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    Cool Vet Listing

    List the names and contact numbers of your Vets here just in case somebody else needs it. For dogs, cats, exotic and small animals.

    As for me, I'm looking for rabbit vets. Konti lang kasi ang rabbit owners kaya ang hirap maghanap ng rabbit vets. A fellow rodent owner gave me a contact number ng isang vet from Makati. Dun nya dinadala yung guinea pigs nya, kaya lang I lost the number. I need someone who could spay/neuter my rabbits para hindi magka baby and para healthier.

    Kung may kakilala kayo, just post here. Thanks!

    (If maling forum or may thread na na ganito, paki delete or merge na lang, thanks!)

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    Thanks! I'll call them if they accept rabbits, dogs and cats lang kasi nakalagay sa site eh.

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    try kaya University of the Philippines and Araneta University, they are the leading vet schools here, so they should have on-site clinics where they see a variety of species

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    vets in south ba meron??? much better close sa laspinas alabang

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    anne_373, may animal house sa alabang, visit mo yung site.

    I called Animal House in Makati. Ipapa spay/neuter ko sana yung rabbits ko. Spay lang daw meron sila and it's a little expensive, around P1700 plus my extra fee (di ko masyado anintindihan for what) na 600 or 900 plus. And worse is, risky daw sobra.

    Pero thanks na din sa link. Pag may sakit pwede ko na dalhin dun!

    Pwede pa din kayo maglagay ng contact number ng magagaling na vets or yung mura.

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    mahal naman dun eh.. i need a cheaper one...

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    I think the UP Veterinary Medicine animal hospital is still the cheapest. Be prepared to wait your turn though...the queues can get pretty long.

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    waah... usulally how much ba ang per shot (vaccine for shitzu) i dunno what are those for..... but how much kaya and the time interval

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    So far we're happy with our vet. He might be able to treat rabbits. I think he's one of the consultants of UP.

    Clinic hours Mon-Sat 8am-6pm
    Sun 10am - 12nn

    Dr. Edwin Sarmiento

    #725-5608 / 726-5418

    Sorry i can't find their address, but they're very near wilson. They're on the same street as cafe ysabel. You can call them up for their address

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    Please be wary of taking your pet to Animal House.

    I brought my cat there and they misdiagnosed him. He had a liver problem daw from a virus that he caught but they said they didn't have the capability of diagnosing whatever it was he had. So they prescribed a liver tonic and some other medicines for my cat's low white blood count. That was the best they could do.

    After a week, my cat barely showed any signs of improvement and refused to eat or drink. I had to force feed my cat. I called them up and told them about it and all the doctor could say to me was, "eh, dapat uminom siya. importanteng importante na uminom siya..." She didn't even give me any advice on what to do. I continued to force feed/drink my cat.

    After another week went by, I brought my cat in again for a follow up check up. my cat's liver was normal and white blood count almost normal, but still no signs of physical improvements, still not eating or drinking, and no still no advice whatsoever from the doctor - just kept telling me the same thing - that it was of the upmost important that my cat drinks water. And just continue the treatments daw.

    Buti nalang I remembered my dog's vet from when I was younger (see above post). I then brought my cat there and Dr. Sarmiento said my cat had UTI. He explained that the cat's liver and white blood cell count was in distress, not because of a virus he caught, but because it was his body's reaction to the UTI he had (urinary tract infection) and he also had slight diabetes.

    I was so pissed off. My poor cat suffered two whole weeks of torturous, unnesessary force-feeding and taking awful-tasting medicine that we had to shove in his mouth 3 times a day, when all that time all he needed was 1/4 of a tiny pill twice a day to treat his UTI, plus a change of diet.

    I think Animal House is only good for emergencies. If your pet needs emergency medical attention in the middle of the night, at least Animal House can hook your pet up with IV fluids to avoid dehydration and give some general medications that will temporarily take care of whatever it is bothering your pet. They have a 24 hour clinic in Jupiter St., Makati.

    They're also good at grooming and spraying pets with anti-flea medications. But when it comes to serious illnesses, please take your pet to a much more reliable vet.

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    Can you let us know which Animal House branch you brought your cat to? I've brought mine to the Aurora Blvd. branch and the vets there were pretty good.

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    I tried the one in Ortigas and Jupiter.

    The one in Ortigas was the one who misdiagnosed his UTI.

    Hindi ko pala nakuwento...we took our cat to the one in Jupiter once because all of a sudden he got very, very sick and it was a three-day holiday, weekend pa, and ES General was closed.

