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    Yea, the litter box is well-maintained. What does the Four Paws Repellent Spray do? Please pardon my ignorance

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    Is your cat neutered? If not, that might be a reason for the spraying.

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    Originally posted by Inggay
    Yea, the litter box is well-maintained. What does the Four Paws Repellent Spray do? Please pardon my ignorance
    Its distinct/weird smell keeps cats and dogs away from the spot it was sprayed on.

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    Puppy Training Tips (QUICK AND EASY HOW TO GUIDE)

    This a long article about puppy training in Petnatics

    Ito yung part about potty training ;

    How to potty train a puppy ( Step By Step)

    1. Get a crate or kennel for your puppy.

    When you are not playing with or walking your puppy, you should let him stay in a crate. This includes overnight and while you are not home.

    You should not let your puppy run around your home and they are not expected to do so. This will give him an early sense of dominance and will give you a hard time training him.

    Also, most dogs will not eliminate in their kennels, so you reduce the risk of an in-home accident.

    The crate should be large enough for your dog to sit up, stand, and turn around. Too large of a crate will not make your dog feel secure and too small will be uncomfortable.

    Since your dog will grow it is wiser to invest in successively larger kennels . Maintain them well and you should be able to sell them later either online, at a yard sale or a friend that needed them.

    You can also donate them to a dog shelter if you want to.

    2. You should make a plan to have someone with your puppy most of the time.

    You should not get a puppy the day before you go on a leave for a two-week vacation. The best time to get a puppy is Friday after work so you have at least two full days to spend on house training puppy.

    You should spend half of your time making your new dog feel comfortable and getting him on a puppy schedule

    3. Buy training supplies.

    You will be needing lots of treats for potty training puppies and other behavioral training. Buy a large supply and a wide variety of treats. You can all sorts of different kinds available.

    Make sure to get ones that your little puppy can handle chewing up. You might even cut up the treats into small, bite-sized pieces.

    You can buy treat bags that will clip to your belt or pocket, but using a sealed sandwich bag will do too.

    Keeping the treats in your pocket is not a good idea because your dog will smell them and will not leave you alone.

    4. When it comes to puppy potty training, a stopwatch or timer will come on handy, your cell phone will also work just fine.

    Some people, especially those living in an apartment who have small dogs use pee pee pads. It seems a little gross, but can be a necessity if you are living in an apartment and it is a hassle to go downstairs.

    There are some good grass beds available that you can use as an alternative to pee pee pads. They are much more appealing to look at and to smell.

    This is also a good choice if your puppy is using the balcony to relieve himself. Neither of these is good options if your puppy is a medium to large sized dog breed.

    Big dogs equal big puddles and big poops, the pads and grass beds are not large enough to handle it.

    5. Create a schedule.

    Basically, a puppy can hold it for one hour for every month of age plus one hour. That means if your dog is two months old he should be able to hold it for three hours.

    But, you don’t have to wait three hours before you take him out.

    Instead, you should start feeding and giving water to your dog at the same time every day. Some people choose to feed their dogs twice a day, some once. You will know which it prefers.

    You should give time for your dog to eat the food you have given him, after that you should remove any leftover. This will encourage your dog to eat and finish the food when it serves to him.

    6. After the dog has eaten he should immediately be taken out to go potty.

    It should be YOU who will choose which part of your lawn you are allowing him to use as a toilet and take him to that area. Walk the dog around the area and use a cue phrase that suits you like “Go Potty” or “Do Your Business.”

    These cues will get ingrained in your dog and he will react to them throughout his life. Make sure that everyone in the household who will take the dog out uses the same cue phrase.

    7. Repeat your cue phrase while the puppy goes potty, until he is completely finished.

    Give him praise and affection and small affection once he’s done. If he does not go potty within five minutes take him back inside and put him in his kennel. Try again after fifteen to twenty minutes.

    8. Throughout the day, you will need to repeat this process once every hour, even when your puppy has not eaten.

    Each time your puppy had a successful potty session, give him praise and let him have some supervised play time.

    9. At bedtime, your puppy should be locked in his kennel.

    You can move the kennel into your bedroom at night while he is still young, this will make him feel secure and you too.

    Take him out and try to get him to go potty before bedtime and don’t feed or give and water to your puppy near bedtime. But, it is a good idea to set an alarm to go off at least once during the night so that you may take your puppy out to the potty area.

    With few exceptions, you will have your puppy training successfully after a few days. If you still have problems you may need to adjust your schedule so that it better suits his needs.

    You have to be patient, as he will still have some accidents while he is still young, even after being trained. You should keep on hand a good supply of floor and carpet cleaner, to deal with any messes the puppy might make.

    Also, don’t shout or give punishment to your puppy for accidents. They are just that, accidents. And it doesn’t mean that he is disobeying you.

    Our puppies want our love and approval. The more of that you are able to give to him the more he will behave in a positive manner.

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    The next level in potty training your dog:

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    dogs ko ay marunong mag gamit ng newspaper. sinanay ko sila ng bata pa sila. hanggang ngayon na 2 yrs old na, sa newspaper lang nag popoop at wiwi. minsan pag di ko nalalagay dyaryo pupunta sa tapat ng lagayan ng dyaryo tas kakahulan yun. yun *** ihing ihi na o popoo na sya sobra

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