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    Learning the Biz of Life from Rico
    August 17, 2007

    Rico Yan is dead at 27. There was absolutely nothing in the world that could have prepared us for it. Tragic, shocking, devastating — no matter how we try to describe it, it's still unthinkable. It hasn't quite sunk in. And I don't think it will sink in for a long long time. That fact that a guy so full of life, so highly popular, and at the peak of his career, can go so suddenly is just beyond us. Even if you're not a showbiz follower like myself, you'd be a hypocrite to say that you weren't somehow affected by this latest death.
    It is not just the death of a popular actor. Rico Yan's death is a jolting reminder of how vulnerable we all are. Without any exception, all of us can go at any time and at any place. Heck, I can go while writing this piece now. And that is a sobering thought, so I'm going to try to do a good job.

    I am not really a personal friend of Rico or an avid follower of his career or love life. However, our paths did cross on two occasions — once when I organized a celebrity badminton game at Ayala Center (Rico is one of the participating celebs), then again when publicist Susan Joven (my Ninang) introduced me to him at Tequila Joe's Makati (Rico is part owner). We had two causal encounters — and that was it. Frankly, I wouldn't have given those encounters much thought either — that is, not until now.

    Not that I had anything against him. In fact, among his peers in showbiz, Rico was one of those few likeable fellows (believe me, there aren't many of them out there). But usually, non-showbiz guys don't particularly like showbiz guys. Maybe because they're jealous that showbiz guys get to live their fantasies. I mean, who wouldn't want to kiss the prettiest girsl around and and get paid millions for it, right? I don't know. But with Rico, well he was very difficult not to like. He had a very likeable non-threatening persona. Maamo ang mukha. He was simpatico. Even if you're not the least bit interested in showbiz (and I'm one of them), it was close to impossible not to have noticed him. Heck, he was in almost every TV commercial!
    Rico was masa, yet excluded a kind of class that didn't make him baduy or jologs. He was adored by the general public just like all matinee idols and yet I know a lot of pretty sosyal girls who would give an arm and leg (and maybe even more) to go out with him.

    His business partners were congressmen and respected businessmen. And yet, he was accepted by legion of fans "as one of them." He came from a prominent family yet he acted like a typical boy next door. Rico clearly had the best of both worlds — but not because it was laid on his lap. Rico worked hard for it.

    I realized that I must sound like a fan. Maybe to a certain extent I am one. But you know what? There's nothing wrong with that. I mean Rico Yan had everything a typical guy could ever dream of. He had the five Fs — face, fame, fortune and female fans! What more could he have asked for, right? He was living every guy's dream. He had the "goodies."
    But I must admit though that there was a time that I wasn't particularly thrilled with the mere mention of his name. It's funny when I think about it now — but you know, there was a time that Rico got me into big trouble — without him knowing it! You see, around two years ago, Richard Gomez and I organized a celebrity badminton event. We had a sponsor for that event who invested quite a considerable amount of money. Everything was going so well in the event and I thought to myself, "Man, this event is great for the company! Not only do we have a profitable project — we have the biggest stars in full force!" I was on top of the world! But then Richard (with the help of Rico's uncle, Gen Edgardo Aglipay, a top official of the badminton association) invited Rico to be a player in the event. Being an avid badminton player, Rico was more than willing to play. And I was thrilled, too! I thought, "Oh great! The sponsors will love this!"

    Now, it turned out — and I wasn't aware it at that time — Rico was endorsing a brand that was in direct competition with our sponsor — and understandably so. It was their event and to them, their was something wrong with having the endorser of the competition play in the event. I saw the point. They wanted him out. Unfortunately, I initially didn't have the guts to tell Rico about the situation. And, without hesitation, he voluntarily packed up and said, "It's ok; I'll go." He wasn't bitter or angry. He completely understood the situation and left without throwing a fit. Of course, the damage has been done — and my client certainly made me aware of it. Eventually, everything did turn out fine. My client eventually forgave me. But I had to make a long apology letter — and while I was making the letter that stressful Sunday afternoon, I have to admit that I had a little resentment when I typed "Rico Yan" in the letter. It was a natural reaction on my part. But like I said, it wasn't his fault. I was just caught in a tight fix — and Rico was the central character in my business drama!

    But you know, looking back, I'm kinda glad it happened. That interesting situation I was in, while indeed difficult, gave me an opportunity to get to know, albeit briefly, a young man whom many consider a role model for today's youth.

    At the time of his death, Rico was certainly an achiever: an accomplished dramatic actor, comedian, singer, TV host, product endorser, role model, youth ambassador/spokesperson for the Department of Education, sports buff, businessman, college graduate, hobbyist, and foundation head — all rolled into one. At the young age of 27, he had accomplished more than what most people would have accomplished in three lifetimes!
    The thing that stikes me about this guy is that he really didn't have to accomplish all that much. But merely being a matinee idol, he got it made and he was assured of a good fortune. But he didn't stop there. He became a spokesperson of the Department of Education. He put up a foundation and got involved in business. I found that admirable. Normally, for a lot of successful showbiz guys, if things are going so well in their career, they have a tendency to sit back, relax, and enjoy the good life. Success equals wine, women, song and drugs. Even here, there are so many who could have been something but flushed their life down the toilet with an excessive lifestyle.

    But Rico thought like a very responsible businessman — planning ahead, investing in the present, stocking up for the future. Remember the parable on the talent? There was this guy given one talent, and another guy with three talents, and another guy with five talents. Those that were given five talents and three talents were able to use their talents wisely and they doubled their talents. And the guy with one talent? Well, he was scared stiff to lose his talent so he hid his in the ground — so when the master came for an "accounting," the guy dug up his talent and gave it back. The master was so furious that the guy didn't do anything with his one and only talent that he took it from the guy and gave it to the other two. Rico was given a lot, and a lot was expected in turn. He certainly delivered much in his relatively short life.
    I realized that not everyone is that lucky. Not all of us are as lucky to have been given the talents (and looks) of Rico Yan. But all us, like Rico, are called upon to make the most of our gifts.

    Rico dabbled into so many things. And to me, that's inspiring.

