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    ok 5-8 na! still 4 1/2 games behind Philadelphia, and 1/2 game behind the 8th spot in the east.

    Next opponent, Phoenix Suns!

    They must apply their intimidating defense, don't let them shoot threes.

    And for the offensive side of the court, go for the high percentage shots, Rondo must dominate Nash here, knowing RR is quicker and Nash is average at best on defense.

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    Tinalo pala ng wizards ang thunders. Akalain mo yun. Bilog talaga ang bola. Well respected lang talaga ang Celtics kaya tuwing kalaban sila, 200% na gigil ang laro ng opponent.

    Matagal pa ang season. Alalay lang.

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    Quote Originally Posted by luka_hunter View Post
    ^^ Yeah, I guess it's about time for a new one. Baka mabago pati ang ihip ng hangin for the C's pag may bagong thread.
    oo. at least they won kanina.

    any die hard celts fans here?

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    Thread started in 2003, let's keep it alive! Let's go IT!

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