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    PePs: i'm sure you meant mataray. kasi kapag nakaratay ka, talagang hindi ka mapapansin ng talent scout at patay ka na! (paging kamats, ang kabaong!)

    ada: thanks for cleaning up the dupe post and the jologs definition. if you know any other slang words that clueless guys like me might not know about, this would be the thread to add to. who knows, we could end up with a manila slang dictionary or something.

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    ira: mahirap siguro makita yung ad, (ako rin, hindi ko pa nakikita) dahil RADIO commercial siya!! <;LOL>;

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    grumpy: @#$%&*(), I think my PRK didn't work...

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    or for sinned: que quiere decir . . . guess i'm just too effing old or too effing clueless, but what does "jologs" mean? and there was this sprite radio commercial where this girl's thinking about posing to catch the attention of a talent scout, but doesn't do it because it's "taroosh" (sp?) not quite ebonics, but it just as well might be! any additional enlightenment welcome.

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    Jologs or jhologs, as some people spell it, means "skwaking" or "skwatter." As for "taroosh," you got me there. I don't know what that means either.

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    Ano nga ba etymology ng Jologs ??? Or sounds Jologs lang ang Jologs...

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    Grumpy: I deleted your dupe post to save us some space.

    Kamats: Wouldn't all of us want to know? Does anyone know when that term was born?

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    Too effing old ? LOL

    Jologs (n., adj.)- Barok.

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    ada: aba, gising ka pa! i'm really not a nightowl, but jet lag is jet lag. i'm going to be soooo grumpy tomorrow.

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    er...taroosh? Maybe I'm effing old too. I assume it means uncool. Haven't seen that ad, though.

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    the term jologs started a couple of years ago... a friend of mine told me about the term as well as "bongels"...which btw the means bobo... but bongels is not much in use..mas masarap parin sabihin ang bobo e... anyway.... yung taroosh... uhh...expression yang yun...parang wooshoo...

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    Yep, you caught me. I was online early this morning. Unlike you, Im a nocturnal person. Im more alive after midnight. Did I mention that Im half-bat?

    Ill post some more Filipino slang words if I think of any.

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    to anybody whose interested...somebody is coming up with a gay lingo dictionary...
    u'll learn stuff like chuk chak, afla, bianca and the like

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    ada: half-bat? as in, bat-girl, or bat-ugan?

    what is it about obstetricians? my ob friends just amused me with:
    "top gun" - kalbo sa bunbunan, and
    "shaggy" - shaggy-gilid! <;lol>;

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    OK yan gay dictionary. Ditrix ba i-post? Sana hinde maging chaka.

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    taroosh means taray.

    jologs - mga feeling "in" na pakalat kalat sa Megamall or whatever. Usually naka hip hop outfit or whatever at madalas may kulay ang buhok. Mukhang mabaho.
    - in other words "squaking"

    kmunster - in book format yung dictionary?

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    Grumpy: Bat, as in bat-ang isip. Pwede na ring bat-ugan. Oh yeah, you forgot HIV positive -- hair is vanishing.

    Zen: What does chaka mean again?

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    methinks i opened a can of worms here . . .
    nawala nanaman ako. wooshoo, ditrix??!!!??

    paging zen, PePs, BadGiRL! ano kamo?

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    I think you forgot jowa.

    Whattabout "tiennes" (sp?) All of this is gay lingo, right?

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    Grumps, are you going to use the lingo when you do consultation? "Mr. so-and-so, wala na tayong magagawa..HIV ka na..."

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