amount." But do not change the amounts in your puppy's diet too quickly. And if you plan to switch dog foods, do so gradually.

    What else pa ba? Novel na kasi 'to! Oh (huling hirit nalang, promise!), and don't forget your puppy's vaccinations and deworming pala! Make it a habit...

    Any questions on horses naman? Wag lang fish...'la kong alam tungkol dyan...kay blackblade21 nalang yon...

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    I have 4 Lhasa Apsos. My vet told me never to give them chicken since its malansan and would give them galis. What I give them is the buto-buto- beef i think.
    I've also heard from a lot of ppl dat chocolate is really bad 4 dogs and so are paracetamols.
    I've also learned from experience that the best dog foods are Science Diet and Nature's Recipe. I don't usually give my dogs commercial brand dog food like Pedigree and Alpo because it causes rashes.
    By the way, I have a friend who has a male Sharpei and she is looking for som1 who has a female counterpart.

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    hello! can i contribute too? hehehe...

    i just wanna say that Science Diet would be the best thing for your dog. it's really well balanced. the only problem here is, dogs tend to think that this brand isn't the best tasting dog food around- not to mention its high price. a good compromise would be Pedigree, especially for a Shi-Tzu, since it's very oily. Oily dog food gives dogs a brighter sheen on their fur. [b]in Diet Supplements[/i] is an excellent treat for dogs- it will give them great fur!

    there's a big debate about feeding dogs human food. different kasi ang needs ng every living creature, di ba? hehehe... but i've come across a lot of healthy dogs with a regular diet of human food. i think the rule of thumb is, you can only feed dogs human food after it has turned 6 months old. don't expect them to go back to dog food after feeding them yummy human food.

    anything too salty (chichirya) or sweet (chocolate) is a big no-no to any dog. chicken is alright just not too much. there's an old wives' tale that it causes galis daw, e. so "better safe than sorry" approach na lang siguro. what i'm really sure of is never to feed them chicken bones! this will most likely cause liver or lung damage.

    grooming is very important for the Shi-Tzu breed. it likes having their fur brushed everyday... and no, giving them a bath every other day wouldn't do them any harm (they, in fact, would prefer that)- just make sure you dry them up quite a bit immediately after. and also try to keep as much fur away from their eyes as possible to prevent infection.

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    Additional pa:

    Porket puro champion ang line ng puppy kukunin mo ay okay na yung puppy. Championship lineage is not synonymous to good quality puppy. Dapat din tignan mo talaga yung puppy na kukunin mo as I mentioned in my past reply. Although, having championship lineage is also an indication of how you're puppy will grow up to be in the future. Kaso lang nga di lahat ng sinasabing championship line ay okay nga talaga. Tignan mong maigi ang puppy...again check the eyes, ears, nose, skin, etc.etc. Look if pup is in a happy disposition. Also, mas magandang bumili sa breeder talaga kesa sa mga petshops. You can ask PCCI kung sino ang talagang breeder ng shih tzu. Kahit mahal babayaran mo quality naman.

    Isa pa, kahit na okay na nga yung quality na nakuha mo hindi pa rin indication yan kung anong kalalabasan in the future coz it all depends on you...kung paano mo aalagaan ng mabuti yung aso...feeding, housebreaking, veterinary shots etc. etc.

    I love this thread!

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    I totally agree waffledish!!! Don't expect your dog to go back to dog food after getting used to being fed human food. And chicken bones are really bad for dogs because they can break them easily and into sharp pieces! When I was a kid we had a dog that died from choking on a chicken bone... Sometimes I give my dogs the cartilage sa chicken bones (tama ba yon?)...yung sa may joints...BUT only cos I know how to take it off properly (and make sure walang sharp parts)! I guess a lot of people say chicken isn't so good for dogs, but I don't give naman my dogs a lot...yung parang treat lang once in a while. So far they haven't naman gotten any rashes or galis...

    Cool thread, huh, mytragirl?

