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    reminiscing TGIS (thank god it's sabado)

    TGIS.. one of the best shows of GMA... a show that started a sabado-youth oriented show trend... toprater in its slot.. recipient of several best youth-oriented show trophies. home of hottest stars during their time and respected stars as well today.

    T.G.I.S is a youth oriented show that is one of the topraters of GMA 7 and one of the most popular show in the mid-90s. It started a saturday afternoon habit among teenagers and even among children and adults. produced several popular teenstars.. the show itself has been garnering awards from different ward-giving bodies during its time.

    The ORIGINAL CAST is composed of
    Angelu de leon as Ma. Patrice Real or Peachy, Pancakes
    Bobby Andrews as Joaquin Torres III or Wacks, Cookie
    Red Sternberg as Francisco or Kiko
    Michael Flores as Mickey Ledesma or Kilay, Kulot, "Babes" Superman
    Raven Villanueva as Christina or Chris or "Babes"
    Onemig Bondoc as Jona Marie or Jomai or JM
    Rica Peralejo as Michelle Ferrer or Mich
    Ciara Sotto as Rain

    The story begins with the life of 4 close friends, Peachy, Wacks, Kiko and Chris. Wacks and Kiko met Mickey in a basketball game and they became good friends. Peachy met her old childhood friend, JM when she was riding her bicycle. JM suddenly hit Peachy's bike with his car. Love blossomed between JM and Peachy, they became a couple. But the couple only lasted for a while because JM was still in love his ex-girlfriend, Michelle. So he broke up with Peachy. But then when he was with Michelle, he realized that Peachy is the one he truly loves. Unfortunately, when he went back to Peachy, he saw her lock in an embrace with Joaquin.( That's the start of Angelu-Bobby loveteam). The show was really a great success that a movie version "TGIS The Movie" was a;lso a blockbuster hit.

    The barkada graduated from high school and goes to College, as TGIS goes to primetime with GROWING UP. Meanwhile, a new generation of young stars has been casted in TGIS.

    the Growing Up barkada is composed of:
    Angelu de leon - Peachy
    Bobby Andrews- Wacks
    Michael Flores- Mickey
    Red Sternberg- Kiko
    Raven Villanueva- Chris
    Onemig Bondoc- JM
    Ciara Sotto- Rain
    Bernadette Allyson- Bea
    Jake Roxas- Noel
    Mariel Lopez- Angel
    Ryan Eigenmann- Inigo
    with Donna Cruz

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    While the first batch went primetime with growing up, a new batch of stars was introduced in tgis..

    Antoinette Taus as Bianca de Jesus
    Kim delos Santos as Tere Gonzaga
    Dingdong Dantes as Inaki Torres
    Dino Guevarra as David
    Sunshine Dizon as Calai
    Polo Ravales as Ice Martinez
    Anne Curtis as Emily or Em
    Chubi del Rosario as Reyster
    Chantal Umali as Happy
    Ardie Aquino as Benjo
    Jam Melendez as Jag
    Kenneth as Marci
    Idelle Martinez as Samantha Real
    Anne Curtis
    Chubi del Rosario
    Maui Taylor
    Aiza Marquez

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    I never remember watching this show pero parang napa"AHA!" ako nung nabasa ko ang pangalan na Inyaki. Tanda ko 'to.

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    i really miz those days.. especially nung kna angelu pa.. may movie nga sila dito eh yung TGIS the movie more of an adventure ang movie version... kaya ngkaroon ng gimik sa dos dahil dito.. eto lang yata ang iilan sa mga toprating shows nun ng gma kc abs pa ang #1 nun..

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    yuhp this is one of the few shows i remember from GMA. along with Annakarenina.. I actually liked that noontime soap

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    astig **** ang TGIS at click.. kakamiz ****.. haaayy.. sana magkaroon ulet ng youth-oriented show na pangsabado.. joyride kc panghapon eh..

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    ei guys papost naman ng ng tgis theme oh.. kung *** meron.. salamt.. yung may nananana-nanana-nanana.. basta yun! ahha

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    Mods, pwede pamerge with the thread 'For TGIS fans out there'. Thanks.

    Anyways, kakamiss nga talga ang TGIS. Ten years na last Friday.

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    sana mgkaroon ng reunion sa mel n joey ang tgis, pati na rin that's at saka click..

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    syempre i really like PEACHY JOAQUIN

    pancakes and cookie

    pinanood ko yan hanggang growing up

    hay! how time flies

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    sana nmn kahit ibalik sa channel 11 ang TGIS 2nd generation

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    I hope Direk Mark Reyes goes back to his roots and direct this show for GMA primetime... with new cast members, fresh faces and untested acting skills.... experimental ito for GMA but eventually maghi-hit ito sa audience...

    Madugo itong storyline nila kasi involved pa rin ang original TGIS barkada.... but some who cant make it full time will be killed off the series...

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    yeah it's true! TGIS took the whole country by storm. I remember, pag di ka nakanood ng TGIS, ma-o-OP ka s school kasi halos lahat sila ang bukambibig.

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    bakit *** lahat ng movies ng tgis barkada wala sa video?

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    Love TGIS and Growing Up. You're right about that, this show is really popular back then! May away away pa nga noon ng TGIS vs. Gimik of Channel 2 hehehe.
    Well if GMA is going to produce another one of this I hope I could still relate hehehe. Ang korny na kasi nung Boys next door kaya yun na-cut sa ere. Sana "Growing Up" like shows naman ulit gawin nila sa prime time para bago ulit sa mata.

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    hahaha,, OMG.. haha..

    Ive missed these guys..

    peachy wacky.

    mickey Chris..


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    Hay I remember this show. I remember they went to our school. Kilig ako kay peachy and wacks. Medyo magulo na nang dumami yung characters eh.

    Iba talaga chemistry ni angelu and bobby.

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