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    They showed Webber @ NY's Madison Square Garden playing ball with an 8 yr old girl. When is he playing? Accdng to (per coach Rick), either December or early January.

    Yeah...they lost 3 consecutive games!
    Good thing they won last night against Det!

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    KINGS is Fourth-Best Franchise in Sports

    SportsNation: The Ultimate Standings

    We know what really matters to fans -- because you told us. We surveyed more than 34,000 fans in SportsNation and you told us what you want from your favorite team. And then you told us how well your favorite franchise repays you for all the love and money you devote to it.

    To get the full story behind the Ultimate Standings, see these pages:


    1. Green Bay Packers
    2. Arizona Diamondbacks
    3. San Antonio Spurs
    4. Sacramento Kings
    5. Dallas Mavericks
    6. Miami Dolphins
    7. Philadelphia Eagles
    8. Detroit Red Wings
    9. Edmonton Oilers
    10. Anaheim Angels
    11. Oakland Athletics
    12. Indiana Pacers
    13. Detroit Pistons
    14. Colorado Avalanche
    15. Pittsburgh Steelers

    -nba only-

    1. San Antonio Spurs
    2. Sacramento Kings
    3. Dallas Mavericks
    4. Indiana Pacers
    5. Detroit Pistons
    6. Philadelphia 76ers
    7. Minnesota Timberwolves
    8. New Orleans Hornets
    9. Utah Jazz
    10. Los Angeles Lakers
    11. Boston Celtics
    12. Orlando Magic
    13. Toronto Raptors
    14. Seattle Sonics
    15. Milwaukee Bucks

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    hahaha wala sa overall ang lakers!!!!
    tpos sa nba nmn pang 10th fave sila hahahaha

    mary_poppins sana sa early deacember para palaging winning streak hahaha

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    hello! yeheyyy they won last night!

    hi Yohei_Mito! I see you're a Kings fan too! Cool!
    Me and mary_poppins are Kings fanatics!
    We both live in the Sacramento

    mary_poppins lives a few minutes away from CWebb's.
    and to top that, I think she's inlove with him too!
    gawd...can you believe that?

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    kakatuwa naman!!!!!!

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    Originally posted by wilmaflitstones
    hello! yeheyyy they won last night!

    hi Yohei_Mito! I see you're a Kings fan too! Cool!
    Me and mary_poppins are Kings fanatics!
    We both live in the Sacramento

    mary_poppins lives a few minutes away from CWebb's.
    and to top that, I think she's inlove with him too!
    gawd...can you believe that?
    Forgive me, but I have to hurt you. Here...
    In love with Chris? NOT!! That’s a lie, that’s a lie! Okay…fine…maybe just a little bit! I actually find his smile really sexy! It makes me weak in the knees you know!


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    Just in case you haven't seen this before....
    This made the headline of the Sacramento paper during the 2003 playoffs.

    Look who's taking care of business in Iraq! Kings fans!

    Some of those guys watched Tuesday night's game at Arco (in their uniforms)!

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    bad trip they lost today. i'm rooting for them this year.

    i'm not sad to see hedo go (dun na lang siya mag-underachieve sa spurs), but i think they'll miss jim jackson. as everyone keeps saying, i don't think they're as deep as last year, but solid pa rin sila. and with brad miller around (i love this guy), and chris webber getting ready to play again, they'll be a tough team to beat.

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    talo kahapon... bumawi ngayon

    nilabas lahat ng galit sa raptors...

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    darn it! miller was one rebound away from his first career triple double!
    oh well....good game tonight! miller & songalia did good!
    hmmmm wonder when they'll play peeler????

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    wilmaflintstones, i live here in manila but hopefully will migrate sa virginia but stil i'm a kings fan!

    solid chris webber, mike bibby and peja stojakovic fan!!

    badtrip lang mukhang injured si doug and sana bigyan pa ng more time si peeler may potential nmn eh

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    Naaah...Doug's ok. Only a sore foot I think.
    Me, am a fan of the whole Kings team, including coach Adelman!

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    let's hope na lang na he will play in their next game...

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    CWebb!!!!!!!! Bumalik ka na!!!!!!!!

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    Christie's not playing tonight

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    Sacramento 118 Utah 110

    Anthony Peeler 15 <------ first game tonight! finally!
    Bobby Jackson 9
    Darius Songaila 7
    Tony Massenburg 4

    hey! Christie played!

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    Nice win, poor form
    Hot shooting sparks the Kings in a game that includes Bobby Jackson's and Brad Miller's misbehavior.

    By Martin McNeal -- Bee Staff Writer
    Published 2:15 a.m. PST Thursday, November 20, 2003
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    SALT LAKE CITY -- Nothing new here but a road victory for the Kings.
    They looked unguardable at times Wednesday night. Other times, though, they looked as if they would throw the game away. Toss in a couple of technical fouls and obscene gestures, and you have the genesis of Sacramento's 118-110 victory over the youthful, energetic and aggressive Utah Jazz.

