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    kahit highschool or college na...

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    High school: I.S. Uniform is nonexistent.
    College: UP. Absolutely no one cares what outfit you're wearing--whether you look like you stepped out of Vogue or you stepped out of Smokey Mountain. My friend used to come to class in the striped pajama tops she wore the night before, ratty shorts and rubber slippers. Deadma pa rin ang mga teachers and classmates.

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    hmm high school
    assumption-their plaids are the best talaga
    ICA-i really like the design and color
    Brent-it looks like the prep schools in the US

    Ira-tama ka dyan about UP...hehehe When i was there, i used to have a 7 o'clock class and i would just wear my birks and old ratty shirt and shorts...hehe ok lang sa teachers and my classmates

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    CAFA girls uniform-uniform pa lang JAporms na...well kung marunong magdala!!! ayt GODSPEED

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    oonga Yobaks....basta meron kang telang suot ok na! basta brown & white stripes na pino ha! kasi yun lang ang naiiba sa USTe eh! kaya magandam lalo na pati yung mga nagsu- suot! (errr ito lang ang university na may uniform right?)

    HS: poveda (goldilocks' girls) st.scho (yaya na naka jumper)

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    hi guys!

    i like the uniform of the UST CAFA. yung sa mga babae ha!

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    skirt: CSA

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    UST CAFA girls! With long pants, capri pants, long skirts, mini skirts, skirt with slit at the side/ back/ front. Basta may brown under garment ka puede na!

    Maganda rin sa UST PT girls! Akala mo skirt hindi pala. It looks like a skort (skirt-shorts)

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    Assumption! Both for highschool and college!

    Oh and a little trivia, did you guys know that Pitoy Moreno designed the college uniform? ehehehehe yun lang!

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    Syempre biased ako. I like my high school uniform kasi di masakit sa to the eyes.

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    Well, for me, I wouldn't like to choose but to comment about school uniforms.
    Ateneo uniforms are cool, brown and white and for the graders, blue and white. La Salle, the same comment about it. St. Paul, okay lang kahit na parang table cloth ang uniform.
    St. Joseph's College, ok lang pero lose the tuck in blouse and the long neck tie, make it a little shorter. St. Scho, the uniform is ok
    but I don't like the style of their uniforms.
    Jumper type but the color is ok. Miriam College, it has a neutral color which is not irritable to the eyes. Even if u say that uniform is like an upside down tree, it's ok.
    Poveda, the uniform is ok but the color is too bright and it hurts the eyes when you look at it. These school uniforms are what I've seened so far, I don't know about the other schools.

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    Siyempre, my alma mater. CSA's uniform was voted the best school uniform a couple of years ago by a survey done by the Philippine Star, I think.

    Although, funny yung skirt ng girls. Poveda? Goldilocks. Assumption? Table cloth. San Agustin? MERRY CHRISTMAS! Hehehe...

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    assumption!!! especially yung style dati (i've seen the yearbooks). the skirt was above the knee and the students were wearing knee socks. yun nga lang yung tie nila sobrang haba. pero maganda pa rin yung getup

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    CSA syempre. Kaso lang before I graduated binawal yung pagsuot ng Doc Martens na boots.

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    Assumption's uniform is cute. But I really have this thing for the uniform of Woodrose. Especially the P.E. uniform. I think they're the only ones here on the Phils. who wear skirts for P.E. but its still cute. Not in a weird way...but just simply cute and preppy. :>;

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    I like the Assumption H.S. uniform!

    UST CAFA?!? Hehehe. My kabarkada from that college kept on complaining about it. Parang Shakey's daw!

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    ayy yung nasa Sailor Moon

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    UST-CAFA girls uniform really looks good...
    kaya nga sarap mag cafa watching e hehehehehe

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