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    1. heart evangelista
    2. toni gonzaga
    3. madam n sapi
    4. angelica panganiban
    5. kristine hermosa

    yup, "sexy is when you're not trying to be sexy", tama ka dyan!

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    #1: Sarah Geronimo
    #2:Michelle Madrigal
    #3:Angel Locsin
    #4:Heart Evangelista
    #5:Iya Villiania

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    oh and toni gonzaga... theyre all sexy!

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    antagal yata ng results!

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    Quote Originally Posted by esrag

    GO Kumander NENERGIZER!
    Campaign. Vote. Pray.
    Dinaig pa si Hurricane Katrina
    Credits to wordlife6000

    -Hindi PLASTIC
    -Beautiful inside & out
    -Ginagawa lagi ang task
    -Iniisip ang sinasabi
    -May sense
    -inspiration ang family



    1.) My_maka_mandag>> lahat ng katangian ng isang warrior na babae ay nasa kanya na!
    2.)lambchop the best
    3.)southern_gurl - so true.. so cool.. my nenegizer.
    4.)fenn...Reporting for duty, Kumander Nene!
    5.) r2d2_v2>> Ready for infection este inspection, Ma'am!
    6.) krean ASTIG!
    7.) Floreno - Syempre ako din. TODO Nato !!!
    8.) w!cked > basta patungkol kay kumander eh ndi sapat ang oneliner!
    9.) rigm SEMPER FI! Hoorahh Kumander NENE!
    10.) rossanne -
    11.) PreTTY^NIchoLAS- grabe na ito... to the highest level na... itodo na ito.. go KUMANDER
    12.) littlebate - NENE FOR 5 MILLION
    13. skulgirltrx- first time to vote, i think she deserves it, need i say more
    14.) boibibo- sama ako jan!
    15.) tam6nm6n - Sa BIG 4, imo, si nene lang ang totoong sumasalamin sa magandang ugali ng Pinoy, maabilidad, hindi plastik, hindi mabisyo, palaban, totoo. I believed in her from the very start. Kaya my support goes to the HOUSEMATE TO BEAT! The NENERGIZER!!!
    16. cutiemye - i love NENE!!!
    17.) mimzky - NENE for the BIG Win!
    18. dark_spice - NENE all the WAY!!!
    20.)blue eagle boy
    21) faaip_de_oiad - reinforce the bandwagon, troops! The reinforcements are coming soon!
    22) kagigil - todo na ito! ubusan na ng lahi....i mean ubusan na ng load ito. let's not be complacent, todo rin boto ng iba sa kanilang bet nyan so, bigay todo with a conscience, VOTE NENErgizer BB NENE
    23) dunk1980 - sugod! laban! huwag uurong!
    24) bronxdude - nene and jason LANG
    25) tenth_of_may Ė Kumander Nene ikaw ang nummer one!
    26.) xerophytes- isama niyo rin ako diyan
    27.)wordlife6000- wala pa pala si wordlife sa list kaya nilagay ko na
    28.) kryptonite_819 -BB NENE
    29.)forg-I'm for Nene too
    30.) chicco08 - kahit hindi na ako nanunuod ng PBB, i like nene to win!
    36.)O_R_I_F- sali ako.. the best sya!!.. BB NENE to 231/2331..
    37.)Negrense4life....sali din ako
    38) gabfph
    39) ramj0ck
    40)hotchx-- bb nene... idol...
    42.)mimzky- NENE for the BIG WIN
    43.) bee_jolly - good luck, NENE! (like what bronxdude said, NENE or JASON lang!)
    44.)itt-im rooting for nene din
    45.)bronxdude-ksama ko jan . kawala din ako ni nene! musta ****?
    46.)bluethehero-kwal ako ni nene
    47.)Khakiskrt(SAY)-astig si NENE

    <<<the HOUSEMATE to beat>>> ms. NENE TAMAYO thread !!!!! --> CLICK!

    Send to 2331 Globe, 231 Smart
    Ubusan na ng bala, i mean load toh!!!

    For PLDT Subscribers: Dial 1908-2768437(BROTHER)
    then Press 1 and Press 04 for NENE
    1. Enter your Name, Address and Contact Number.
    2. Choose the housemate(NENE) you want to vote for.
    3. Enter the PIN code found at the back of the card.
    4. Click on the Vote Now! button.

    You are only allowed to vote for NENE per card. All the votes corresponding to the value of the card will be given to that one housemate you have voted for. For other inquiries and assistance, call 415-8766.