    The vet gave him IV fluids and said he could not diagnose what my cat's problem was. My cat's nose was dripping with mucous and would not stop. Basta virus daw, and my cat's white blood cell count was low again. We had no choice but to leave him there overnight. But the next day, we transferred him to ES General. Doctor was able to diagnose him. He said he had pneumonia.

    My cat was still recovering from the UTI and was too weak to fight the virus (he caught it shortly after being diagnosed with UTI)....he died about 5 days after We had to put him to sleep because he was suffering too much and he had practically no chance of surviving.

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    More Vets, got this from

    Casey's Pet Camp
    24-hr emergency pet clinic
    Address: #20 John St.(bet. Thomas & Matthew St.),Multinational Village, P'que.
    Tel. No.: (632) 553-1088

    Dr. Agerico Sebastian
    Veterinarian, Zoo and Wild Animal Practitioner
    Sheryl Mira Compound, Lot E,
    Multinational Village, Paranaque City
    Tel. No.: (632) 776-2396, 524-4889 (res)
    Tel. No.: (632) 400-1885 (ofc)

    Dr. Donato Small Pets and Exotic Animal Practice
    Dr. Nielsen Donato
    Address: 3 Limay St., Boni, Mandaluyong
    Tel. No.: 533-5638, 634-3333

    Makati Dog and Cat Hospital
    Address: Gen. Luna cor. Algier St., Poblacion, Makati
    Tel. No.: (632) 896-6485

    West Avenue Animal Clinic and Pet Supplies
    Address:134-A West Ave., Quezon City
    Tel. No.: (632) 414-1401
    Clinic hours: Mon-Sat, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
    Sundays and holidays by appointment

    Dr. Carlos
    Marikina Veterinary Clinic
    Tel. No: (632) 997-0370

    Dr. Sicam
    Address: 67 K-1 Kamuning, Q.C.
    Tel. No.: (632) 922-2707, 928-2853

    Dr. Roberto Constantino
    Address: Araneta University Vet Clinic and Diagnostic Center
    Tel. No.: (632) 330-9128 loc.121

    Dr. Elito Ferry Landicho
    Associate Professor of Phramacology
    College of Veterinary Medicine

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    Juno.. aww I'm so sorry about your cat. He must have been with you for a long time. I know sobrang nakakalungkot mamatayan ng pet. Kahit nga yung sa akin na sobrang liit lang nalungkot na ko. Namatayan na ko ng 2 hamsters and 1 rabbit. Nakakalungkot. Kaya I'm gathering all these contact numbers just in case.

    About Animal House naman, wala pa akong experience with them.. or with any vets, yung sa dog lang yata namin. But when I called them up, the one in Jupiter, they told me na sobrang delikado daw pag pina spay ko yung rabbit ko. Risky daw sobra. Eh I'm worried in the long run baka lalo maging delikado pag hindi na spay/neuter. Baka kasi magkaron ng reproductive system cancer.

    Anyway, thanks for the contact number. I'll call them up asap to inquire. I'm familiar with Wilson, so baka madali lang hanapin.


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    i'm not so sure about rabbits, but ES General might be able to do it. I also asked Animal house before about de-clawing my cat and the doctor told me delikado kasi baka mag iba daw ugali ng cat ko!

    When I asked Dr. Sarmiento, no problem daw, just ask long as the cat is 6 months to 1 year old.

    I know I sound really bitter about animal's just that i've had quite a few bad experiences from them already.

    I hope that Doc Sarmiento can help you with your rabbits. Nice thing about him is he's very straight-forward and honest. He doesn't beat around the bush and leave you lost.

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    PAWS's Philippine Animal Rehabilitation Center (PARC) has spaying/neutering services every Wed and Saturday. I asked them for their rates sa spaying (for my cat) and they said P700.

    Their telephone is 4751688. Call to schedule an appointment. Mabait yung vet dun. I forgot his name but he was very nice to my cat kahit di na niya na spay dahil preggy na! Eh pro-life sila doon.

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    pepperprone - Thanks! I'll call them to ask if they spay and neuter rabbits. Usually kasi dogs and cats lang. I dont know how it differs from spaying/neutering rabbits. I guess more delicate kasi ang bunnies. But I'll call them to ask. Thanks you!

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    Paano mo malalaman if okay ang vet mo? Sometimes kasi ibang vet they diagnose and have owners buy alot of stuff di naman kailangan.

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