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    Arrow The People's Choice Lists - your favorite threads in Local Movies and TV

    On an experimental basis, we are launching this thread, where forum regulars can post links to their favorite/most visited threads here, so that locating the threads is made easier no matter what traffic this forum bears.

    Post freely, subject only to the following guidelines:

    1) Include hyperlinks to all the threads you mention. Thread names without hyperlinks aren't of much use to anybody. Thread titles without hyperlinks will be removed.
    2) Include only threads in the Local Movies and TV forum.
    3) Konting delicadeza naman. Do not include threads you started yourself.
    4) You may add to your list (by replying to this thread) anytime, but the moderator(s) will cut-and-paste so that each PExer ends up with only one list.
    5) This thread is for posting lists of threads, not for discussing why (or why not) threads deserve to be on the list. It is not for criticizing or admiring networks, programs, celebrities, or other PExers.

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    Arrow New Rule

    6) If your list contains only one item which already appears on someone else's list, I will remove it after 24 hours.

    Hindi ito botohan.

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    nakahalata yata si Kuya Danny na pina-flood ng mga post ****** sa All About MG & F4 thread and thread na i2...

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    Danny, how about deleting posts with one link that go to the same thread? Para lang we keep this place manageable.

    Also all posts na walang links (wala rin pala ito, sorry).

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    my list

    Your favorite Sharon Cuneta movie
    Sharon Cuneta: the Megastar
    Kung Ako na lang Sana... the movie
    What's the best filipino movies you've seen?
    Kay tagal kang hinintay

    Crying Ladies (Sharon Cuneta, Hilda Koronel, Angel Aquino)
    Filipino Stars na Super sikat di lang sa Pinas Kundi pati sa Abroad

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    sorry po di ako marunong mag hyper link


    Can somebody lend our friend a helping hand? - KD

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    Originally posted by aynidyubak
    sorry po di ako marunong mag hyper link


    Can somebody lend our friend a helping hand? - KD

    1. click or visit your favorite thread, then from the address bar (located on top) copy the url address (example. http://.....)

    2. paste it and presto you've got the hyper can rename the hyper link also by right-clicking on the hyper link and choose "edit hyperlink".

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    Rule 1 violation

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    Rule 1 violation

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    Moderator's Note

    Rule 1 has been revised.

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    Mr. Moderator, pasensya na po. It was an honest mistake. DI ko talaga alam mag hyper link.

    Thanks to SunnysideUp sa pagturo.

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    Rule 6 violation

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