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    gamot sa pimples/bungang araw sa likod?

    ano ang ma recommend nyo? di naman sya malala.

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    Just wash it with Benzac wash as instructed by the package, keep the back area clean and dry at all times, and if you apply any powder there, discontinue it temporarily.

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    san may benzac wash?
    sa botika mern?

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    how much yang Benzac Wash na yan? thanks ah..pansin ko tuwing malapit na mag summer nagkakaron din ako ng pimples sa likod nakakainis ang kati-kati.

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    140 ata bili k last wk sa mercury.*** smallest size un ha!

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    wala bang food na dapat iwasan to avoid pimple or bungang araw sa likod?

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    None. Food intake doesn't affect acne growth (or prevention of acne growth) in any way. That includes chocolates or whatever anybody else says. It's hormonal and hygiene factors.

    (For those who are reading this, please, don't let me reiterate what I just said: Food DOES NOT affect acne growth. So don't cite any food. The answer's no.)

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    what's the best thing that you can do to control or prevent acne aside from keeping it clean and dry at all times?

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    i guess its all bad luck and bad genetics that people are suffering from Acne.....

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    Doc Ira, I've seen this loofa that you could use for your back, it's got quite a long handle, plus I've seen my sister buy this long interlinked puff with loops at both ends so you could use it like you would a towel. Is it advisable to use them when your back is pimple-prone?

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    If you have acne, I suggest you avoid using the loofah first and have your back acne treated before you use it. Loofah sloughs off superficial skin, and doing this on a back with acne may cause the pimples to be more inflammed and infection-prone. However, if you don't have any active acne, then go ahead and use it.

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    Dr. Ira, how about stress and lack of sleep? does it result to pimples?

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    Some physicians think that stress and anxiety may cause acne, but most don't.

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    Thanks, Doc Ira.

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    i ve read in a psych book that pimples in adults are mostly caused by stress

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    eh doc how about yun scar na ng pimples sa likod yun parang freckle pero maitim sya.. kelangan na po ba yun ipa-derma? kse before may friend ako may nilalagay syang cream na galing sa derma nya na pampawala nun mga marks.. kaya lang di ko naman alam kung for every type of skin yun pde chaka sa derma nya yun nabili so i think it's for her type of skin and skin problem yun.. anu po ma-suggest nyo?

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