    We could all certainly learn from Rico Yan. Life is an adventure — a journey. And we are all given a backpack of "goodies" — our talent, out time, our resources, our loved ones. Go ahead, take a look — you'd be surpised with what you have.

    So, c'mon, keep your head up! Check out your bag of goodies and check out what you can use to make your journey in life more exciting and meaningful.

    Enthusiasm in life can be contagious. So, if you show a little zest, maybe others would see where their passion lies too. All of us know it. We all saw it in Rico.

    To Rico Yan: You may not know me, but as your brother in media, I want to wish you a blissful eternal life. May you have a fantastic flight to the Great Beyond. And may God welcome you with open arms.

    By the way, if theres' still no Orbitz or Tequila Joe's there in heaven, I do hope you can get a clearance from God to set up a couple of branches up there. I'm sure the angels and the saints won't be able to resist your buko pandan pearl shake and popcorn shrimps! By the way — I hope to challenge you to a badminton game someday. See ya!

    By Rod Nepomuceno
    Reprinted from the Philippine Star, April 3, 2002

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    Remembering Rico
    August 17, 2007
    By Director Jose Javier Reyes

    I was in the middle of writing an out-of-town episode for "Whattamen" when Bibeth Siguion-Reyna called: Her sister-in-law now on vacation in New York made a long distance query about a text message she received about the death of Rico Yan.

    I laughed. I assumed that even on Holy Week, some sicko was going around a piece of sensational lie, the kind that sends showbiz talk shows into epileptic attacks. I told Bibeth this was most likely to be just another one of those tidbits floated around by very bored people who have nothing better to do with their lives.

    I just finished speaking with Bibeth when I received a text message about Rico's death. It was from the executive producer of "Whattamen," the sitcom that starred Rico and his friends Dominic Ochoa and Marvin Agustin. This time I knew it was true.

    I was speechless for about a few seconds before I called up our Weng Cestina, our EP. She was in tears. She gave me the details about this completely shocking incident. How Dominic found Rico in rigor mortis.

    I did not even know that Rico had just split up from Claudine Barretto. All the promotions oif their last movie, "Got to Believe," painted a scenario so picture-perfect that any gullible fan would think Rico and Claudine would board Cinderella's carriage made of pumpkin and fly off to some romantic Neverland.

    I did not even hear all those anecdotes about the cold shoulder, the petty fights and the real life dramatic events that transpired between the two while they were promoting their film.

    At this point, the morsels of data were unimportant. A young man of 27 was dead. I was stupefied because I was right smack in the middle of writing a script for one of his TV shows, my imagination completely immersed in his character, trying to sort-out convolutions of plot and language to elicit ratings-friendly humor. I could not help but remember how this was the same young man I met years ago, looking very much the way he will be remembered by his fans today.

    I was never close to Rico Yan. Working in films only allows a few weeks, maybe months, to be in constant touch or to be exposed to the physical oresence of an actor. In Rico's case, I never saw him as a "star, only that little boy who was hanging around the old wing of ABS-CBN when life in that studio was so much simpler.

    There were auditions and look-sees for a series that never materialized — a facsimile of "Beverly Hills 90210" or something like that. He looked like a college boy then, huddled together with other young people like Red Sternberg and Hans Montenegro.


    Rico exuded that La Sallista presence that I was most familiar with. And, even then, he knew how to use his dimples and boyish vulnerability to charm his way through any situation or conversation. He was smart, eloquent and had that kind of wit that came rarely with young people who are more preoccupied with being seen rather than being truly heard. You sensed that this was not the run-of-the-mill sort of youngster who wanted to barge into showbiz for the fun and the power.

    Even then, when he was still so unconscious of the rewards and repercussions of being public property, Rico Yan had a good head on his shoulders.

    The ABS-CBN Talent Center eventualy launched Rico in their first batch of Star Circles. Photographed and groomed, the college boy put himself in the mold that would elicit unconditional adulation from fans.

    What they saw was this two-dimensional figure of a brown-skinned, smiling-eyed young man who spoke good English but never foisted his educated ways to the point of condescensions. He didn't only have intelligence but also determination to blend into the scene, to play for the audience, to submit to the rituals necessary for building a box-office love team.

    Thinking Actor

    One thing most necessary for actors is the intelligence that discerns emotions, facilitates interpretation and gains access to interactions with fellow actors. A thinking actor spares any director 80 percent of the trouble. And there are also the other actors who are marvelous because of the magic of editing and dubbing.

    Not Rico. Sure, he did not display the faculties of a thespian, but no one ever required him of that. He was being groomed as a matinee idol, the most commercial kind of performer who could sell movies by simply flashing a toothpaste smile and kissing his partner in public, whether in a studio or during a mall appearance.

    Immediately after "Ama, Ina, Anak," I was thrown into the principal photography of "Radio Romance." This time Rico was paired with Claudine. There were about 30 actors in that interwoven story about Valentine and Rico had to play a geek to Claudine's computer nerd. He was more relaxed then, maybe because of the sheer number of actors who populated the set. And, besides, this was no heavy drama that requird pails of tears and Famas-award moments.

    New Man

    When I saw him again, it was years later — at a taping of the Sharon Cuneta show which tackled the subject of friendship. I was with Manny Castaneda and Rico was with Miguel Zubiri.

    It was a different Rico. He had already mastered the trappings of the business. He exuded the kind of confidence that could be acquired only after so many interviews, too many press conferences and uncountable handshaking and waving to crowds.

    He still looked very much the same boyish charm with dimples and all, but he had grown-up. At a very early age, he found his niche and chartered his course in the ugly maze of the entertainment industry.

    Now, in the middle of writing a script, the news was confirmed. Rico was dead a 27.


    I try to figure out what lesson exist amid all this, but I am still quite confused. There is such a thing as perfect timing, knowing when to exit, most especially when an actor is not at the height of his career and popularity, when he has become a host of a top-rating daily variety show and is a major endorser and has still not gottenover the euphoria of a hit move.

    One begins to think of the irony of mortality, the universal jest involving untimely deaths and illogical conclusions. How can someone this young leave this existence just at the time when everything seems to be going for him? How can a well-scrubbed, educated boy-next-door on vacation with friends leave us just like that?

    Of course, questions such as these are not for us to answer.

