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    May 9, Sunday
    Mister & Miss Albania 2004

    May 10, Monday
    Miss Universo Chile 2004

    May 28, Friday
    Miss Portugal 2004

    May 29, Saturday
    Ungfru Miss Island 2004

    June 1, Tuesday

    June 5, Saturday
    Miss Botswana 2004

    June 11, Friday
    Miss Tahiti Nui 2004

    June 13, Sunday
    Miss Korea 2004

    July 4, Sunday
    The Miss for Miss Universe 2005

    July 7, Wednesday
    Star Cyprus 2004

    July 30, Friday
    Miss Mundo Puerto Rico 2004

    August 1, Sunday
    Miss Ghana 2004*
    Miss Ireland World 2004

    August 29, Sunday
    Frøken Norge 2004

    September 18, Saturday
    Miss Schweiz 2004

    September 24, Friday
    Miss Venezuela 2004

    October 18, Monday
    Miss International 2004

    October 24, Sunday
    Miss Earth 2004

    December 4, Saturday
    Miss World 2004

    *not yet 100% confirmed

    Stay tuned for further updates!

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    The Road to Quito

    More shots of Miss Austria Universe Daniela Strigl.,5197,2001923,00.gif,5197,2001922,00.gif,5197,2001918,00.gif,5197,2001924,00.gif

    Images courtesy of Aon.

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    The Road to Quito

    Miss Universe Canada Venessa Fisher presented her wardrobe for Miss Universe 2004. She will fly to Quito on May 11.

    Venessa is 18 and stands 5'8".

    She will represent Canada in Miss Universe 2004.

    Image courtesy of Beauties of Canada.

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    The Road to Quito

    Miss Bolivia Gabriela Oviedo's national costume has been designed by Quito Velasco. Accessories by Miguel Escalante.

    Nativa del Oriente

    Image courtesy of El Deber.

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    Latest shots of former Miss Universe 2001 Denise Quiñones.

    Images courtesy of El Nuevo Dia.

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    The Road to Quito

    Two stunners for Miss Universe 2004.

    Miss Angola Telma Sonhi

    Miss St. Vincent & the Grenadines LaFerne Fraser

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    Jensie_G I think Miss Iceland will not participate in this year's MU.. la name ng country nla s MU Website... Also, 81 *** ata ang magco-compete dis year... Di nla **** malalagpasan ang MW 03 when it comes to country participation...

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    Guyz, who are your preliminary bets as of now? Well, if u ask me these are my current bets:
    U. S. A.
    Philippines (of course)

    Close Calls: Peru & Paraguay

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    Di ba obvious w

    Miss Universe 2000 Lara Dutta with her mom Jennifer Dutta

    Miss Universe 2001 Denise Quinones with her mom Susana August

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    Originally posted by Lara_D

    Interesting answers of our Miss Philippines to the Miss Universe questionnaire.

    Name one person, other than your parents, who has had the most influence on your life. Why?
    My Aunt Mercy, who is a nun with the Religious Virgin of Mary. Straight from high school she entered the convent, and although she is now very sick, she continues to serve the people and be true to her vocation. She is my source of inspiration and spiritual strength for all my endeavors.

    What is the most interesting or unique thing that has ever happened to you (aside from winning your title) and/or what is the most interesting thing about you?
    Many times I find myself looking at the stars. I am very fascinated with them. It gives me a great feeling of wonder just gazing at the entire galaxy on some evenings.

    What is your career ambition and what are you doing or plan to do to accomplish that goal?
    I wish to start a modeling agency in the future. What I have accomplished as a model and what I am into right now seem to be the right steps toward that goal. I will do my very best to accomplish that.

    Are you currently a student? If yes, where? What is your area of study?
    I temporarily discontinued my studies, but will re-enroll and finish college after my reign. I still have one (1) year more to go., Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communications.

    List any interesting or unsual jobs you may have had.
    My grandmother had a small piggery in our backyard. Many times I had to help her tend and clean up the pig pens, and sometimes even stayed up late at night awaiting the birth of piglets.

