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    the best local magazine: C! magazine or Top Gear (phil)??

    guys help me out.. i'm planning to subscribe to any of these magazine but i can't decide of who will give me more information regarding the philippine motoring...

    help me out thanks

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    Sa akin lang ha? I'd pick Top Gear. C! isn't so far behind though.

    The thing with these magazines is because I think they actually complement each other in terms of content. One has stuff the other doesn't. Which aspect of motoring are you particularly interested with?

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    I read both magazines religiously, and I find that C! has an edge over Top Gear. The quality of Top Gear's pictures are really bad sometimes, though I don't know if this is the fault of their printer. Both have their share of typo errors, though C!'s have been significantly reduced lately. C! also comes with the monthly F1 Racing magazine, plus a specs page to all the cars in the market at the back pages, so even though they're slightly more expensive, I prefer them I also find alot of Top Gear's articles hard to relate to since they feature cars that will probably never be sold here. Top Gear's still young though so I expect them to get better soon.

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    Top Gear is somewhat more opinionated, but yes, C! has the edge in terms of local content. I read both anyway I'm inclined to believe that Top Gear leans more towards enthusiasts while C! is more on to the car buyers.

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    i prefer C! than Top Gear. madalas kasi sa Top Gear ay di mo mabasa articles coz of the background at medyo lame yung photo quality...

    OT.. i can't seem to find C! lately. wala sya sa Nat'l Bookstore kahit sa Filbars.

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    ^ I saw some new copies in Starmart this morning. They're featuring their 10 best cars (I hope theirs are different from the 10 best cars in

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    aparently c! doesnt do a good job in editing.

    may landrover doon. v8 300hp... nakalagay list price is 1.3M. obviously, that is wrong.

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    ^ add to that the infamous wrong spellings

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    And oh, try Autocar (asean/singapore edition)...nice content

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    ^ Also try Cruising, but they're more focused on travelling and more familiar cars.

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    The Top Gear photos seems to be a problem with the printer when i checked before. I don't know about now though...

    I prefer the articles and different features of Top Gear over C! But when it comes to featuring local cars and looking at the pictures, C! is the choice.

    Car and Driver pa rin ako. mahal lang!!!

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    Car and Driver pa rin ako. mahal lang!!!
    May website naman sila ah Their reviews and shootouts are posted there.

    Okey din yung content nun (closest thing to a US version of Autocar UK), although not so relevant to the local industry.

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    Yup. Car & Driver is still the best for me bar none. They've been at it for 50 years and with no end in sight.

    Locally, I prefer Top Gear. More balls than C! And with an off-roading section (with real off-roaders) to boot!

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    guys your right about topgear phils poor photos and c! frequent mis prints..

    i email topgear about this already hope they can make improvements

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    c! magazine is now improving
    also is top gear!

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    I like top gear over C! magazine... my only gripe about Top gear is its Photos are not really nice in quality...

    We are subscribed to C! magazine and my gripes about it is they are always late in delivering the copies... usually around mid or end of the month when my copies arrive... top gear hits the stand usaully during the 1st week of the month.

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    I think too much of C! Mags' space is now taken up by F1......has anybody observed this too?

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    I buy back issues of those mags in filbars for P60. Don't want to spend P125 on new ones since I can't relate to european cars and other cars targeted to the A++ market.

    I don't agree to some of their articles like shopping in Banawe. Don't bring your cars daw and commute instead (commuting to banawe is a pain!). Also don't bring money and withdraw in an ATM daw ( e di lalo kang na holdup).

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    honga. ano bang klaseng mga advises un puro pulpol.

    commom sense lang i-apply nyo.

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