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    ♥JhaBea♥[Jhake Vargas♥Bea Binene]Sana forever na kami -Jhake [TweensI]

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    Jake first caught attention to his acting prowess through Dapat Ka Bang Mahalin?, but he is best known for his role as the hopelessly romantic Baste in the recently-concluded primetime show First Time.

    Basic Info
    Name: Jake Vargas
    Nickname: Jake
    Birthday: July 9, 1992
    Birth Place: House
    Showbiz Anniversary: November 24, 2009

    Claim to fame: He portrayed the role of Young Tristan in the Philippine adaptation of Stairway to Heaven.

    Jake's Hit List!

    1. He loves his action movies and television shows.
    2. His favorite actors vary from the likes of Brad Pitt to Kris Bernal.
    3. He enjoys listening to David Archuleta.
    4. Like most teen boys, Jake enjoys spending his free time playing basketball.
    5. His drinks of choice? A bottle of Coca-cola or Gatorade.
    6. He takes his cellphone and laptop everywhere.
    7. His fashion must-have is a watch--but he can live without it from time to time.

    Q & A
    On the spot!

    Why did you enter showbiz?
    "Para sa aking pamilya, para makatulong."

    If you could choose, what role would you like to play?
    "Lahat naman puwede: action, drama, comedy--kahit ano."

    What was the toughest challenge you had to face?
    "Siguro singing [and] dancing."

    What are you most proud of?
    "Siyempre yung mga magulang ko."

    Describe yourself in three words.
    "Pogi, astig, hanep."

    What is your biggest dream?
    "Yung lahat ng pamilya ko, maisama ko sa ibang bansa."
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    Bea began her showbiz career in the reality TV series StarStruck Kids, and has since appeared in various TV shows. She has done hosting and acting gigs, including a spot in Lovely Day and in the comedy series Bahay Mo Ba 'To. Her most recent character is her most memorable yet, playing the kikay Natalie in the recently-concluded primetime series First Time.

    Basic Info
    Name: Bea Binene
    Nickname: Bea
    Birthday: November 4, 1997
    Birth Place: Capitol Medical Center, Quezon City
    Showbiz Anniversary: 2004

    Bea wants to be a good host/reporter, an award-winning actress, a Wushu Champion and a professional swimmer.

    Bea’s Hit List

    1. She’s into sports. Her favorites are Wushu, swimming, badminton and wall climbing

    2. An animal lover, she owns a Shih-Tzu.

    3. She admires GMA News’ Mel Tiangco and Arnold Clavio.

    4. Her favorite movie is Confessions of a Shopaholic, but she also likes to watch action and drama flicks on the big screen.

    5. She likes listening to Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana, Rihanna, Taylor Swift, Vanessa Hudgens, Ms. Regine Velasquez, Aegis.

    6. A techie, her treasured items are her mobile phone, laptop and camera.

    7. One can often hear her say any of the following expressions: “Weh?, Gosh!, Di Nga?, Waaah, Sus, What The, Shocks!, Hala!, Oh, Fudge!”

    Q & A
    Why did you enter show business?
    Dahil binigyan po ako ng Lord ng talents to act, to show my ability, Gusto ko maentertain yung mga tao in my own little way. Para na rin marating ko ang goal ko na to be a good reporter or actress.

    What do you consider as the turning point in your career?
    When I joined Starstruck Kids, and landed among the Final Six

    If you weren’t in showbiz, what kind of career would you have?
    Siguro, I am still studying and siguro, I have my own business

    What do most people not know about you?
    I am techie, I had 21 Cellphones, 6 Laptops, 4 Music Gadgets and 3 Gaming Stuff

    I don’t eat veggies, Di ako marunong magbike.. Di pa ako nakakasakay sa MRT/LRT.. Sa Hong Kong lang yung MTR.. hehe..

    What are you most proud of?
    My family, my career, Lahat ng nagagawa ko na.

    What do you value most?
    My Family and my career din, lahat ng meron ako.

    What do you want to achieve?
    Magkaroon ng stable Career, mapuno ko ng Wushu Medals yung Wall sa bahay, Yung magkaroon ng award sa pag-act.

    What is your advice to aspiring artists?
    Dream, Believe and you will definitely SURVIVE!

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    October 23,2010
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    buhayin ang thread na to!! =)

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    Happy Bday Bea!!! Stay Pretty!!! We L<3vE U!!! =)

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