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    Oh, cool! Another lhasa apso owner! I have 10 lhasa apsos right now, although we're going to give away 5 of them to families and friends.

    Even our vets warned us from feeding our dogs chicken. I was thinking that people are mostly allergic to chicken skin rather than the white meat, so I sort of experimented on one dog and fed her chicken meat sans skin for a day or two, and true enough, she developed a bad case of rashes even when it's just white meat. Now, we just feed them dry dog food (Purina's rice and lamb mixture is their favorite type of dry dog food), or veggies with pork or beef.

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    Sheesh I can't believe I'm back so soon! Wala talaga akong magawa, hehe!

    Looks like several people agree with me on Science Diet pala. I've been feeding my dogs Science Diet for 10 years now, and I'm very pleased with it. Pati yung coats ng dogs ko maganda. I've used it on Beagles, German Shepherds, and Labradors.

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    My Japanese Spitz is stunted. I asked the vet about it and she said it could be a genetic defect. Tipong midget. Large head, fat body and short and stubbly legs. Oh well, mahal ko pa rin naman siya.

    Does anyone know how to remove stitches? Please enlighten me. I don't want to make a mistake here. My other dog got in a fight and required some stitches. The vet told me I can remove them myself (I guess she didn't want to endure the naughtiness of my other dog anymore). So, how does one do it?

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    You can take the stitches out after around 1 week. Wipe the stitch area with betadine antiseptic, pull the stitch away from the skin, cut the stitches gently with small scissors, then wipe it again with betadine. No need to cover it. If you have any antibiotic ointments around, you can put it over the scar area.

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    What's the best soulution for preventing ticks and fleas? I've tried everything except for malatayon. But they still keep coming back.

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    akasha: I believe we have Malatayon sprayed once in a while around the garden. Nagka problem din kami before with ticks and fleas...I'm allergic to fleas pa naman!!! Have you tried giving your dogs a flea bath? I use Asuntol (Bay-o-Pet). I usually dissolve the packet (15 grams) in 5 liters of water (I can use this na on a few dogs). Then I get a big tub (or palanggana) and let the dog sit in it and pour the solution on him little by little, but be careful around the face area (eyes, ears...). As I do this I try to look for all the ticks I can find (at least while the dog is sitting there nabababad na rin siya). I don't rinse him off after. Although if it's a long-haired dog you can dry him off with a towel. Usually if we find any ticks or fleas we give the dogs a flea bath and repeat the treatment after a few days. In my case the flea bath usually helps. We also use a defogger inside the rooms (coz our dogs stay indoors). But we usually buy these in the US. I heard Frontline spray (or spot treatment) is also good daw. I have some but have never actually tried it yet. No need to pa naman kasi. Or ask your dog's vet what he recommends. If the damn things keep coming back maybe you should clean and spray more often, as a preventive measure. Don't wait for them to come back nalang. Good luck! I hate them too...

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    What really works for our dogs is Frontline Spray. Nabibili siya sa veterinary clinics at ibang pet shops. Medyo mahal nga lang P950 per 250 ml.bottle spray pero kung iisa lang naman aso mo matagal-tagal na gamitan din ito. Depende sa weight ng aso mo kung gaano kadami ang ispray mo. Once mo lang siyang i-spray tapos good for one month na. Talagang makikita mong namamatay ang mga ticks and fleas kasi pag sinuklayan mo na aso mo, makikita mo parang natuyot na yung mga ticks and fleas.
    Tapos kung mayroon kang naikikitang mga ticks and fleas(ito yung super bilis na tumatalon pa) na kakalat-kalat, damputin mo lang at ilagay sa bottle of alcohol.
    Sana makatulong ako at mawala na lahat ng mga pesteng tick and fleas na yan.
    Hapyy Tick and Flea Killing! hahahahahaha.

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    /me still waiting for someone to ask about fish...

    wala ba nagbebenta nang maltese? aso naman yun ahhhh

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