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    [MERGED] Urticaria / "Hives" ( Tagulabay)

    oh well, that explains my topic..

    i always get rashes (pantal) all over my body after i take the shower, is there something wrong with me? is my skin that sensitive?


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    Is it itchy? When you shower, do you shower in warm or cold water? How do the rashes look like? How long do they stay?

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    hi clawed-out.
    I've experienced that before too! Weird diba? I figured out that I was allergic to my soap pala. Try changing the soap you're using, we might have the same problem.

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    i get those rashes too! whether i use hot or cold water, baby or antibacterial soap or shower gel. they don't really itch (or maybe i've been desensitized since i've had them since forever) but they're big (1 peso coin sized) and very red. what are they?

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    Sounds like you got urticaria, dee. Usually the trigger factors of these skin lesions aren't known, but they won't harm you naman. They'll usually just spontaneously disappear over time.

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    ayan, madami pala tayo hindi lang kami ng pinsan ko...

    yung sa akin eh, maliliit lang...tapos it's itchy..then pagkinamot ko eh, naku it looks like i'm clawed out! o di ba! hehehe!! no really, para akong kinalmot...& it lasts for about 30 mins, ini ignore ko nalang kahit makati kasi nawawala din naman eh..

    louivuittonchiq: naku i've tried changing soaps,,,pero i still go back to my fave : ivory, the soap that floats! (nag advertise pa) i've tried so many soaps pero ganun pa rin....& i usually hit the showers with hot water...pero i cant have cold water kasi it is freezing right here.

    nasa neck to waist area lang naman sya..i'm glad na hindi gumagrabe....

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    clawed_out, you most probably also have urticaria. It can result from different stimuli, not necessarily just soap/shampoo--it can be the water's difference in temperature from your body, or any minor thing you would normally ignore. Like I mentioned, it's self-limiting and it won't harm you (even if it can be bothersome), so don't worry about it. Oftentimes it would just spontaneously disappear.

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    [MERGED] Hives / Urticaria (Itching and Rashes)

    Please, anyone... HELP! I have been Itching and have rashes in my body for almost seven months na. Have had so many tests and gone to so many doctors pero temporary relief lang ang nangyayari. A doc. FERNANDEZ of MMC gave me prescription .... VIRLIX and STEROIDS. Walang nangyar.... lumala pa. The rashes are parang thread like. Kahit di mo i-scratch, eh pumupula siya. Wala namang PUS. 2nd doctor ang sinabi naman URTICURIA daw. Ang daming binawal na pagkain....... tomatoes, calamansi,juice, junk foods, softdrinks, anything with seeds and nuts, canned foods. binigyan ulit ako ng ibang gamot. The thing is my system is getting used to taking all these medications and the relief is temporary. ang na go groggy ako sa medicatins... I just want my misery to end soon. Someone, ANYONE>>..... BAKA ME ALAM kayong ibang way.....

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    wishing well
    both doctors that you've gone to have treated you the best to their ability. what you can request further is a thorough evaluation of your medical history to unravel the urticaria puzzle. you'll possibly be asked about the frequency and severity of your symptoms, medications you're taking, your work and home environment, and miscellaneous matters. you'll also probably be asked to keep a diary of the foods you've eaten. all these will help pinpoint the cause of your symptoms. there are numerous factors that can cause urticaria. so, finding clues in your lifestyle is the first step in diagnosis. in other cases, urine and blood samples or even a skin biopsy may be necessary.

    (please note: successful identification of chronic urticaria varies from patient to patient)

    so prescriptions of antihistamines, injections of epinephrine, and/or corticosteroids are given to alleviate some discomfort.

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    Oh, I have attacks of chronic idiopathic urticaria too. Has Dr. Fernandez requested for skin testing for allergens? What are you taking right now, and what are the dosages?

    Urticaria is a difficult problem to manage, and oftentimes, extensive workups will not yield any cause as to what you're reacting to. The good thing about it is that after several months, you'll just notice that it will gradually lessen and totally disappear. The bad news is, it may recur after a few months (or years), only to disappear again. It's also difficult to find the proper combination of medications to use. During my last attack, I was at over the maximum suggested doses of 3 anti-allergy medications taken all at the same time, plus prednisone, and the medications still weren't helping at all. The dermatologist finally gave up and referred me to an allergologist. Fortunately, my allergologist was able to cut my medications to 2 types, and the meds worked very well. If your rashes are being partially controlled by the medications, and if you're happy with your physician and he is just trying out different kinds to see what you're hiyang to, be patient. It takes a while, but don't worry, you'll get there.

    If you want a second opinion, you can try Dr. Manuel Canlas (also at MMC). He's my allergologist, and he's pretty good.