    Ang pagdadalaga ni Nene
    FUNFARE By Ricardo F. Lo
    The Philippine Star 12/14/2005

    For 111 days, from Aug. 21 to Dec. 10, the voyeurs in all of us Filipinos were glued to ABS-CBNís reality TV show Pinoy Big Brother (Ang Teleserye ng Totoong Buhay) as 26 hidden cameras monitored the movements of 13 housemates who became like members of your and my household that we fondly call them by their nicknames Ė Raquel, Uma, Cass, Jason, Say, Chx, Franzen, Rico, Sam, JB, Bob, Jenny and Nene.

    One by one, the housemates were evicted until there was one. Sheís none other than Nene Ė Jennivev Tamayo, 24, a native of Romblon, second to the eldest among seven children of a below-average family. Her parents are Geny and Maria Belly Tamayo, and her siblings are (chronologically now) Jennybel, Billy Jean, Geny Jr., Jemar, Jebert and Jefferson.

    Because she played boysí games and climbed coconut trees back in Romblon, Nene had been mistaken for a tomboy. Actually, she is not. In person, Nene looks like a sweet sixteener, very charming and very friendly (no airs Ė yet?). She looks as if sheís just emerging from her cocoon Ė you know, ang pagdadalaga ni Nene.

    At grand finals held at Clark Expo, Angeles City, last Saturday night, Nene bagged the following prizes: P1 million cash, a Nissan Frontier Titanium 3, house and lot at St. Monique Valais in Rizal, lifestyle showcase from Promac and a kabuhayan showcase worth P2 million from Ink For Less. She beat the three other finalists Ė Cass, Uma and Jayson.

    Not bad for a girl who worked as a legal assistant at the MLEU Law Offices after finishing Computer Science at the University of the East. She was No. 343 among more than 25,000 who auditioned for PBB.

    "I still keep that number," said Nene during an exclusive interview at Hotel Rembrandt where she has been booked after she came out of Big Brotherís house.

    Did you know that you would win?

    "Not when the PBB was just starting. At that time, all I wished for was to be included among the 12 finalists. I told myself that if I didnít try, Iíd regret it all my life. I got a feeling that I would win when only four of us were left as finalists. But I told Big Brother that Kuya Jason might win. Siya ang pinaka-gusto ko. Simple siyang tao. I consider him my big brother and I call him kuya even if heís only one year older than I."

    What do you think made you win?

    "I just did what I thought was kaya ko. Inside Big Brotherís house, we were ourselves; our moves and actions were not scripted. So, what you saw was what you got. We didnít have to pretend to be what we were not."

    What will you do with your prizes?

    "The house I will keep even if itís far from my workplace. You see, Iíve always been a workaholic. My aim was to save money and build my own house in five years. Look, I realized my dream not in five years but in only three months. Ang buhay nga naman!"

    Before PBB, what was the biggest amount that you ever handled?

    "Nasa million din. At our office. But the money was not mine."

    How much were you getting as a legal assistant?

    "Just enough to support my needs. There were several benefits, including free travels (domestic). I loved my work. My officemates are like family to me. Just the other day, I dropped by our office but I couldnít stay long because I had tapings, guestings, etc."

    What will you do with the money?

    "Half of it I will deposit in the bank. The rest, I will distribute among my family."

    Do you drive?

    "No, I donít. Honestly, Iím not so interested in the car. But I can drive a motorbike. And I love horses."

    Youíre fond of "manly" things.

    "Thatís why people think that Iím a tomboy. The truth is that I am not."

    You also climbed coconut trees.

    "Yes, when I was a kid. I told myself, ĎIf the guys can do it, why canít I?í So I proved to them that I could."

    Did you really want to be a soldier when you were younger?

    "Yes, I did. At UE, I was the first ROTC Corps commander. Inside Big Brotherís house, they called me Kumander Nene."

    What sort of childhood did you have?

    "I was really makulit as a kid. Lahat ng games sinasalihan ko Ė patintero, track and field and softball in school. We were a little hard-up because my father couldnít work. He has weak lungs. Pero nakaraos din naman kami, sa awa ng Diyos. We were able to go to school. The only thing I didnít experience in my family was being open. I envied my classmates because they were physically affectionate, yumayakap at humahalik sa parents nila. Hindi ko naranasan Ďyan."

    You spent 111 days inside Big Brotherís house. Did you ever get bored?

    "Sometimes I did, especially when we had nothing to do and we just waited for Big Brother to tell us what to do. During those idle hours, I looked for something to do. I washed clothes or I strolled around the garden."

    Did you follow the same routine every day?