    Real People

    Death turns stars into people, real people. Whether they are mind-boggling incidents such as the brutal slaying of Nida Blanca or this incomrehensible departure of Rico Yan, suddenly the larger-than-life characters are diminished to the same stature as the fans.

    They, too are mortal human beings who hurt as much as they laugh, who need to be assurance even as their mere presence can be assuring to millions.

    We can plunder all the available cliches about the two faces of show business yet fail to explore or make people understand that the spotlight, applause and well-lit publicity photos only constitute the utmost tip of the iceberg.

    Sure, the government imposes a 20 percent witholding tax on the assumed bloated earnings of stars. It is probably because the larger public only considers that magical media persona, that face and the body that sell, but no one sees the endless days, tireless and sleepless nights of working. No one cares about the personal pains of entertainers because they are meant only to do that… entertain.

    Not Wasted

    The fact remains that a 27-year old actor with so much promise left his fans without so much as saying goodbye. Yes, it is "sayang" but then I thought, "How can this be so?" In a span of less than a decade, the college boy has succeeded in endearing himself to so many, including his co-workers, his fellow actors and everyone else who had the opportunity to be with him.

    That is not "sayang" because even if he lived for only two and a half decades, what he accomplished was so much more than what others may have done in twice or even thrice that amount of time.

    Rico Yan will sorely be missed. The rumors will continue. The expressions of grief will flow. There will be unforgettable silences in the studio for the next few days, or weeks.

    Then life will go on. The lights will be turned on. Punch-and-Judy routines will return with predictable gusto. And Rico will not be there except in the hearts and minds of those who knew him, or thought they owned a part of him.

    Reprinted from the Philippine Star, March 3, 2002

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    The Mystique of Rico YanBy Senator Blas F. Ople

    "Rico Yan embodied the symbol of the wholesome kid, one who refused the temptation of the age, and one who never exploited the power of celebrity."

    Some guest had to be turned away at the gates of La Salle Greenhills where the body of Rico Yan lay in state. In any case, one would have to stand in line, and await one's turn to view the remains of the young actor who was buried on Thursday, April 4. My grand daughter Anna, from St. Paul's in Pasig, was one of those who joined the interminable queues. She folded her savings of PhP 1, 000 into an envelope to donate to the Rico Yan Foundation and asked me for a matching check as my donation. I signed a personal check for PhP 2, 000 as my share.

    The Rico Yan funeral far exceeded the size of the crowd that accompanied the hearse of actress Nida Blanca. The event also completely overshadowed the news about the death of the two national artist for music, Lucio San Pedro and Levi Celerio, a point belabored by the morning radio commentators of GMA 7, alluding the one-sided coverage of the day's obituaries in favor of Rico Yan, putting the blame for this on the rival channel, ABS-CBN.

    I never met Rico Yan and as a rule, I pass over the entertainment news as a minor distraction in a busy life. But I must admit that the death of Rico touched a chord in my aging skeptical heart.

    It is evident that a youth cult has formed around Rico Yan, the dimpled young man who died on Good Friday in his rented cottage at the Dos Palmas resort in Palawan. The dimples graced the soft lines of a very handsome face. The police ruled out foul play and the autopsy did not support speculations that he had taken an overdose of the drug, Ecstasy. The medics said that he died of pancreatitis or, to put it in more popular term, "bangungot." On the romantic angle, some people said he died of a broken heart because of the break-up of his relationship with the young actress Claudine Barretto. But I saw on TV an interview of Claudine who says that their lover's quarrel had been settled even before Rico flew off to the Palawan resort for the Lenten holidays. These are the ingredients of a tale that appealed to a large audience of young and old alike, but especially to Rico's thousands of fans in the country's student population.

    Rico Yan did not go out of his way to cultivate his popularity. But the tragedy of his passing at so youthful an age and the legend of his many good works for the underpriviledged youth combined to make him a model– an icon– at a time when the new generation is accused of failing morals and indifference to the traditional Filipino values. Rico had once turned down a great career opportunity, the premier role in a movie casting him as a drug addict because this might set a bad example for the youth.

    To this massive wave of sympathy, his family properly responded by establishing a foundation in his name to pursue his passion for the underpriviledged Filipino youth. His elder brother Bobby has offered to act the role of Rico's "messenger" through the Rico Yan Youth Foundation. And why not? Rico Yan embodied the symbol of the wholesome kid, one who refused the temptations of the age, and one who never exploited the power of celebrity. There was a time not too long ago when another young man out of Cuba, Che Guevarra, attracted a youth cult around the world, for dying as he did in the wilderness of Columbia, a hunted man fighting for his Marxist vision.

    The mystique of Rico Yan owes nothing to ideology. He was a victim of his own destiny as we all are in our own turn. He is the wholesome kid, the good boy as an icon of his own generation. We don't have to fanthom the mystique of Rico Yan or of the cult it has evoked. It has a validity of its own, and as my grand daughter Anna argues, if we want to encourage wholesomeness and idealism in the Filipino youth, why not send your penny's worth to the Rico Yan Youth Foundation?

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    Rico Yan Encounters
    August 17, 2007

    I had three interviews with Rico Yan. Each interview, I remember extremely well.

    The first one was on the set of Gimik. I remember we sat on a ledge just outside the house they were shooting in. And i asked him if he wore boxers or briefs. I don't remember his answer but I remember his laughter upon hearing my question. I remember his concern as he asked, "Do you mind if we stay around people who smoke?" I remember thinking he could've asked me if I minded being around people who farted, and I would've said yes. I would've said yes to anything he asked me, I found him so cute.

    The second one was a full-fledged interview. We met at Cafe Ysabel. It didn't feel like an interview, because we ended up talking about what seemed like every topic known to man. I felt like I was hanging out with a friend. I remember he asked if I wanted wine. And the girl who never drank more than a sip from her mom before said, "Yes, I'll have wine with dinner." He bought the entire bottle. I remember being thrilled. After dinner, he then asked me if I wanted coffee. And the girl who used to tell anyone who would listen that she hated hot drinks said, "Oh yes, coffee would be wonderful." It felt like a real date. I thought, I'm being paid to do this?

