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    C-Lium fiber Supplement may nakagamit na ba nito

    C-lium Fiber was recommended by an office mate of my Mom.

    sabi ok daw siya kasi maganda raw sa body.

    Sino na nakagamit nito? ano ang mga effect niya pag gamit mo na siya?
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    My husband and i used to take c-lium before....pareho ang result sa aming dalaw3a...KABAG and VERY BLOATED.

    Hindi effective sa amin...di nga siya nakakatulong sa constipation.

    At kung meron kang problem sa gastro or sa stomach.....lalo ka magkaka-problem kasi lalo sasakit ang tyan mo.

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    i am using c lium fiber for five months now, its working... for me, that is.
    these are my observations:

    c-lium + being idle = constipation
    c-lium + drinking milk = constipation

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    nagkulang lang siguro kayo ng inom ng tubig. Whenever taking Psylium husk fiber supplement such as C-lium you need to take "extra-ordinary" plenty of water because psylium (c-lium) will definitely just become a huge chunk of hard jell like substance pag nagkulang sa tubig kaya lalo nagkaka-constipation. Just try drinking huge amounts of water... Im sure you'll definitely see and feel the difference....

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    CLIUM is very effective for me. before, i really feel bloated everytime i wake up in the morning and sometimes my stomach used to ache a lot. when i started taking CLIUM, i never had that bloated feeling again! i never even had DIARRHEA ever since i started taking CLIUM! and you can really see that it is working kasi medyo dadami at magiging mas malaman ang iyong poopoo! that means, it really acts like a broom for your intestines!

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    and yeah, you need an awful lot of water

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    Ako, FiberMate ang gamit ko.

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    Kung iinom ka ng C-Lium, isipin mo para kang nagtitimpla ng semento. Kapag kulang sa tubig, sigurado malapot at matigas ang ebs mo. So kapag nako-constipate ka lalo, ibig sabihin kulang pa sa tubig. Uminom ka lang ng uminom ng agua, gaganda ang ebs mo parang suman (or embutido).

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    ^korek. it worked for me. di ko lang matake yung lasa kaya capsules binibili ko

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    As a practicing surgeon, I recommend psyllium for my patients especially those with hemorrhoids, colonic diverticula, and those with difficulty with defecation. It is natural and promotes good bulk of fecal material that is not constipating.

    In the States, it is commonly known as metamucil (brand name). Elderly patients use it.

    The effect of psyllium fiber is a smooth regular bowel movement. I use it for myself sometimes.

    Since the fiber is not absorbed into the systemic circulation, there is no dangerous side effect. The only downside is that it tastes like "darak".

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    I use pysillium husk every day. Don't take it together with meals as you'll bloat. Take it during snack time where your stomach has settled down and digested the food. I use 1 tablespoon in 1 glass of water. I let is set for 15 minutes so that it turns like jello, then I drink it. This way, it will not absorb too much water in your system so your stool would not be hard. Drink 8-10 glasses of water a day. One thing about your stool is that it will come out more than 12 inches long. lol! My record was around 15 inches! haha. Your stool will turn out light brown.

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    may metamocil orange flavor ako.. ok naman siya parang juicewag lang matatagalan at dadamihan dapat ng tubifg or else para kang iinom ng almirol.
    nagpabili pa akong cookies na metamucil..pero di pa dumarating eh hehe..

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    I take it regularly every morning 30 minutes before I take anything ... breakfast, coffee or anything after a night of fasting. This will make you feel "full" na even before you have your breakfast.

    I am diabetic & I am trying to control my weight by having nothing after 6pm so that my stomach & the digestion process can have a rest when there is no food to process the whole night. Then in the morning, when you take CLium the toxins are flushed out from the stomach & intestine linings, together with the CLium fiber.That is why my stool is consistently soft like suman nga as you say; there's no constipation that I experienced.

    Yes- drink plenty of water during the whole day. Keeps your system in balance & water helps in flushing out the toxins in your body thru urine & perspiration.

    Yakky to drink? Try putting the fiber in juice. I use w/ Del Monte "Fit n Rite" Juices that has L Carnatine helps in burning body fats pa when you exercise, nakakapayat pa. Then madali na syang inumin.... Try it.

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    is Clium Fibre safe for people having dialysis? kahit konti lang patak sa tubig nya?

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    ako rin napansin ko I feel so bloated when I take it. Pero naman I feel better when I go to the CR. I feel so clean.

  16. Nov 28, 2010

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    nagtake parin ako c-lium yung sa sachet. hinahalo ko lang sa orange juice kalahating baso lang. parang minutemaid na heheh! mas maganda yung effect nya nung umpisa. anyone experience the same? TIA!

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    yung sachet ang tinetake ko nito dati but switched to capsules after a month, 1 to 2 capsules daily. Effects -- smooth regular bowel movement, and I also feel clean.

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    I take clium too but hindi parin ako everyday nagdudumi.

    I'm not taking a different brand which is effective for me.
    PM me if interested.

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    If you are looking for a good supplement talaga, I sell one. Wala na syang "No Approved Therapeutic Claim" kasi it is so safe and 96.1% absorption and 30php a day lang sya. Message me for details.

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    Sorry I mean I'm now taking a different brand which is more effective than Clium.

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