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    Kremil-S and Maalox

    Doc, Whats the dosage difference of a single tablet Kremil-S with a tablespoon of Maalox taken 4 times a day (Kremil-S and Maalox)? I just noticed that Kremil-S and Maalox are the same (Aluminum Hydroxide, Magnesium Hydroxide) but Kremil-S has an add-on which is Simethicone (I think for gas???)

    What would be the better choice eat a lot of Kremil-S or drink the right dosage of Maalox for a given day.

    And when will pantoprazole (Ulcepraz) take its full effect? I read it its about 3 days??? and what will be the right time to stop taking Ulcepraz?

    One last question... what exactly is motilium for?

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    You can take either Kremil-S or Maalox. It's almost equivalent.

    The right time to stop the Pantoprazole is when your doctor tells you to. I assume you're taking this under your doctor's prescription.

    Motilium is an anti-emetic.
    It's also indicated for delayed gastric emptying of functional origin with gastro-oesophageal reflux and/or dyspepsia.

    What exactly is your condition?

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    hyperacidity (Im not sure kung ordinary hyperacidity lang) due to anxiety. tumataas daw yung acid sa stomach ko whenever I get stressed or anxious...

    doc ilang tablet naman ng Kremil-S ang katumbas ng 2 tablespoon ng Maalox? kasi sa Kremil-S wala naman nakasulat kung ilang mg. minsan nga ang tagl pa ng efffect ng Kremil-S or Maalox..

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    You can take 2 tabs of Kremil-S per dose. Don't take more than 8 tabs in a day, though.

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    i drink zantac 75 for my upset stomach but my doc used to gave me a higher dosage of this but i noticed that when i took a 250mg of zantac before, my period fails to arrive on time. eyedoc, could it be possible that the delay of my mens is due to zantac 250mg?

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    doc, I have an update... is it true that not all antacid can be effective on every person? what I mean is, for every person may antacid na di effective sa kanya and that may antacid na bagay sa kanya? kasi whenever I take Maalox or the new reformulated Kremil-S eh walang effect.. sometimes maximum dosage na nga ininom kong Maalox (20ml) per take parang wala parin effect..

    I tried the old formula of Kremil-S which is yung may hydrot*** Dicycloy*** simethicone eh mas effective kesa sa bagong kremil-S na aluminum hydroxide, magnesium hydroxide semithicone. meron pa bang antacid na kagaya ng lumang formulation ng kremil-s? (sorry for the asterisk kasi di ko na mabasa yung tablet putol kasi yung letters)

    And one more question, di ba nakakasama yun "aluminum" sa body specifically sa brain and might possibly cause Alzhiemers? is aluminum hydroxide an aluminum that can stay in the body for extended periods of time?

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    Battousai1 -- Different medications cause different reactions in different persons.

    Antacids are not supposed to be taken for prolonged periods of time. The best course really is to get to the bottom of your problem, and treat the cause accordingly. If you haven't done so, do see a gastroenterologist.

    jean_grey26 -- Ranitidine (Zantac) is not known to cause menstrual irregularities.

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    Should malox be taken w/ empty stomach? Can you pls recommend a very good gastroenterologist? Thanks eyedoc.

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    i'm following my heart. :)
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    sa tabi-tabi lang
    ^^ yes. at least 30 mins prior to meals.

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    I also have similar situation as you are. There are times that my stomach produces tons of acids, hehe. This usually causes abdominal pains. My doctor said it's gastritis.

    My endo (endo-something, basta doctor sa stomach) recommends to take Ranitidine 75mg instead of antacid. 150mg for worse situations.

    Btw, Kremil-S is magnesium-based. If I remember it correctly, it's not good to be taken in long-term.

    Btww, do not take Tums. It causes acid rebounds -- your stomach tends to produce more acid after a while. Dati I take almost 6 tums a day, ngayon I take it when my stomach is already very acidic. Most of the times I still take Ranitidine 75.

    Hope this helps!

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    i'm following my heart. :)
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    sa tabi-tabi lang
    ^^ what you went through was endoscopy, or to make it long esophagogastroduodenoscopy. i also have gastritis for more than 1 year now and i've done that 5 times (i think) at Makati Med.

    Correction, Ranitidine is not an antacid.

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    regptrp_md2b: Oo nga pala. Endoscopy pala yun. I was thinking of Gastrologist... better yet, gastroentologist

    Thanks for the correction

    Yeah, I know, Ranitidine is not an antacid. (Maybe I wasnt abele to explain it clearly) It's categorized as H2 Blocker, which prevents production of acid... Whereas antacid, works only if there's already acid to neutralize

    Speaking of endoscopy. Grabe, takot ako dun! Kaya I requested the doctor to sedate me 100% para wala akong makita or ma-feel. Pag gising ko, everything's done! hehe..

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    i'm following my heart. :)
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    sa tabi-tabi lang
    ^^ yep! the entire procedure is just 5-10 mins only but the effect of the sedative (demerol) lasts long.

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    Originally posted by regptrp_md2b
    ^^ yep! the entire procedure is just 5-10 mins only but the effect of the sedative (demerol) lasts long.
    galen galeng **** ni doc

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    doc, Kremil S doesn't do anything for me so I took Tagamet. Tagamet works a bit too well i think coz it almost instantly makes the pain go away. does that pill have something negative like kremil S being magnesium based?

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    Hi, Doc. My daughter is having stomach upset as her reaction to Clindamycin, which was the drug given for her abcess in her right inner thigh. To relieve her of the stomach pain, I gave her Kremil S as messaged by the docotr. Can she take this antacid for 10 - 14 days (the duration of her clindamycin treatment.) Thank you.

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    question doc

    Doc nauboa ko yung limang maalox tablet...tapos nawala sa isip ko kakainom ko lang ng omeprazole....doc hindi kaya ako ma overdose?

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