    That was a few weeks before my birthday. Little did I know that my best friend Monica planned a surprise that had to do with Rico Yan. See, everytime it was my birthday Monica always tried to concoct me some surprise that had to do with my crush at the moment. At that time it was Rico Yan. The evening of my birthday, I had my friends over and my pager went off. (It was days before texting and cellphones.) When I read the message, I screamed and chased Monica all over my living room. Evryone started yelling, "What happened? What happened?" Then I read the page to everyone in the room: "From Rico Yan, Happy BirthdayI'm sorry I wasn't able to go to your birthday party. I love you." Monica said, "He paged you?" I glared at her, "Don't tell me you didn't have to do anything with this!!!" Finally she did confessed that she did page him, asking him to come to my party, but if he couldn't could he possibly just page me a greeting? I asked her again, "Are you sure this wasn't just paged by you?" She swore it wasn't her. And since it was a page, not a text, and there was no way to trace or prove it was actually Rico who paged, I believed her. And doubted it at the same time. Nevertheless, that page stayed in my pager for 3 weeks. Heck it was an "I love you," and it was from Rico Yan. It was a fantasy of a lifetime.

    The third interview was the funniest one. We agreed to meet in Chili's Greebelt. We sat at the table by a window, and I remember people's heads turning as they passed. But I eventually forgot to notice them as our conversation got more and more interesting, and more and more hilarious. The interview at Cafe Ysabel was more for getting to know Rico Yan — his school, his shows, etc., etc… This one was more fun questions like, what would you choose, having all the riches in the world, being the wisest person in the world, or having the most beautiful girl in the world. He chose the most beautiful girld in the world because, he said, riches, you can work for. And for being wise you can get with experience, but the beautiful girl, she's a hard person to get! And I remember that he asked me some of my questions back. That's something that rarely happens — when the interviewee actually ask you what your opinion is.

    The funniest part came at the end of the meal — when he found out that he didn't have enough cash on him to pay for the meal. He thought he could pay via EPS with his BPI card. I said, don't worry, I'll pay for it, it's okay, but he wouldn't have it. He called for his driver, and it turned out there was enough money in his car. He kept on joking. "Oh no! I can see the headlines now! Rico Yan has no money to pay for food!" I laughed and told him, "Don't worry, I'm not that kind of a reporter."

    Afterwards, he asked me to go to Greenwich with him. He was going to get a couple of pizzas for the hairdressers at Salon de Manila. We waled from Chili's to Greenwich talking the entire time. This time I couldn't ignore the looks we were getting.

    By that time he was getting pretty popular, especially since the series of Greenwich ds had just come out. But the looks we were getting were nothing compared to the reaction we got at Greenwich. There all heads just turned to him. As we stood in line, business tried to go ojn as usual, but the cooks in the back kept on jumping to get a look, and the cashier was smiling was smiling really broadly not at the customer she was attending to, but at us, and we were 4th in line. He ordered 4 large pizzas and then all he had to do was sign for it. I joked him, "We should've eaten here pala. Then you lack of money wouldn't have been a problem." He laughed. I remember thinking, hey, I made Rico Yan laugh.

    Soon after that, the love triangle of Judy Ann — Wowie De Guzman — Rico Yan went in full force., and their movie, Paano Ang Puso Ko hit the theaters. And the girl who rarely watched Tagalog movies dragged her friend Mariel (because she had dragged me before to watch a Bobby Andrews movie, I forget which) to watch Rico Yan and Wowie De Guzman compete for the attention of Judy Ann Santos. I guess I became a full-fledged fan.

    Months after that, I ran into Rico at CCP, where ABS-CBN had a show called Kultura Para Sa Masa, where he was one of the host. I remember crossing paths with him, and our eyes meeting. I thought he would remember me, and maybe we would talk for a bit. But all he said was, "Thank you for watching."

    I got offended. What did he think of me, a regular fan? Did he not remember the three interviews we had together? Did he not remember the Chili's incident? How dare he! But the truth was… I had become a regular fan. And it was my pride that made me think I was supposed to be so important that he would remember our interviews when, I am sure, he had had thousands by that time. I was acting like those fans who proclaimed a celebrity a "snob" when all they were being was tired at the end of a work day, like any regular human being.

    Well, Rico may not have remembered me, but I will never forget him. He will always be that matinee idol I had my 15 minutes of bliss with. Some people swooned over New Kids on the Block. Others, Brad Pitt. I swooned over Rico Yan, and I got to be his date for a few hours in Cafe Ysabel and Chili's. I got paged an "I love you" from him on my birthday. I got a picture with him at Salon de Manila. I got to make him laugh.

    When I heard Rico Yan died, I felt that I lost a friend. Which is weird, because I really can't claim to being anything but a writer who just happened to have an assignment of interviewing a celebrity.

    But those few hours i spent with him, I found a funny, intellligent, and incredibly real person to connect with an laugh with. And it is that guy I cherished for those few wonderful hours that I mourn for.

    Goodbye, Rico. I'll miss you.

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    Remembering the Good Times with the Yans

    June 2002, Reyes Residence, Dasmariñas Village, Makati City.

    Neighbors all: Bobby Yan with Alice, Malu, Beth and Beth's eldest daughter, Trish Lugtu. Our batchmates and the Yans grew up in the same Magallanes Village neighborhood. Beth and Ces Lugtu's residence in Ayala Alabang is just a few blocks away from the Yan family home.

    Our batchmates Alice Cuazon, Malu Santos, Beth Reyes and Beth's family got together with Bobby Yan, his sister Geraldine and her husband, their cousin Toochie and Rico's loyal bodyguard to view for the first time the video Beth's brother, Doc Jun Reyes, took of Rico's last night alive.

    Beth wrote: "It was a very sad moment.... Bobby, Geraldine, Rico's bodyguard… everyone was crying. The family thought they were ready to see the video… after all this time, none of us were… it brought back so many fond memories. You know how hot that video was? ABS-CBN Channel 2's Karen Davila, Ces Drilon, people from Rico's sitcom "Whattamen", among others, were so persistently calling my house to get a copy of it! GMA-7's Arnold Clavio was given a few short footages but definitely not the whole thing. My brother decided to show it only to the family."

