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    symptoms pala ang acne at excessive hair growth ng PCOS. Pag di pala ginamot yun magiging lalake na ang itsura ng babae. dahil magkakabigote,at tutubuan ng makakapal na buhok katulad sa lalake,at katagalan daw pati batok mangingitim. Grabe noh? Kaya pala madami ako nakikita na girls na may bigote.may PCOS ba yun? Bakit pa kasi kailangan maghirap ng ganito ng mga girls unlike ng mga guys puro pasarap,

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    hello po...new comer *** ako ** sa pex, i have also diagnosed of pcos last 2004, im married almost 4 yrs, kla ko nag iisa *** ako sa ganito situation, until now hoping and praying pa rin *** ng hubby ko sa pagdating ng baby namin, 2 yrs din ako ngpa ob..nasubukan ko rin mg provera, metformin, duphaston n clomid pero ala pa din tas albularyo, manghihilot ganun pa din..hangang nagsawa na ** umaasa nlang ** sa prayer..sbi nga nila kaht alaga ka ng ob pag d pa tlaga bbgay ni bro ** nlang ang right time **** masakit icpin..nkakadepress tlaga kung lagi lagi mo iicpin..maloloka ka, buti nlang nahanap ko ang pex sa net atleast nakakarelate ako **...

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    god bless

    huhuhu! nakakaloka ang ganitong situation, bat ba kelangan magkaroon ng ganito sakit, *** iba la problem pagkpanganak iniiwan *** kung saan, tas *** iba nagpapakahirap humanap ng paraan *** mgkababy *** diba.

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    I got married last 2008 October, and was diagnosed PCOS this year April. I also had a dermoid cyst in my right ovary, which I had it removed via laparoscopy in the same month. Via Laparoscopy, my OB said that both my ovaries are PCOS. She asked me to take metformin, 3x a day. Since I left Manila around May, I asked if I can take Birth control pills to balance my hormones, she asked me to take Diane 35 for 3 months.

    Aside from that, my hubby's SA was just barely passing. He had enough count, but motility and morphology are just 'pasang awa'. My OB recommended him to take Vit. E and Vit. C, and to take Zeman capsule 2x a day. Referred us to a urologist, which said he had a minor varicocele, and if we had thought about doing IVF.. (since I'm a PCOS). Of course, my hubby and I are still hoping we can get pregnant the natural way.

    So after May, I took the Diane 35, for 3 mos - June, July, August, along with Metformin 3x a day, then, Vit E, Vit. C. Then because of my research, I added Folic Acid 800mcg, Royal Jelly, Bee Pollen and Evening Primrose Oil (during menstruation till ovulation day) starting the month of August. I took my supplements religiously! I also asked my hubby to take Folic Acid 800mcg 1x a day.

    So August was my last month for the Diane 35. For September, I didn't take any birth control pills, but continued my other supplements. Then came October. I was expecting my period to come on October 5. But since we were traveling that time, I thought maybe I was just stressed and tired of the travels. Then, in 2 weeks time, I started feeling hot.. and sleepy.

    Last October 18, our 1st wedding anniversary, I took the Pregnancy test, and got 2 lines! I was pregnant na!!! We're both so happy! We prayed for this miracle to come, since we thought we only have IVF as our option to have a child of our own. But I'm really pregnant!!

    I'm now on my 14th week of pregnancy. Appetite's starting to come back. I just wished I learned how to cook before, so that I won't be this irritated in not having my cravings! hahaha!

    So Patience lang talaga.. find your own treatment. Make sure to do them talaga. Believe that it will work, and it will be..

    Good luck to all!!! Sorry napahaba!

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    I too have been diagnosed with PCOS. I'm taking Diane35 to regulate my period. My doctor prescribed Metformin din, which screws up my system. It incapacitates me somehow --- nausea, headache, indigestion, etc..

    I do not have the usual (physical) symptoms, though. Pero I realized that it's very difficult for me to lose weight and I am always bloated.

    @ clueless: Congratulatons! The baby is indeed a blessing!

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    Is it possible for an ultrasound not to detect the cysts in the ovary? I suddenly had irregular menstruation and have gone to the OB. I got an ultrasound and it was clear naman. The thing is after taking the birth control pills to "awaken" my hormones, I still haven't gotten my period.

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    yes TVS will help...yung wife ko ganyan dermoid cyst sa right ovary tinanggal na namin via laparascopy...ako naman nagpatanggal ng varicocele last year, so far ok nanaman kami hopefully makabuo na....

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    Quote Originally Posted by cuddly_9 View Post
    Hi Rovielle... nothing to update except I start taking Vitex thanks to trismegistos (tama kaya spelling ko). Anyways, eto, I have been jogging this week. I try not to eat sweets kasi nga insulin resistance ang kalaban natin. Tanong ko lang, hinde pa ba uso sa atin yun surrogate pregnancy?
    hi. for those of you who want to take vitex, PM me.

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    san ba nagpapacheckup manila?
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    Nakakapayat ba talaga pag-inom ng metformin?

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    Quote Originally Posted by johnski_07 View Post
    Nakakapayat ba talaga pag-inom ng metformin?

    Initially, the side effect is flatulence or pag-uutot, GI symptoms but eventually will resolved within 2 weeks. To lessen the side effect, take metformin after a full meal with full glass of water.

    Metformin is one the first line medication for diabetes which help patient lose weight in return helping patient better control with sugar.

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    I have PCOS.. I wonder why do i have vaginal bleeding whenever i'm having sex?

