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    it seems that they keep on fighting? how can this end?

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    As long as a large segment of society is alienated by poverty, I believe there will always be unrest and insurgency. This group of our people feel that the government has abandoned them and the only way they feel they could get attention is by rising up in arms. For the insurgent movement to be curtailed, the government has to provide tangible solutions to these people's needs. I think they have to see sustained economic progress in their very own communities.

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    uh, would superior firepower help? coupled with superior tactics? Tiberian Sun anyone? ehehehe...

    nah, but seriously, i agree with harley... i'd like to add that, before we try to deal with the insurgents, we have to deal with the problems within the government itself. how can you provide tangible solutions when officials are busy looking out for themselves and lining up their pockets? the change has to come first from within those in power; once everyone in government wants to do the right thing and is determined to do the right thing, then those tangible solutions needed to stop insurgency will follow naturally.

    of course there is the problem of the muslim insurgents. their cause is not really one based on poverty or problems with the government. their cause is one of ideology, they believe they should be a separate nation from the rest of the philippines, based on their religion. they say they never were conquered by the spaniards, unlike the rest of the philippines, and by that virtue they claim they have the right to be a separate nation. in this case, after cleaning up its act, the government needs to address this through diplomatic means backed up with military might. i believe steps have been started in the previous administration towards this, and its just up to the present admin to follow through (assuming it knows what the hell its doing!)

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    It seems the question itself is off mark...

    Depending on where you stand, insurgency could be a problem or a solution itself.

    The common perception, however, prevails that insurgency is a problem. This is basically the standpoint of the ruling power represented today by the by the elite segment of the society.

    To the marginalized sector which comprises the great majority of the philippine society, the solution to social inequity could be achieved through a revolutionary change or as everyone likes to coin it, insurgency.

    The Nicaraguans, Cubans and of course the People's Republic of China, achieved their independence through revolutions.

    Even our very own Katipuneros and the HUKBALAHAP guerillas too. Every inch of freedom we enjoy today is the result of their being branded as insurgents by the Spaniards, Americans and Japanese alike. Unfortunately, it was subverted by the elite section of the society, the likes of Aguinaldo, etc.

    To say that muslim insurgency is one that is based on ideology while that of the CPP/NDF/NPA is not, as posited by one of our friend here, is a gross ignorance on the dynamics of philippine society and revolution.

    Muslim rebellion is rooted in their historical claim for national independence and sovereignty from the imperial government of Manila. They want a separate state for the Moro people, who they claim, was never subjugated by the colonial powers.

    The revolution being waged by the CPP-NPA/NDF is an episode of an unfinished revolution. Quite unlike the revolution waged by Ka Andres Bonifacio, however, this one is based on an ideology -- a worldview that seeks to establish an egalitarian society. To them, national freedom and democracy is the end in itself but a necessary condition for the transition to a socialist system and finally to communism. The material basis for building a socialist society has to be cultivated within a national democratic system. At least that is what I got from reading their literature and speaking with some of them. Needless to say, I used to be one of them. I just left for some political differences.

    How to solve insurgency?

    The state has no means and political will to solve it. It may have the machinery. i.e. military, courts, laws, schools, religion, etc., but it could never solve it. For it is endemic to its being an apparatus of the ruling system to perpetuate power that it can not find a cure. The state has to be abolished and replaced with one that is truly representative of the great majority of the people.

    Reforms? It has its own limitation. Having the likes of Boy Morales, Karina David and other progressive elements of the social movement will not help. Insted, it will just provide illusions. That change can come from within. I have yet to see a master committing suicide so his servants would be free. Or at the very least relinguish its power so both of them (master and servant) would live in harmony.

    Genuine land reform from the landlords themselves? Come on! How about just wages? Capital and labor interests are diaetrically opposed, therefore, there can never be just wage.

    To end insurgency, we have to end the root cause of insurgency.

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    Filipino culture is prone to communism. Just look at how we look at private property, it's for everyone. When we come to office or class with a pizza, you are obliged to offer everyone. When you plan to eat delicacies and bring them to the are obliged to bring not only for yourself but for the others as well.

    Insurgency is something that is permanently embedded in our society. Once in a while, there will be the likes of ERAP, Marcos, Cory Aquino who will give insurgency the opportunity to turn from cold to hot war. The only way to solve insurgency is by giving every Filipino a life...something that the ordinary Filipino would not risk and make revolutions unworthy of their time and effort. Look at the RAM-SFP...even if they want ERAP thrown out so bad, they wouldn't dare make a coup attempt...coz they're officers now have a life which makes insurgency not worth it. If we give the common Filipino a life and a future for his family, then a bloody insurgency would then be not worth his consideration.

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    balita ko after marawi NPA na next!

    So yung nag accuse kai Duterte noon na communist siya kamusta?

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    Bitawan ang certain portions of mindanao (limit to southwest-most part), then let them join malaysia or remain independent if they want to

    We'd still have most parts of phl including a greater part of mindanao. Parang indonesia, humataw kahit/nung humiwalay timor leste. Or singapore (for secessionists) if they can stand on their own. Win-win yan for me

    Or, give up sabah claims (for now) para di na pondohan ng malaysia mga teroristang yan. Choose your poison

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    Oops, npa thread pala to. For the secessionists post ko

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