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    It's okay to pluck them. Generally, moles with hair are benign and will not convert to cancer. It's the ones without hair that you have to watch. However, if it has a tendency to bleed and it changes appearance, consult a dermatologist.

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    hi again dr. ira!!

    my bro has got a big mole on his upper lip and he'd like it to be removed. could you suggest a good dermatologist/surgeon who could do the procedure.... we live in quezon city...some of my mom's doctors are in st luke's. is there anyone we could see there for a consultation??

    thank so much for your help!!!

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    Hey cuz reddawn! Why does he want it removed? Did it change in appearance? Mine's still okay, though I think his is a lot bigger

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    Dr. James Joaquino is one of the best in the country. He has a clinic at North Tower in St. Luke's. Just call up the SLMC trunkline and ask for his schedule.

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    Originally posted by Ira
    Dr. James Joaquino is one of the best in the country. He has a clinic at North Tower in St. Luke's. Just call up the SLMC trunkline and ask for his schedule.

    dr. ira, i rang st. luke's trunkline but the operators there said that dr.james joaquino isn't connected with st. luke's. i even spelled out his name and even mentioned his clinic in north tower but he isn't on the listing daw. yoko naman po punta don tapos wala naman pala syang clinic sa st. luke's. or better yet, could you recommend another doctor?? cheers!!!

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    He's probably given up his shares there then. If you want to consult Dr. Joaquino, he also has a clinic at Clinica Manila in Megamall. 633-5747 to 48.

    At St. Luke's, you can try consulting Dr. Alex de Leon or Dr. Rene Valerio.

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    Talaga? pag may hair hnde sya nakaka-cancer? madaming salamat sa info! "_

    Mines at my lower lip. sa right side. ako i dont pluck ni-ti-trim ko sya. "_

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    has anyone tried DEMOLE?

    i have this mole on my face. maumbok lang sya medyo malaki pero di yung mukhang wart na sobrang umbok. think of nora aunor's facial mole. ganun yung mole ko.

    has anyone tried DEMOLE? gusto ko sana eh. ano ba effects nya? may scar ba?

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    sa kin my light scar. 10 yrs ago pa natanggal *** sa kin mole sa my baba.

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    ^^ anong klase mole mo? like nora aunor's as tqbfjotld said? Yung akin hindi matambok. mag ka scar kaya?

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    usually may scar, pero maliit lang

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    hala, baka mahalata if i try this.. maputi kasi ako

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    how much will it cost to have a mole in the face removed? pls. recommend a good doctor/derma or whoever is in charge for that. thanks!

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    Mura lang yan. Mga less than P3,000 (estimate lang). Yung uncle ko (65 years old) nagpatanggal din ng mole sa mukha pero walang binayaran dahil may medical insurance siya. Wala pang 30 minutes daw yung operation. Yung sa uncle ko naman, pinatanggal niya dahil lumalaki daw yung nunal niya. Although sabi nung doctor hindi naman daw cancerous, pinatanggal na rin niya tutal may insurance coverage naman.

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    thanks for the info agapito. san nag patangal *** uncle mo? mine is bothering me kse everytime i shave, natatamaan ko sha (its right above my lips)...and lately nagbe bleed lagi. please let me know naman where ur uncle had it removed. thanks a lot..

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    saakin pinatanggal ko din sa Belo. 1,000 yung minimum it depends daw sa size. Saakin is 3,000 pesos kasi medyo big. Mga 1-2minutes lang tinangal gamit laser. tapos pag hindi pa natangal sa 1st try (kung may itim itim pa), balik ka lang sakanila, free of charge na

    wala lang share ko lang

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