    I was diagnosed with PCOS last year Nov.21 ,2009.. Im only 23.. My OB told me na lifetime na tong PCOS ko, sad part pa nya is that bilateral ang case ko..

    It took me 9 mos bago magpacheckup (9 mos din kasing absent ang mens ko).. medyo nahirapan akong tanggapin nung una pero now buo na ang loob ko.. I'm now on the path of healing, 2 mos na ko on metformin and althea.. 10 days from now magpapacheck up uli ako..

    Nabother lang ako kasi everytime my partner and i are having sex nagvavaginal bleeding ako.. Is it normal?!

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    may naka-try na ba ng natural progesterone cream? saan nakakabili dtoaside from healthy options.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ikaika04 View Post
    I was diagnosed with PCOS last year Nov.21 ,2009.. Im only 23.. My OB told me na lifetime na tong PCOS ko, sad part pa nya is that bilateral ang case ko..

    It took me 9 mos bago magpacheckup (9 mos din kasing absent ang mens ko).. medyo nahirapan akong tanggapin nung una pero now buo na ang loob ko.. I'm now on the path of healing, 2 mos na ko on metformin and althea.. 10 days from now magpapacheck up uli ako..

    Nabother lang ako kasi everytime my partner and i are having sex nagvavaginal bleeding ako.. Is it normal?!
    sis nag pag TVU ka na ba? baka naman may fibroid ka.

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    nagtake ako ng duphaston 4 days, may skip na isang araw kase nakalimutan kong uminom, after 5 days dapat meron na ko kase i've been taking this since 2006.so alam na alam ko na to..ngayon lang ako sumablay.. kahapon pa ko nag aantay.. bakit hanggang ngayon wala pa din ako..

    possible din bang wala ng effect yung duphaston sakin? Last month kase effective pa eh..

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    if you are taking synthetic progesterone like duphaston and/or provera, you take it during the cycle na dapat nagproproduce na na prgesterone ang body mo (which is kulang sa mga may pcos). balik ka sa OB mo to check other possible reasons kung bakit wala pa rin. my OB normally prescribes 10 tablets of duphaston for w/rawal bleeding.

    mahirap lang talaga dto sa tin sa pinas synthetic progesterone at birth control pills lang ang ibinibigay sa atin ng mga OB natin and the chemical structure of these synthetic hormones are not identical sa hormones na pinoproduce ng body natin. sinasadya silang i-alter para ma-patent ng pharmaceutical companies para kumita sila.. and because altered nga kaya maraming grave side effects to our liver, higher risks of breast and endometrial cancer (lalo na sa estradiol na nasa birth control pills kahit sabihin lang low dose) and cardiovascular diseases. you can google dr. lee's research on this plus the disadvantages of using synthetic hormones and birth control pills.

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    PCOS is a lifetime disorder so ilang years pa tayong iinom na synthetic hormones and expose ourselves to worse side effects that we may suffer eventually. there are natural alternatives backed up by new researches. i hope our OBs and medical practitioners rely more on researches and medical journals than the representatives of pharmaceutical companies for update.

    remember if you take birth control pills, you take synthetic estrogen and synthetic progesterone..plus you prevent your body from ovulating which is hard na nga to happen for PCOS women. kung sobra na nga ang estrogen mo bakit magtatake ka pa ng extra di ba? basahin mo lang yung papel na nasa box ng birth control pill mo at doon pa lang malalaman mo na yung mga sakit na pwede mong makuha sa pag-inom ng synthetic hormones.

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    ^ Even if something is marketed as "natural" it doesn't mean it will be free of side effects.

    I am not a physician ( and from the looks of it, neither are you). For the purpose of having a balanced discussion ( and so that the other posters here can make an informed choice ) I'm bringing this article in :

    From the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA)


    Bio-Identicals: Sorting Myths from Facts

    "A natural, safer alternative to dangerous prescription drugs"

    "Can slim you down by reducing hormonal imbalances"

    "Prevents Alzheimer's disease and senility"

    All of these claims have been made by marketers of compounded "bio-identical" hormones, also known as "bio-identical hormone replacement therapy" (BHRT). But these claims are unproven. FDA is concerned that claims like these mislead women and health care professionals, giving them a false sense of assurance about using potentially dangerous hormone products.

    FDA is providing the facts about "BHRT" drugs and the uncertainties surrounding their safety and effectiveness so that women and their doctors can make informed decisions about their use.

    "BHRT" is a marketing term not recognized by FDA. Sellers of compounded "bio-identical" hormones often claim that their products are identical to hormones made by the body and that these "all-natural" pills, creams, lotions, and gels are without the risks of drugs approved by FDA for menopausal hormone therapy (MHT). FDA-approved MHT drugs provide effective relief of the symptoms of menopause such as hot flashes and vaginal dryness. They also can prevent thinning of bones. FDA has not approved compounded "BHRT" drugs and cannot assure their safety or effectiveness.

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    hi po!

    i had a check-up with my OB-GYN ast July yata, and according to my trans-V ulatrasound, i have polycystic ovarian syndrome daw, but the thing is, regular naman ang period ko. As i understand, PCOS means infertility, pero sa case ko na regular naman ang period, ganun pa din ba?

    i went sa Clinica Manila at megamall, at hindi naman in-explain ng maayos nung OB yung condition ko, parang nagmamadali siya, kase HMO nga lang naman yung ginamit ko... sobrang asar ko sa kanya, di na ko bumalik dun... parang wala siya pakialam sa akin. i felt like hindi welcome yung mga questions ko.

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