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    Thumbs down Dennis da Silva, Child Rapist

    A former matinee idol was arrested Sunday night in Parañaque City after his 14-year-old stepdaughter accused him of raping her and getting her pregnant.

    Suspect Dennis da Silva, 29, was charged with violation of Republic Act 7610, or Child Abuse. His live-in partner, Marilyn Paz, 41, and mother of the victim, was charged with being an accessory to the crime.

    Da Silva appeared in several hit teenybopper movies in the mid-eighties, and was a regular host in the defunct youth TV program, That’s Entertainment. Both suspects are now jobless, according to police records.

    Investigation showed that Da Silva and Paz were arrested at around 10:55 p.m. at their house on Monte de Piedad Street, Jestra Villa, San Antonio Valley 5, Paranaque.

    Records showed that the victim’s sister, Preciosa, 21, called for police assistance after a reportedly drunk Da Silva threatened the victim after she asked money to buy food.

    At the police station, the victim told authorities that Da Silva had raped her several times since October last year.

    Police said the victim is six-months pregnant.

    She is now in the custody of the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD).

    Inquest prosecutor Oliver Hernandez said that during yesterday’s inquest, Da Silva claimed that he and the victim had been carrying an affair. Paz, on the other hand, sided with the former actor.

    It was not clear, Hernandez said, why the victim did not immediately report the rape incidents to the police. The victim also admitted that the suspect has not touched her since July. "The victim appeared confused and scared of her mother," Hernandez added.

    Hernandez said he has made a recommendation on the case and submitted it to the chief prosecutor for resolution.

    "It’s now up to the city prosecutor if he will reverse or sustain my recommendation," Hernandez said.

    Da Silva and Paz are detained at the Parañaque City jail. – Matthew Estabillo (Philippine Star)

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    hindi ko natatandaan tong dennis da silvang ito. May picture ba kayo niya?

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    Siya ba yung ka love team dati ni Ruffa? He's sort of chubby he was in that one movie with her...

    How vile can one person be. 14? Ano ang alam nun' for an affair that he claims?

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    what!!ang cute pa naman nya b4 sa That's.parang angel sya ha.
    sya yung medyo chubby na bansot.

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    I saw this on the news last night. Get this... Dennis da Silva was asked by a reporter why he didn't just choose between the daughter and the mother and he said... "kasi mahal ko sila pareho..." Yuck! How disgusting can you get...

    Yes, siya yung ka-love-team dati ni Ruffa and alam ko naging sila pa nga nung bata pa sila. Ano ba 'to? Si Ruffa may rumor na p*osti, eto naman kalove-team niya, rapist... Ano kaya ang masasabi ni Kuya Germs sa mga alaga niya?

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    I saw the news last nite.....and talaga si Dennis Da Silva ngayon! Look at his so-called live-in partner...parang nagtutulak ng drugs or perhaps, palengkera.... talaga.

    What ires me so, when the reporter ask Dennis kung sino mahal nya sa dalawa....aba...sabihin ba namang silang DALAWA! O cmmon...... Makulong sya sa bilangguan....

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    siya din ba yung ka-loveteam ni ruffa na nasangkot sa drugs ata or something nung 1990s. di ko sure eh. tapos si ruffa pa nga yung tumulong sa kanya.

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    hay naku wawang tong artista na to

    i dunno what happened ** nagkawendang wendang na buhay nito

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    From what I've seen in last night's news I'd say the cry of rape to my mind is rather doubtful.

    According to the mother.....

    1. She wanted to file RAPE a few months back but the child urged her not to because she loves the accused.

    2. The child gave motive by wearing skimpy clothes.

    3. The cuplrit and the victim were lovers.

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    Miski na "lovers" pa sila... The girl is 14! There is absolutely no excuse for this because she is a minor. Baka kakastart lang niyan magmens noh... And the guy is 29, hello naman!

    Oo nga, the mom looks like a palengkera na nagtutulak ng drugs... And she should go to jail talaga for allowing this to happen. This is a sick family, I swear. Ikaw ba naman, papayag ka na yung ka-live-in mo, gagalawin ang anak mo. Papayag ka ba naman na ganon tapos ok pa rin kayo nung guy? Kung may kasalanan man yung bata at pumatol siya kay da Silva, ibig lang sabihin tino-tolerate ng magulang at di siya pinapalaki ng maayos.

    Yup, si Dennis da Silva nga yung nasangkot sa drugs dati.

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    Post dennis da silva, rapist

    actually, nakipagtanan nga c ruffa gutierrez sa kanya when the girl was around 14 or 15 years old. buti na lang nabawi.

    well, what else is new. 1995, he was caught for illegal drugs.

    di ko lang matandaan kung anong year, but he met a car accident because he was under the influence of alcohol.

    balita pang madalas magwala yan sa san juan (where he used to live) marami na talaga syang kalokohan, noon pa... how sad.

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    talaga si dennis. come on! 14? he's really that sick para pumatol sa bata?!
    he deserves to rot in jail actually. isama pa nya yung p.utang inang ina ng bata dun.

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    hay naku na-indespair ata masyado kay ruffa *** nagkaganyan buhay nito...

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    CK - anong na-indespair? ang conio mo... di na lang nadesperado

    kung sya yung nasangkot sa drugs before, eh diba si ruffa pa nga tumulong sa kanya? tsaka may balita noon na kaya tinutulungan ni ruffa kse nabuntis ata sya dati nito eh... di ko lang sure....

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    Originally posted by minesweeper
    CK - anong na-indespair? ang conio mo... di na lang nadesperado

    kung sya yung nasangkot sa drugs before, eh diba si ruffa pa nga tumulong sa kanya? tsaka may balita noon na kaya tinutulungan ni ruffa kse nabuntis ata sya dati nito eh... di ko lang sure....
    and so? (enzo) wow prang ang lalim ba ng salitang despair? tinulungan nga *** dati ni ruffa nung nakulong *** dahil sa drugs...tutulungan nya *** ulit?

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    Dapat ikulong sa Munti yan para siya naman ang ma-rape.

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    sayang siya, delicious pa naman siya :delicious: . pero kailangan niyang pagdusahan ang ginawa niya eh.

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    That's really ****ed up. It's a pity what happened w/ his career. Pero I know he was Ruffa's loveteam in a lot of movies like "lessons in love" and all those regal movies. Annabelle didn't like him for Ruffa at all. guess she was right.

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    Hindi ba ang sine niya with Ruffa was entitled ironic.

    Hold on! That's completely bullsh!t na sabihin na the victim "asked" for it by wearing skimpy clothes. It's completely ludicrious to claim that the young girl brought it upon herself.
    I am sick and tired of the brainless excuse na when someone wears something, acts a certain way they are objectified to rape. Oh please. She's 14 for God's sake! That's a kid, he clearly took advantage of her. Maniwala man yung bata na nagmamahalan sila that's no excuse. He knows he has an upperhand with the relationship he has with the kid.
    At anong klaseng nanay naman iyan for her to allow such a thing to go on for almost a year? No mom will ever take that.
    People need to open their eyes, please no one chooses to be raped or to be taken advantage of.

    Sorry medyo sensitive ang subject para saakin my I know someone who has been through a similar incident.

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