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    ano ibig sabihin ng setcard?

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    pag gusto mo maging model, that's what you submit to the agency. It usually consists of a "head shot" (close-up), half-body and full body

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    Pictures & Profiles did our prom pics (that was long ago, heehee) and they also do studio pics... I'm not so familiar with the prices now though.. come to think of it, buhay pa naman sila, diba?

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    are there studios that will provide u w/ make up and clothes to wear? para stylish tignan how much kaya?

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    may alam b kayo n photo studio n affordable pero *** photographer n ang bhala sa kung ano ang mga shots o position n babagay sa iyo?? do you know of any? kung pwede *** nagmake up din sa iyo

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    if u'll visit him, tell him u were referref by jaezeline dy

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    FYI lang po.

    Hindi po SET card ang tawag dun...the correct term is ZED Card - actually Comp Card for Composite Card.


    Quote Originally Posted by pinkrose
    Set card sa kanila P1,000 lang, portfolio P1,400 yata.

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    setcard is accepted na.... though zed card was the original term... ^_^

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    The original term is Zed card or comp card but Set Card is widely accepted naman...

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    Why don't you try Pictures and Profiles, studio is in Edsa Shangrila Mall, and they really make portfolios of models and other artists. Look For John Ong, he's really a good photographer. I dunno with the price pero hindi siguro ito baba ng 1K.

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    colorpoint classic.

    sa may EspaŅa.

    ok rin mga kuha dun.. 1200 above..

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    hah! found this thread at last. anyway, please recommend an affordable yet professional photo studio in makati preferably, that also includes make up in their package! please please. mura lang ah..ayoko kasi those stalls in malls like island photos and like. thanks people!!

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    ah luma na **** thread na to but anyway, ok ba si ken go? sa cityland 10 parin ba siya? thanks thanks for the info!! *crossing my finger sana may magreply ahah!*

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    hi im also looking for good photographer/studio that can do nice glamor and sexy pics and can edit the pic and give me the softcopy version of it

    just like this one
    but its outside the Philippines

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    Eto super affordable and great pics!!!

    Apy Photography.
    You can view her portfolio at or


    Just Php500
    for the following

    50 shots
    20 rendered shots (edited)
    1 large print
    2 4r prints

    Best of all, you get to keep the photos through the CD.

    She also has a barkada package and group pictorials etc.

    Great Package!

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    Guys can you please post sample works ng mga studios na yan? Thanks!

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    naku tagal ko na rin gusto magtanong nito! sana yung mga nagpost years back eh magpost uli...may nakita ako sa Serendra ang may A Different Bookstore...

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    up for this..sana may sumagot n sa mga questions

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    saan studio ba yun marunong sila magayos ng pose and not just take pictures? im planning to have a couple pic kasi e..

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