    Doc Jun Reyes with Bobby and Geraldine Yan-Tueres.

    Bobby and Geraldine are trustees of the Rico Yan Youth Foundation (RYYF) -- a non-stock, non-profit organization committed to the development and the advancement of the Filipino youth through special projects and programs focused on values formation, education, leadership, entrepreneurship, and moral and spiritual transformation -- dedicated to the memory and ideals of their late brother Rico. Visit the official RYYF website at www.RicoYan.com.

    (Photos and text courtesy of Beth Reyes-Lugtu. Thanks!)

    Beth's Dos Palmas Memories, Holy Week 2002

    (So long, Rico.)

    Popular matinee idol Rico Yan peacefully died in his sleep of acute hemorrhagic pancreatitis leading to cardiac arrest while vacationing at the newly-reopened Dos Palmas Arreceffi Island Resort in Palawan last Good Friday, 29 March 2002. In her account below, our batchmate Beth Reyes shares her family's wonderful memories of the time they spent with Rico, mere hours before he passed on. He was indeed a really nice, down-to-earth person.

    Some background info: Beth and Chiching76's Puerto Princesa-based brother Jun and wife Rosalie Reyes were the MDs who first attended to Rico when he was found... Arnold Clavio is a GMA-7 host and the Reyeses' nephew... Nappa Restaurant in QC is owned by the family of Nina, wife of Malu Santos' brother Carling... Tequila Joe's and Timbuktu Restaurants were co-owned by Rico...

    Trish Lugtu and Rico Yan at Dos Palmas, 28 Mar 2002.

    From: Beth Reyes-Lugtu

    To: [email protected]

    Sent: Monday, April 01, 2002 4:04 PM

    Hi everyone!

    Here's my first hand report on the death of Rico Yan.

    We left for Palawan last Tuesday, March 26. I was with my entire family, (minus Ces, he followed us on Thursday).

    At the check-in counter, Rico Yan and his group, Dominic Ochoa, his GF, Janna Victoria and 2 friends from Smart Communications, Guido and Fenny, were infront of us. I was lining up with the owner of Dos Palmas, Ivan Lim. I saw their DOS PALMAS baggage tags. I told Ivan, naku...they're going to Dos Palmas pala. So Ivan talked with them na din.

    Ivan, Janna Victoria, Patet and Dominic. 28 Mar 02.

    When we reached the Puerto Princesa airport, i approached Rico and pointed to him my daughter, Patet, I said, she's really a big fan of yours, pa-KODAK naman. He said, "Opo, ngayon na po"?. I said, "in dos palmas na lang, we'll be there on Thursday". Then he said, "sige po, mas maganda pa". End of conversation.

    Thursday....we all went to Dos Palmas.....met up with Ces, Malu Santos and our dentist, Doc Larry, who was going to perform for 2 nights. Excited kami, because we all know, star-studded ang Dos, plus ARNOLD CLAVIO, newscaster and a relative of ours, came in with his family.

    Dinnertime......I made sure, their table was close to ours, as in BILIN na sa mga waiters. So each time their group got food from the buffet table, hinaharang ko sila to make them kulit....KODAKAN!

    Arnold and Trisia, 28 Mar 02.

    Doc Larry, showtime na.....he played the piano and started asking the guest to jam with him.....until he called in Arnold Clavio who sang with my daughter, Trisia. Me naman, I was in the table of Arnold, right beside the table of sina Rico....nakikipag chismisan with the wife of Arnold. After their song, Trisia came up to me to give me a glass of wine. So, me naman, intro ko siya sa group ni Rico Yan, my eldest daughter, Trisia.....Rico stood up and shook her hands and he said "You've got a nice voice". (i'm sure kilig anak ko, but I was totally more KILIG!).

    So...sing..sing pa other guests.....until Doc Larry called Rico to jam with him. No star complex, no arte, he stood up and went sa stage. His first song was Simply Jesse, dedicated to the Reyes Family (kami yun). He ended it with "I LOVE YOU PATET" and went to my youngest daughter to kiss her. Siyempre, TILI, KILIG kami!!! Dominic Ochoa sang too....then Arnold again....we requested Rico to sing with Trisia.....sing naman sila, CRAZY FOR YOU and CRUISIN. Rico was soooooo ganado to sing, parang concert na nga.....he sang GOT TO BELIEVE with Dominic and Malu, forever pa-kodak on stage (this footage is always being shown in Channel 7), his last song was FALLING FOR YOU.

    Trisia and Rico. 28 Mar 02.

    In the meantime, their group, sina Dominic moved next to our table na, closer to the stage......so more sigawan, lokohan....all fun, fun talaga. My parents danced pa to the song SOMEDAY (Arnold Clavio, singing) with Dominic and Janna, dancing too, tapos si Ces with our daughters.

    We were also planning to visit the Lapu-lapu Farm.....sey ni Rico, please take us along, our cottage is 6A (as if I didn't know), please call us.....they invited us to join them in Snake Island too.

    They were asking Malu for discounts at NAPPA RESTAURANT, kasi fav place of Dominic and Janna....si Rico naman..."call me when you're going to TEQUILA JOE'S, i will have SEA BASS prepared for you".

    We left them mga past 12 na.....almost 1 Am....

    Dominic, Janna Victoria, Guido, Fenny, Trisia, Rico, Doc Larry. 28 Mar 02.

    The next day......we were at the beach....around 10 am......we saw the shuttle service rushing, with my brother and sister-in-law. Jun even waved at us..na parang, wala lang.......next thing...we saw them going back.....but this time, there was somebody on a stretcher, i said pa nga to the kids, wag niyo istorbo, Ninoy (Jun) has a patient. We all thought matanda, kasi....they were doing a CPR. Everything happened so fast......load sa speedboat....Jun told us, they didn't stop reviving him until they reached the hospital, nilagyan ng cardiac monitor, pero flat line na.

    I saw Janna and Fenny.....they said, they went back to their cottage at 3 AM......and Rico, Dominic and Guido were horsing around, harutan......as in very happy talaga.....at around 5 am, Rico went out to smoke.....sila naman, sleeping na......and then they heard parang kalabog, but knowing Rico, he is really noisy daw talaga...so for them it was just a usual thing....at around 6 AM, they heard a loud snore, that woke all of them up....then again, Rico daw snores really loud, that's why he's in the second floor. For them, it was all normal. Until around 9:30 AM.....dominic was waking up Rico, he saw him pale.