    Describe your childhood home and living conditions. Were you raised with a large family with lots of brothers and sisters?
    My family lived very simply. My parents worked hard to make a living. When I was small, I used to climb trees and play hide and seek with my cousins. We were four children in our family.

    What one word describes you best?

    I think she got a quite interesting Q&A here ...

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    Re: The Road to Quito

    Originally posted by JENSIE_G
    I duno with you guys, but I find it super duper easy to distinguish Singaporean Chinese from those from mainland China...
    Jensie, oo naman...ang laki talaga ng difference ! Sa dating pa lang eh

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    CyberShiva: unbeatable naman talaga ang MW when it comes to the number of participating delegates.

    i thought MU2004 was gonna beat MU99 with respect to the number of delegates. MU99 had 84 eh.

    cathybee: welcome back to the thread! how are you???

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    Miss-ion Possible for Tanushree

    TIMES NEWS NETWORK[ SUNDAY, MAY 09, 2004 07:51:57 AM ]

    Her bags are packed and she's ready to board an Alitalia flight to Ecuador on May 11. For Pond's Femina Miss India-Universe 2004 Tanushree Dutta, June 1 — the grand finale of the Miss Universe Contest in Ecuador — will be the biggest night of ‘em all. And is she ready!

    "I've paid special attention to my workout sessions with Mickey Mehta. I'm also learning to swim." Tanushree's ‘fitness', by the way, extends to brushing up her knowledge of current affairs, learning hair and makeup training from Bharat and Doris Godambe, skin-care techniques from Jamuna Pai, plus smiledesign treatment and ‘britesmile' from Sandesh Mayekar. Besides, Tanushree has "attended dance and cultural workshops conducted by Sandip Soparrkar, been trained in diction and stage presence by Sabira Merchant and picked up tips on nutrition from VLCC."

    Looking great and feeling even better, Tanushree's luggage packs the creations of Ritu Kumar, who has designed her Indian wear and national costume; Ashley Rebello, who has made a gold-andwhite evening gown, Western formals, cocktail dresses and swimwear; and Satya Paul, for Western casuals. Throw in footwear from Finesse, New Delhi , and there's a spring in her step too!

    With vital stats to launch a thousand ‘oohs', Tanushree is being extremely carefully about her diet. "I haven't had a chance to celebrate after the Miss India pageant. The only time I freaked out was at the post-contest party, where I let myself go on butter chicken and desert!"

    An entire nation waits with bated breath as Tanushree readies to fasten her seat-belt and take off."There are lots of expectations. I'm a human being and do feel a bit nervous, but I'll certainly give it my best shot." Atta girl!

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    Happy Moms' Day!

    The latest Miss Universe mommy.

    Cecilia Bolocco Menem

    Image courtesy of Yahoo News.

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    Happy Moms' Day!

    Another Miss Universe mommy.

    Our very own... ageless and beautiful Margie Moran. Here she is with daughter Gabbi and husband Tony.

    Margie celebrated her birthday in October last year. She also marked her 30th year as Miss Universe.

    Images courtesy of PDI.

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    Farewell to Denisa Kola...

    Tonight, Denise crowns her succesor as Miss Albania 2004.

    Winner goes to Miss Universe 2004.

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    The Road to Quito

    Miss Universe Slovenije Sabina Remar also presented her wardrobe recently.

    Sabina is 22 and stands 5'8".

    She will represent Slovenia in Miss Universe 2004.

    Image courtesy of PinkPonk.

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    The Road to Quito

    Señorita Panama Jessica Rodriguez recently met up with former Miss Universe Justine Pasek.

    Jessica is all set for Ecuador.

    Justine... still stunning after two years.

    Images courtesy of Critica Panama & Dia A Dia.

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    Di ba obvious w

    I'm speechless... the Arab girls are quite strong this year. Given they're only two... but still strong.

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