    With their third consecutive victory, the Kings improved to 7-4 overall and 2-4 on the road. The Jazz (6-6), in transition without Karl Malone and John Stockton, lost its first home game after five consecutive wins to open the season.

    Actually, it shouldn't be surprising that the Kings ended the Jazz's home winning streak. Sacramento has won its last seven regular-season visits to the Delta Center.

    And many of the victories followed the same pattern. The Kings opened the game by getting repeated good looks and making most of them. Peja Stojakovic scored a game-high 30 points and didn't miss a shot until midway through the third quarter.

    Stojakovic made 8 of 12 from the field overall, going 0 for 3 from three-point range, and had season highs in free throws made (14) and attempted (16). He was the core of the unit that helped the Kings to two 15-point leads late in the second quarter.

    But he said memories of blowing leads in New York, Boston and Portland changed excitement to fear, even though the Kings shot 67 percent through most of the first half.

    "I was scared," Stojakovic said. "A couple of games we got hot in the first of the game. It really concerned me (Wednesday) night. I like it to be a close game and then in the end of the third or the beginning of the fourth, we get hot."

    That description also could have been used regarding the Kings' tempers.

    Bobby Jackson was ejected by referee Gary Zielinski, who gave him two technicals after whistling him for a foul with 4:24 to play.

    After the foul call, Jackson already was back in front of the team's bench when he told Zielinski, "You've been calling (expletive) calls all night."

    That drew the first technical. Jackson then showed Zielinski the longest finger on his right hand, and that brought him an early shower.

    "Yeah, I think I'm going to get suspended," Jackson said. "But how much of that are you supposed to take? I got clotheslined going baseline with that same referee standing right there, and then he calls a touch foul on me."

    Brad Miller, who is amassing tremendous numbers with amazing frequency and seeming ease, also likely will hear from the league. In the fourth quarter, he was walking to the bench to get blood cleaned off his face when he responded to a fan's words by embracing a portion of his lower anatomy.

    Miller already had done the bulk of his work with 17 points, 13 rebounds, eight assists, two steals and constant hustle. But he's probably facing a fine.

    Coach Rick Adelman was unhappy with his players' behavior. Jackson's two technicals along with the free throws from the accompanying foul turned Sacramento's somewhat comfortable 105-96 lead into a more tenuous 105-100 margin.

    "You don't do that with (four minutes) to go," Adelman said. "You don't give them two points. You have to bite your tongue."

    Veteran guard Anthony Peeler must have been choking on his tongue the past few weeks while receiving limited playing time. But Peeler responded to 26 legitimate minutes from Adelman and made 5 of 6 shots, including all three of his three-pointers, to go with three assists and one steal.

    "I just wanted to make the most of the opportunity I had," said Peeler, whose performance helped the Kings to a 35-12 advantage in bench scoring.

    Considering that one never can rely on Adelman to be totally honest regarding injuries the day before a game, the coach was 50 percent right in his predictions. He said Tuesday he didn't believe Doug Christie (painful left foot blister) or Gerald Wallace (sprained left knee) would play against the Jazz.

    But there was Christie, blister and all, lining up for the opening tip, rebounding Utah's first missed shot and going the length of the court for a one-handed flying dunk.

    Wallace's knee prevented him from jumping. However, the minimal amount of swelling he had was gone, so he's questionable for Friday's game against Orlando at Arco Arena.

    hahahhaha! Baaaad Kings!

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    Sacramento 122, Orlando 92

    Miller Notches First Triple-Double in Kings’ Win

    SACRAMENTO, Calif., Nov. 21 (Ticker) -- Sacramento Kings center Brad Miller's smile was about as wide as the gap between his team and the Orlando Magic.

    Miller recorded his first career triple-double as the Kings dealt the Magic their 12th straight loss in a laugher, 122-92, on Friday.

    In leading the Kings to their fourth straight win, Miller scored a season-high 22 points, pulled down 14 rebounds and dished out 10 assists. He completed the triple-double with a short underhand flip pass from the high post to Bobby Jackson, whose 21-foot jumper made it 109-80 with 7:30 left.

    Sacramento led almost all the way. The Kings increased their advantage from 10 points at the end of the first quarter to 16 at halftime and 23 by the start of the fourth period, when the only drama remaining was whether Miller would get the two assists he needed for the triple-double.

    Mike Bibby added 21 points for the Kings, who also got 18 from Peja Stojakovic and 13 from Jackson as six players scored in double figures.

    The Magic completed a tumultous five-game road trip during which they fired coach Doc Rivers and still could not find a way to earn their first win since opening night as Johnny Davis coached the final two games.

    Gordan Giricek led Orlando with 19 points. Superstar Tracy McGrady scored just 12 before sitting out the fourth quarter.

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    si brad miller na ata yung missing piece para maging champion sila... hehehehe

    galing past 2 games almost triple double, NOW 1st career triple double na 'stig ****!!!!

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