    Rico and Patet. 28 Mar 02.

    My Mom and Dad were so touched when Rico made an effort to shake their hands when they were about to leave. How can i forget when he approached Patet and I and said "Tita, can i just wait for Patet?" And how he hugged Patet. That evening, he left my family with so much memories.

    All we can offer him now are our prayers....we're lucky, we saw him at his happiest.

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    Yan yung card na pinamigay ng ABS sa mga sumama sa libing ni Rico...

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    Heto naman yung pic sa side ng coffin nya ...

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    He really is sooooooo gwapo!

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    With his showbiz buddies Marvin and Dom, Whattamen!

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    his last pics sa Palawan, pansin nyo ba na naka all white sya parang ready na talaga to face our Creator

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    Rico's Ate Geraldine and brother Bobby with Dr. Jun Reyes, the doctor who tried to revive him in Palawan.

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    Manila, April 9, 2002 (STAR) By Non Alquitran - For insinuating in her talk show last Saturday that the autopsy report on the late Rico Yan was "doctored" to make it appear that the actor did not die of drug overdose, actress and TV host Rosanna "Osang" Roces found herself in deep trouble anew.

    Metro Manila police chief Director Edgar Aglipay said he and Yan’s family are mulling filing charges against Roces for damaging his name and that of the late actor.

    It will be the second time Roces will find herself in trouble for allegedly "maligning" people in her TV show Star Talk.

    Roces is presently facing libel charges for calling Jojo Manlongat, scion of a rich family in Pasig City, a "carnapper."

    In the same talk show last Saturday, Roces accused Aglipay of "manipulating" Yan’s autopsy report to make it appear that he died of acute hemorrhagic pancreatitis or bangungot to keep the drug angle away from public scrutiny.

    "Bakit hindi ipakita kung may nagawa rin siyang kamalian upang hindi na tularan ng ibang kabataan?" Roces asked. "Hindi naman santo at banal si Rico Yan."

    Roces lambasted those who tried to picture Yan as a saint. "Bakit kasi pulos ang kabaitan at kabutihan ni Rico Yan lamang ang inilalabas sa publiko?" she asked her viewers. Roces claimed she was told by a reliable source that actor Dominic Ochoa, who was one of Yan’s companions at Dos Palmas resort in Palawan when the actor died, bought 12 tablets of the designer drug Ecstasy, in Cubao, Quezon City before they left for a vacation.

    Roces explained that one of the side effects of Ecstasy is for users to say "I Love You" to other persons, even if they don’t know them personally. She said she experienced the same attitude when she "tested" the drug in the past.

    Prior to his death, Roces quoting sources, said, Yan greeted several people in the resort "I Love You" while singing.

    "Bakit kasi hindi ilabas ang tunay na resulta ng autopsy kay Rico Yan? Kasi naman may uncle siyang maimpluwensyal," said Roces.

    In a radio interview, Aglipay vehemently denied manipulating the result of Yan’s autopsy report.

    Aglipay stressed that they waited for doctors and experts to be around before opening the body bag containing Yan’s remains for autopsy.

    Yan died March 29 and his body was flown late in the afternoon to Manila on board an ABS-CBN plane. Yan was buried at the Manila Memorial Park in Parañaque City last Thursday.

    Earlier, Ochoa also denied reports that Yan died of Ecstasy overdose. In the same radio interview, Ochoa said he is also planning to file charges against Roces for dragging his name into the controversy.

    Manlongat, the complainant in Roces’ libel case, along with other members of a car theft gang were arrested by the defunct Presidential Anti-Organized Crime Task Force (PAOCTF) then headed by former Philippine National Police (PNP) chief and now Senator Ping Lacson.

    In the same talk show, Roces called Manlongat a carnapper, prompting the latter to file multi-million libel charges against her in the Pasig City regional trial court.

    Roces posted bail for her temporary liberty.

    The management of GMA-7 which is airing Star Talk, aired an apology to the Yan family after realizing the damage brought about by Roces’ "unfounded" accusations. It was not yet known whether Roces would be sanctioned by GMA-7 management.

    Meanwhile, the sisters of Yan’s former girlfriend, Claudine Barreto, Marjorie and Gretchen Barreto cried foul yesterday about stories blaming their younger sister for the death of the actor.

    "I hope the people would a little bit be broadminded," said actress Marjorie. "Give Claudine a chance. She too has her side on the issue."

    Gretchen in a TV interview also accused Yan’s siblings, Geraldine and Bobby of harassing Claudine through text messages, prompting the younger Barreto to leave recently for Hong Kong with Marjorie.

    Gretchen said they would answer every accusations hurled against Claudine during a press conference upon her return to the country.

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    RICO YAN: A Funeral Fit for a President
    for the Boy who Wanted to be One

    "Good night, sweet prince. And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest."

    He was not the president of the republic, but Rico Yan was accorded a funeral fit for one. In an unprecedented gesture of fond farewell, Yan's home studio, ABS-CBN, pre-empted six hours of regular programming to air on free tv live, minute-by-minute coverage of the funeral rites from La Salle Greenhills to Manila Memorial Park in Paranaque.

    When another well-loved movie star, Nida Blanca, died last November, ABS-CBN aired the funeral coverage only on its ANC cable channel.

    But then the fans of the 27-year old actor could not have enough of what remained behind. Thousands of people lined the funeral route. Work in some offices stopped. Traffic along parts of Edsa and South Luzon Expressway ground to a halt. From somewhere, confetti rained on the funeral car. At the cemetery alone, a crowd of about 10,000 waited patiently to send off their idol.

    As early as 6 am., fans started to arrive at the Manila Memorial Park. Some come all the way from Isabela, Iligan,Leyte, Iloilo, Pangasinan and Laguna. This was inspite of numerous newspaper reports that the fans are banned to attened the interment.

    The night before, thousands kept vigil outside of the La Salle Greenhills chapel so they could attend the burial. There were those who came in buses and jeeps from the provinces and endured the heat, hunger, thirst and a sleepless night.