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    Thanks IRA. I'll try DR. CANLAS next time I'm in MLA. I stay in BICOL kasi. I've been told to take a skin BIOPSY to find out if it is URTICURIA or something else. The thing is that medications are HIT and MISS. Dr. FERNANDEZ told me to take VIRLIX and strong soses of PREDNISONE.. It didn't work for me and became worse. I went to an ALLERGOLOGIST here in bicol. He told me I had dermographic urtiuria. He gave me TELFAST and another medecine. The rashes went away but marks are still there. If I eat anything that goes against it, it starts ti itch in the most embarrassing areas of the body. MY lower extremeties are parang map na. The marks have become bluish blk with red spots . I went to mla. to see DRA. CABRAL..... She gave me immunosin, virlix, and celestone for a period of 10 days. Also asked me to get a biopsy.. Natakot ako.... am still taking VIRLIX...I was wondering if a can start a cleansing diet. You know, the apple juice diet for 3 daya. In order to cleanse my liver and blood. Would you know if it will work. Thanksfor taking the time to read my complaint.

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    Your urticaria seems to be partially controlled with your present medications--maybe with a few more minor adjustments by your doctor, it will go away. Stick with your physician first and see how it goes. Go ahead with the skin biopsy--it's a very minor outpatient procedure at best, and there's totally nothing to be worried about. The pain post-op will be very insignificant.

    As for a cleansing diet, there is no need to do that. Antihistamines do not stay on your system for more than 24 hours, and unless you have liver cirrhosis or kidney problems, you will not get any serious side effects even if you use the drugs longterm.

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    Question Uticaria

    I have uticaria for over a month now.... I have been prescribed to take Telfast everyday and Iterax as needed...... I'm off medication for about a week now and its starting to come back.... does anyone here knows how to get rid of this? recommend good allergologists?

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    Unfortunately, you cannot get rid of uRticaria, you can only control them. It's an inherited form of allergy, and it recurs. I have it myself, and it flares up every couple of years and only disappears after 2-3 months of daily intake of several antiallergies at maximum doses. If the medications you take can control your urticaria, then just continue it until it subsides, because you're getting the right treatment. The medications you're taking are safe even if you take them longterm. And even if you ask for a second opinion, you will not be given anything different.

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    the treatment for urtricaria are usually antihistamines and antipruritics. i however still recommend you to see an allergologist not for the treatment but for a provocative test. a provocative test is a diagnostic test in which several allergens like dust, pollen, soap, drugs, food etc. are being given to you to know where you are allergic to. in this way you can avoid these stuffs and lessen the attacks. of course this is not 100% per cent guarantee but worth trying!

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    hi doc ira,

    can u help me out here?

    about 3-4 weeks ago, i experienced itching of my hands. di naman sya non-stop itching, pero medyo madalas.
    akala ko wala lang, so pinabayaan ko lang. then after a week, pati ibang parts ng body ko nangati na rin.
    so i started taking iterax, nawala naman yung sobrang kati pero occassionaly i still get red spots. lalo na after i take a bath, red yung body ko all over tsaka minsan makati pa rin.
    pag kinakati ko yung body ko, since up and down motion yung ginagawa ko, yung pantal ko pahaba rin.
    pero bumabalik rin yung kati.

    i went to a derma to have it checked, sabi niya its urticaria. and she let me take Loratadine and Hydroxyzine. although di na kasing kati ng dati, pero nangyayari pa rin minsan. tsaka yung red spots nga nagkakaroon rin from time to time.

    urticaria ba **** etong sakit ko? should i have it checked by another doctor?

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    It's urticaria. The problem with treating urticaria is that you'll have to be patient with trying different types of medications, because some will not work, some will just work partially, while some will be perfect. It's a trial-and-error process, so shifting to another doctor will actually make finding the medication that's right for you take longer compared to someone who already knows what's been given to you and what worked.

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    just want to add that you already consulted a specialist with this problem so he is in the best position to treat you. should the treatment regimen fail that doesn't mean that your doctor is not good. he can try another medication that might work for you.

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    urticuria..... hives

    DR. Ira.... Is urticuria and hives the same. I have had it for almost a year now. Am taking antihistamines everyday, but if I stop even for a day, it itches a lot. I had a lot of medical blood tests done to determine if it is a sympton of something else, pero negative naman lahat. The thing is I'm super sensitive to medecines and having side effects from the antihistamines and steroids i have to take.... Please help in any way you can.. Is there an alternative cure......not temporary relief.... thanks alot

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    Apparently, you really need to control the release of your histamines (the reason why the antihistaminics work). In practice, if ever patients do have this on and off urticaria, the best advice would be to see an allergologist. Proper evaluation as to why you have this recurring symptom needs to be investigated. Infections have to be ruled out first. Once ruled out, some allergologists would opt for other medicines aside from the usual antihistamines, and it works better (ie, no urticaria despite no antihistamines).

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