    "Almost. Wake-up call was 8 a.m. but we had no idea because we were not allowed to wear watches. We had breakfast and then took a bath. Then, Big Brother would tell us to get our provisions from the storage room. And then we waited for Big Brotherís orders."

    What was your most memorable experience inside Big Brotherís house?

    "The dance marathon. I really enjoyed it because I love dancing. That was when my housemates started calling me Energizer, kasi I was full of energy daw and I kept on dancing even if they had stopped already."

    Didnít you develop any romance with any of your housemates?


    Why, did you have a boyfriend (outside)?

    "None. Mayroon akong minahal pero hindi ko siya naging boyfriend. It even became an issue when Willie (Revillame, PBB co-host with Toni Gonzaga and Mariel Rodriguez) asked me if I still loved the guy."

    Now that youíre popular and a millionaire, guys will scramble over one another to court you. What qualities do you look for in a guy?

    "Tall. Not really handsome pero dapat may hitsura naman. I donít like fair-skinned guys. Mas gusto ko Ďyung dark. He has to be serious but with a sense of humor."

    Inside Big Brotherís house, who was closest to you?

    "Raquel. From the beginning, siya talaga ang ka-close ko."

    During your confession inside Big Brotherís house, you cried when you revealed that you had a "cold war" with your mother. How did you sort things out?

    "We already talked, but not long enough because we didnít have time. I want to spend more time with her and my father, brothers and sisters when I spend Christmas with them, sana in our new house. This will be our happiest Christmas, the first time we will spend Christmas together."

    What are your immediate plans?

    "I want to be a dancer or a TV host."

    No plans to be an actress?

    "None. I know I canít act. I donít want to try it because I might look Ďtrying hard.í So sabi ko, huwag na lang."

    What have been the changes in your life after PBB?

    "So far, not much. Iím just surprised when after I went out of Big Brotherís house, a lot of people recognize me, asking for my autograph and having their pictures taken with me. Itís all so sudden. Up to now, parang hindi pa nagsi-sink sa isip ko that Iím the winner, that I won P1 million, a car, and house and lot." * * *


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    C A S S a n d r a P o n t i ! ! !

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    daan ko lang...

    vote for her in, thank you po

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  10. Dec 23, 2005

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    Quote Originally Posted by fENTERTAINMENT

    YEAR 2004

    YEAR 2005

    feSexiestWomen 2006 Poll
    Kristine # 1 again!

  12. Dec 23, 2005

  13. Dec 23, 2005

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    Quote Originally Posted by esrag

    TOP 50

    1. Kristine Hermosa
    2. Aubrey Miles
    3. Cindy Kurleto
    4. Pops Fernandez
    5. Diana Zubiri
    6. Angela Velez

    7. Claudine Barretto
    8. Angel Locsin
    9. Donita Rose

    10. Jopay Paguia
    11. Heart Evangelista
    12. Rica Peralejo
    13. KC Concepcion
    14. Gwen Garci
    15. Maui Taylor
    16. Rufa Mae Quinto
    17. Jenny Miller
    18. Michelle Bayle
    19. Francine Prieto
    20. Regine Tolentino
    21. Gretchen Barretto
    22. Rochelle Pangilinan
    23. Patricia Javier
    24. Maxene Magalona
    25. Anne Curtis
    26. Alicia Mayer
    27. Maureen Larazabal
    28. Pia Guanio
    29. Tanya Garcia
    30. Angelica Jones
    31. Joyce Jimenez
    32. Jenny Salimao
    33. Aleck Bovic
    34. Dina Bonevie
    35. Juliana Palermo
    36. Kristine Jaca
    37. Assunta De Rossi
    38. Nancy Castlglione
    39. Kyla
    40. Katya Santos
    41. Maricar De Mesa
    42. Myles Hernandez
    43. Andrea Del Rosario

    44. Lucy Torres-Gomez
    45. Giselle Toengi
    46. Apreal Tolentino
    47. Vanessa Del Bianco
    48. Cherry Lou
    49. Karen Montelibano
    50. Ara Mina
    ei tanong lang ano ibig sabihin nung mga NAKABOLD na names???

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    Quote Originally Posted by xscape
    ei tanong lang ano ibig sabihin nung mga NAKABOLD na names???

    wala lang un lang *** mga gusto ko sa top 50... )

    guys *** na bang pics?

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    Quote Originally Posted by esrag

    glaiza de castro

    vote natin sya sa

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    may 2006 poll na po kc eh

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    what is the direct link of the Mister Poll site for the 2006 sexiest women?

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    i dont know....
    lang ako nagvovote...

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  24. Jan 3, 2006

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