    "When i first heard of the news my first question was, "Why Lord?" Then I asked, "Why Rico?" Yan's mother, Teresita Castro-Yan, said in an eloquent response at the end of the funeral mass at the La Salle gymnasium.

    "Now it makes sense. Having given joy to so many people, I could not believe that he will leave us sad, distraught or grief-stricken. But with all of you who came here today, I am covinced that he was chosen by God for such a time as this."

    Yan's mother and immediate family members - dad Robby, brother Bobby and sisters Geraldine and Tina - wore black. Everyone else came in white, as requested by the actor when he used to joke with friends.

    In his moving homily during the funeral mass. Fr. Tito Caluag, Yan's spiritual adviser, disclosed that Rico wanted to become president.

    "Rico wanted to be a leader but never mentioned leadership because he only wanted to serve," said Caluag. "He wanted to be like JFK who gave America a sense of pride and class, and inspired his people," said the Jesuit, who concelebrated the mass with four other priest.

    "Rico will never become president of this nation," Caluag said. "He found a better place. In death, Rico served his hopes and dreams."

    Caluag ended his homily with a line from William Shakespeare's "Hamlet"-- "Good night, sweet prince. And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest."

    After the mass, Gary Valenciano moved everyone to tears when he sang "The Warrior is a Child," Rico's favorite song.


    At the Manila Memorial Park, there wasn't a dry eye when Yan was laid to rest at noon yesterday. Ten huge tents had been set up in front of the Yan mausoleum. Yan was buried beside his grandmother, Amelia Yan, in the niche originally meant for his grandfather, former AFP chief of staff and ambassador Manuel Yan, who also served as political adviser on the peace process during the term of President Estrada.

    Yan's grandfather was also the chair of the government panel that negotiated peace with the Moro National Liberation Front from 1993 to 1996 during the term of President Fidel V. Ramos.

    Yan's maternal grandfather retired Colonel Isabelo Castro, was one of the pallbearers who carried the casket into the funeral car.


    Others at the funeral were ABS-CBN executives Malou Santos, Linggit Tan, Pat-P Daza, Lawrence Tan, Rikka Dylim and contract stars Agot Isidro, Diether Ocampo, Pops Fernandez, Piolo Pascual, Janna Victoria, Onemig Bondoc, Vhong Navarro, Leandro Munoz and Angel Velez.

    TV director Edgar Mortiz of the daily noontime show Magandang Tanghali Bayan, where Rico was a mainstay, led the host of the program -- Randy Santiago, John Estrada, Vannessa del Bianco, Ai-ai de las Alas, Amy Perez, Bayani Agbayani, Bentong and Gary Lim - in taking a last look at the actor before the mass.

    Yan's "Whattamen" co-stars Marvin Agustin and Dominic Ochoa served as scripture readers. Pallbearers included Bukidnon Rep. Miguel Zubiri and Yan's elder brother Bobby.

    "I will miss his pangungulit," said Zubiri, who places his scapular inside Yan's coffin. "Rico was very down to earth and carinoso. He called everybody sweetheart."

    The cortege started at the west bound portion of Ortigas and proceeded to Connecticut Street toward Edsa and onto the Skyway. It exited at the Sucat Interchange on the way to the cemetery.

    Nearly a hundred vehicles joined the motorcade, causing heavy traffic along Edsa and the South Luzon Expressway. From the Sucat Interchange to the gate of the memorial park, hundreds clogged the streets. Some carried flowers and posters of Yan. Others shouted "I love you, Rico," as the funeral car passed.

    The Manila Metropolitan Development Authority (MMDA) and the Philippine National Police (PNP) deployed more than 200 police officers and traffic enforcers at key areas from La Salle to the Manila Memorial Park. Yan's uncle, Gen. Edgardo Aglipay, is the National Capital Region Police Office chief.

    Paranaque mayor Joey Marquez also assigned local police to facilitate traffic and secure the Manila Memorial Park. The National Red Cross (PNRC) sent an ambulance with a first-aid crew.

    CROWD OF 10,000

    An estimated crowd of more than 10,000 had gathered inside the cemetery alone by the time the funeral car arrived.

    Two boxes were placed on both sides the mausoleum for those who wanted to make a donation to the newly formed Rico Yan Youth Foundation, led by Bobby Yan.

    ABS-CBN chair Eugenio Lopez III pledged to send three scholars to college. Yan's fellow stars at ABS-CBN were appointed honorary members.

    From 8 am. to 2 pm., ABS-CBN aired Yan's funeral live. Anchors were assigned at strategic points, giving live feeds to studio host Boy Abunda and Tintin Bersola.

    The remote anchors were Karen Davila, Ryan Agoncillo, Catherine de Casto and Maricar Bautista in Greenhills; Julius Babao, Cheri Mercado and Gigi Grande at the Manila Memorial Park, and Pia Guanio on board the ABS-CBN chopper "Sky Patrol."

    Yan was found dead on his bed on March 29, Good Friday, in a cottage at the Dos Palmas resort in Puerto Prinsesa, Palawan. An autopsy showed he died of hemorrhagic pancreatitis resulting in cardiac arrest.

    Yan's death sparked nationwide interest and eclipsed other news stories like the fire in the Baseco compound in Tondo, which displaced more than 3,000 families.

    It also overshadowed the deaths of 16 Filipinos in Dubai, of National Artist Lucio San Pedro and Levi Celerio, of Britain's Queen Mother, of Hollywood actor Dudley Moore and of director Billy Wilder!

