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    andrea: very observant... ang galing. ayan, kinausap na rin kita. hehe

    razzp: its too early ata for that tally... re gimik, Music 21 ako bukas (Sunday) with my doo-doo-doop, hehe. solo namin yung big room.

    To all: naiinip na ako sa album. sobrang ang tagal naman kung iisipin...

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    patalastas po muna.

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    Crazy: ako natatandaan pa kita, with your backpack full of mariah merchandise and stuff... i was the one who took everyone's picture with me using my phone. inisa-isa ko kayong lahat! hehehe

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    tynn: thanks for the offer ha

    razzp: ok lang yun. hmp. hehe. loko lang.

    glad to have new faces here. keep on posting. pero matatalo ako dyan sa top posters na yan. busy masyado sa work. :P

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    ^^^ hehe

    Ey ronn di pa kita nakikita. *** ang nag-iisang Atenista dito.

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    razzp... cge i postpone na na lang natin hehehe... Charmbracelet kelan ba tayo mag music21? Magaling naman kayo 2 kumanta ah. Wag na kayo mahiya... hehe

    nako good luck sa top poster. busy ako lately hehe.

    sana si TYNN??

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    heheheheheheh =)

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    Sunduin ko na dapat ex ko... Kaya lang bigla play "All In Your Mind" sa launch cast. Priority ko si Mariah!

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    Mariah trivia:
    By 1995, Mariah had become a seasoned pro. She even directed the music video of “Fantasy” — her first attempt as director.

    “I had so much fun doing that,” she gushed. “Especially that scene with the clown. That was the best part.”

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    According to Billboard, every 1,000 downloads count as 2 million audience impressions and not 1 million as previously reported, which gives even more weight for the digital downloads in the Billboard charts.

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    Mariah's label representatives at Universal Germany (Polydor Island) have confirmed the following release dates for Mariah in Germany:

    "The Emancipation of Mimi" - April 11th
    "It's Like That" CD Single - March 29th

    The album date has been confirmed for the rest of Europe as well.

    -- In addition to confirming the album release date, Universal Italy reports that "It's Like That" moves up the radio charts from #103 last week to #37 this week. The single is likely to be released in Italy as well.

    -- Yahoo! Japan reports that the "It's Like That" Maxi-CD single will be released on March 30th. The CD's serial no. is #UICL-5018 and it will cost 1260 yen.

    -- The US 12" promo for "It's Like That" includes the following tracks:

    1. Main Version
    2. Club Version
    3. Instrumental

    The vinyl will be commercially released in the US on February 15th.

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    video update:
    Maybe U already knew this, but the director of ITL video is not gonna be Paul Hunter ( Honey ). Now the director is gonna be Brett Ratner the one that directed her 2.5 millions dollars "Heartbreaker" on 1999. The video will be shot in the Casino Bellagio de Las Vegas, and rumors say that, among others, Michael Jordan will be appearing on it. The video will be made in movie-format ( Like Heartbreaker). It will be premiered the last week of february or the first week of March. And the video is going to be about Mariah getting away from the casino and being chased by the Security people of the casino.

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    Hey, I was wondering what music do fellow MC fans listen to, who are the other singers you like, so tell me, it'll be interesting, I mean just for the fact of being a MC fan means that you have good taste but when you do not listen to Mariah, who do you listen to?

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    When I dont listen to Mariah I listen to:

    Van Hunt
    Alicia Keys
    Toni Braxton

    yun lang atm, pero may mga singers din na interested ako kagaya ni Joss Stone, Frankie J, Ciara, blah blah

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    razzp: si mac ata Atenista din, if im not mistaken

    vol: ako naman, i listen to luther vandross, brian mcknight, barbra streisand, the air supply, thalia, the cranberries, regine velasquez, backstreet boys and boyz 2 men... i guess marami pang iba. i usually hate the newcomers, i feel like sobrang "engineered" lang ang sounds nila...

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    mac326 is a La Sallian.. I should know kse na-meet ko na sya sa campus... hehe

    when I don't listen to Mariah, I don't listen to anyone at all. Joke. Di lang ako nakikinig ng radio. Well I like Usher.. iba-iba e.

    I've been to Bellagio Hotel, but didn't stay there... they have amazing water dance shows every night! Las Vegas is a good place to film at.

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    hey fellow lambs! pa-post lang ** sa bagong thread

    when i dont listen to Queen MC, i listen to Christina, Boyz II Men, Alicia and Brandy

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    Quote Originally Posted by razzp

    mulder8scully5 9
    andrea_herras 6
    razzp 5
    CRAZY4MC 5
    soulthird 4
    sultry911 4
    dheig 3
    raygerk8888 3
    visionoflove 3
    ronn 2
    inigo21 2
    Charmbracelet 2
    chippers23 1
    eli_xander 1
    therooftop 1
    pepper02 1
    GENOME_X 1
    daryl_tulay 1
    god_of_all 1
    red_phoenix 1
    vertud21 1
    ambertookme 1
    vampire lestat 1


    Pangatlo na naman ako. Ey sol pano yan? Hehehe....
    get ready..ka-career rin ko pagpopost dito!!

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    Napakinggan ko na sa site ni MC ang sample clips ng It's Like That and I think the Mariah I want is back at last! She's starting to regain my faith her (naks! ang oa!). Sana the ballads in her forthcoming album are damn good too! I heard na yung Fly Like A Bird 'ata ang title nung track na yun eh inspiring daw tsaka promising! Well let's wait and see....

    Hi nga pala to andrea_herras! Thanks for posting sa kabila ha! (feeling close... he he he) Tsaka hi na rin to all the MC fans!

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