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    Boston Celtics

    ano sa tingin niyo dapat nilang gawin to win championship # 17??
    i really think the addition of LaFrentz, Jumaine Jones and Marcus Banks to the team is a good start. hehe

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    Re: Boston Celtics

    Originally posted by XetraDAX
    ano sa tingin niyo dapat nilang gawin to win championship # 17??
    Get Ginobilli, Noccioni, and Scola from Argentina. Get Sarunas Jasikevicius, Siskauskas, Vujanic, Macijauskas, and Stombergas from Lithuania. Trade whatever they have left for Vlade Divac. Then throw in coach Ruben Magnano to draw up those killer plays he used to beat last year's Dream Team.

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    si Mike/Mark James pa. i really think he's a good pick-up. their game with the Heat might be a fluke since it's only the Heat. one thing's for sure, The Truth will make a run for the Eastern Conference All-Star team starting guard slot. that's againt Lebron, Vince, Tmac and Kidd. he can be that good and it's not just hype.

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    mukhang ok naman sila kanina.... kaso dali lang kalaban nila kanina e... hehe... everybody contributed...

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    Just hope that Vin Baker isn't drinking tonight to celebrate his good game


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    now that antoine walker is back...kaya nilang ma-hold ang challenge ng mas pinalakas na sixers sa weak atlantic division...

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    ok yung move kay walker.. pero yung kay Jiri?!?!

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    No more rings for TD!
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    With Walker back, the Celtics are a better team. But with the departure of Welsch, their shooting weakened a bit. What Pierce needs is a brilliant supporting cast, more than just an Antoine Walker, but someone who can back Pierce up.

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    walker is back!! paul pierce might be happy with that move!!

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    with tony allen continously improving, there is a big logjam on jiri's spot. And that rumor with payton, sana bumalik sya after ma waive yung contract nya sa hawks.

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    It's too funny to be true. Toine is back! After all the thrash talking from both sides.

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    Nice. Delonte West is finally in the starting line-up along with Tony Allen.

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    will walker slow down the progress of jefferson, allen, west etc.

    walker is a veteran who needs the ball more and shoots ill advised shots

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    The only problem with Walker is attitude. He wants to win the game with his last shot, being a hero. He also think he could shoot 3's. If Rivers can get that through his head, Walker can become an asset again.

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    Getting Walker back just proves how big a screw up Ainge is as GM.

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    eyes on jumbotron

    Talking let's see

    will mchale's twolves, bird's pacers, or ainge's celts finish highest this season, minn. may not even make it, will this move guarantee a playoff appearance for bos, or they end up in lottery? they are in the atlantic division...but cwebb and philly are contenders now, right? indi is the wild card of the 3

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    They beat the Jazz today. Walker got 24 pts 10 rbs. Not too bad. Besides, I think Ainge took back Walker because this is the last year of his contract. He'll free up cap space after this season. Walker didn't even get his old number back.

    kangol - Cwebb is playing with one leg. If he could remain healthy, Philly gets the division and Boston gets a lottery.

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    back to .500 ang celts

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    walker should do good this time around, or else. With the last 2 yrs, he felt how it is to be unwanted by the 2 other teams he went to. And with him being a free agent next year, he better do good or end up being a journeyman again.

    Delonte west is really good. 2 back to back games with 16+ points. Keep doing this and we'll be forgetting gary payton.

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    Nice win against the league leading suns! walker with 33 points, pierce with 25 points and west with 19 points. Hope they do the same against the lakers next game

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