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    Quote Originally Posted by peppercut View Post
    Saan kaya mura magpa spay ng pusa? Thanks!
    CARA Welfare Phil... Alam KO sa mandaluyong na sila ngayon pwede run naman sa PAWS..

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    Quote Originally Posted by anivid03 View Post
    CARA Welfare Phil... Alam KO sa mandaluyong na sila ngayon pwede run naman sa PAWS..
    Mejo malayo ako sa place ng CARA eh, nakita ko nga sa website nila ang mura ng mga services nila, ang layo ko nga lang Sa may cartimar kasi ang mamahal, parang di pa katiwatiwala ang mga veterinarian nung nagtanong tanong ako hahahaha!

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    Feeding your dog table scraps is not always healthy

    Some people food is not good for dogs (especially chocolate!), some people food is too fattening, and any amount of people food he eats lessens the amount of dog food he will eat - lessening his intake of the nutrients he needs.

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    Ask ko lang po kasi *** aso ko pag nagkakamot, may parang powder na galing sa kanya na nasa floor at kapag nagwalis ako andami. Ano po kaya yung powder na yon and how to resolve yung ganung case?

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    guys preggy kasi yun dog ko e napaliguan sa tingin nyo ba makukunan yun sabi kasi ng iba makukunan

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    Quote Originally Posted by imogen View Post
    my doggy is ugly. heeeheeehee...

    yun nga, i heard na never give your doggies chocolates kasi its poisonous pag madami na. wawa naman yung first toy poodle namin, di namin kais alam na bawal pala so pinakain namin ng chocolates, ice cream, coke, cake... etc. ayun lumobo. nagka heart attack. nasa doggy heaven na siya.

    i bathe my doggy... wala lang when i feel like it.... ang sama ko!

    we feed our doggies once a day lang.

    toy poodles sila.
    Interesting, have you ever see this one

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    Hi, naniginip po ako ng numero 1 hanggang 16 pero 16 *** po ang natandaan ko na malinaw. Ano po ibig sabihin saka ano po lucky number? Salamat

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    Originally Posted by*kasabian*


    Before buying shih tzu puppies please do your research first...*

    First of, PRINCESS TYPE SHIH TZU/s are not what you think as a good line. They are actually the ABNORMAL ones born within a litter pack & are not meant to be bred so veterinarians spay/neuter them & please these breed naturally has double coat & no such thing as triple coat!.. To make it simple, sellers should actually be selling them in a much much lower price.*

    Second, before paying for the puppy do visit them first in their owner's place with someone knowledgeable about the breed so you can check personally the behavior & condition of the puppy plus the medical record.. And as soon as you get the puppy have it checked by your own trusted vet just to be sure.***
    hindi sila abnormal sila lang yung mga tinatawag na bansot other sa size nila, normal naman sila minsan nga lang pwedeng mahirapan silang manganak (c section na) so pwede rin silang i breed....

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    help..stray cat..

    Bka naman po merong may alam sa inyo? Yung pusa ko napulot lang sya and inampon na namin,napamahal na rin..wala naman kami extra money for vet sobrang mahal..*** pusa kasi parang may iniinda sya sa bibig nya,di na sya makakain and naglalaway na..di ko tlaga alm ano meron. Bka merong may alam sa inyo anu pwde ipainum? Salamat po.

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    How to care a pet?

    I have a pug and he is very naughty. I have applied so many shampoos to prevent it from ticks but again it comes back. Can anyone suggest me what to do to prevent my dog from ticks?

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