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    Rico's Favorite Song

    Lately I've been winning battles left and right
    But even winners can get wounded in the fight
    People say that I'm amazing
    I'm strong beyond my years
    But they don't see inside of me
    I'm hiding all the tears

    They don't know that I come running home
    When I fall down
    They don't know who picks me up
    When no one is around
    I drop my sword and cry for just a while
    'Cause deep inside this armour
    The Warrior is a Child

    Unafraid because his armour is the best
    But even soldiers need a quiet place to rest
    People say that I'm amazing
    I never face retreat
    But they don't see the enemies that
    Lay me at His feet

    They don't know that I come running home
    When I fall down
    They don't know who picks me up
    When no one is around
    I drop my sword and cry for just a while
    'Cause deep inside this armour
    The Warrior is a Child

    They don't know that I come running home
    When I fall down
    They don't know who picks me up
    When no one is around
    I drop my sword and look for a smile
    'Cause deep inside this armour
    Deep inside this armour
    Deep inside this armour
    The Warrior is a Child

    A Song by Gary Valenciano

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    Rico Answers 5 FAQs

    1. What was he like as a kid?

    (Smiles and laughs) Ay, I was what you would call the Filipino version of Dennis the Menace. I bothered everyone-- my family, the neighbors, even the dogs. I was such a naughty child that later on, when I grew up, my parents once kidded that they almost gave me up for adoption. (Laughs again) You see, when I was younger, we lived in Magallanes and our house was right across the park. I didn't need a yaya to take me there. Because the park was so near, I would cross the street. Pupunta ako doon, saka manggugulo. Uupakan ko kung sino man ang mapagtripan ko, and then I would go home.

    Follow-up question:

    He was a small kid, and yet he managed to scare the wits out of everyone?

    Yeah, I was a small kid, but with a "smart ***" attitude, not irritating though. There was just this love for kapilyuhan.

    2. He must have played a lot of games then. What was his favorite childhood game?

    Patintero. The best 'yan, pero dapat walang patotot. Why was it my favorite game? It's because it was the only game where it was easy to beat girls. Patintero is a man's game.

    Follow-up question:

    Why did he want to beat girls? Did he hate girls when he was younger?

    Didn't every guy hate girls when they were younger? They (the girls) couldn't play rough, they couldn't keep up with the boys. Pare, dehins na. Play Barbie na lang.

    3. What's the last thing he does before he sleeps?

    I watch TV. I can't fall asleep without watching TV. I just lie on the bed, stare at the ceiling and hope that I will fall asleep. I need to keep my eyes focused on something, so I usually watch a movie that I've seen so many times like Star Wars. I know the scenes. I know the dialogue. I know what's going to happen and then, I fall asleep.

    4. Who's his favorite superhero?

    Wolverine of the X-men. He's a four-feet tall creature, has claws that comes out of his hands made of ademantium. The material is harder than steel so it can cut through anything. Wolverine has no superpowers like Superman who has x-ray vision or Flash who has super speed. All he's got are his claws and the ability to heal. Brute stength combined with the claws makes him a very cool guy for me.

    5. Would he insure his dimples if he could?

    (Smiles) Tough question... I don't think anyone's going to get a chisel and take out my dimples.


    NAME Ricardo Carlos Castro Yan
    ALIGHTING DATE March 14, 1975
    HEIGHT 5'8 1/2"
    WEIGHT 130 lbs
    EYES black
    HAIR black
    ADDRESS Strata 300 Condomenium,
    P. Guevarra St.,
    San Juan, Metro Manila,
    COURSE Marketing Management,
    De La Salle University
    makulit, matakaw, romantic
    FAVORITE FOOD Japanese - tuna, salmon>
    FAVORITE ACTIVITY Sony playstation
    FAVORITE ACTOR/ACTRESS Tom Cruise, Sharon Cuneta
    FAVORITE MUSIC 80s, New Wave
    FAVORITE SHOW Saan Ka Man Naroroon
    it's fun!
    having so many friends!
    Java Hut,
    Tequila Joe Grill and Restaurant,
    Buddy Burger,
    Orbitz Pearl Shake

    Radio Romance, the Movie (1996),
    Ama, Ina, Anak (1996),
    Madrasta (1996),
    Flames, the Movie (1997),
    Dahil Mahal na Mahal Kita (1998),
    Paano Ang Puso Ko? (1997),
    Home Along da Riles, the Movie (1997),
    Kay Tagal Kang Hinintay (1998),
    Mula Sa Puso, the movie (1999),
    Gimik, the Reunion (1999),
    Got to Believe (2002)
    Mula Sa Puso (mainstay)
    Saan Ka Man Naroroon (mainstay),
    Mara Clara, (mainstay),
    Star Drama Theater Presents Rico (Featured Artist)
    Magandang Tanghali Bayan (semi-regular to main stay),
    Whattamen (mainstay)
    Sang Linggo nAPO Sila (mainstay),
    GIMIK (mainstay),
    Rainforest Water,
    Eskinol Masters,
    Greenwich Pizza,
    Eggnog Cookies,
    Blue tab jeans,
    Genre shirt,
    Molecules shirts
    PROmac Athletic shoes,
    Talk N' Text

    1999 FAMAS Youth Achievement Award,
    1999 Philippine National Red Cross Pledge25 Spokesperson,
    1999 Parangal ng Bayan - Best Young Actor,
    1999 Official DECS-CSCA Spokesperson and Role Model for Students and Youth,
    Outstanding Youth Male Model in The Field of Entertainment (KASAMA Foundation 1998),
    1998 Most Popular Love Team - Rico Yan and Judy Ann Santos (Pabonggahan sa Moviestar'98),
    1997 Best Male Star - Kislap Magazine,
    1997 Best Male Star - Movie Star Fan Magazine, Nominated as Star Awards for Movies Best New Actor
    Other Works
    Founder, Rico Yan Foundation
    Department of Education Youth Spokesman
    Columnist, Bulletin Today entitled Boys to Men,
    PLAN to own a building
    WE'RE THE BEST OF FRIENDS BECAUSE we trust each other
    MY FIRST CRUSH IS secret!
    WHEN I'M IN LOVE I am all out romantic
    LOVE TO ME IS cool!

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    why do i always get teary eyed everytime i visit this thread

    miss ko na si Rico sobra

    daomingcai thanks for the articles and pics pina-iyak mo ako

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    sarap mong huggin... talaga naman ang pagmamahal mo kay Rico sobra-sobra... kala ko ako lang.. pero di ko kaya ang ginawa mo.. you posted all the news regarding Rico's last few days.. hay naku! bakit pa kasi si Rico ang nawala eh.. dami namang puedeng umalis bago sya eh.. but like they say.. nauuna ang mga mababait.. miss ko na si Rico... as in SOBRA!

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