• REVIEW: Fifty Shades Freed (2018)

    Philippine Release Date: February 7, 2018
    Director: James Foley
    Cast: Dakota Johnson, Jamie Dornan, Eric Johnson, Rita Ora

    The final installment to the worldwide phenomenon is here. FIFTY SHADES FREED releases today, itís the third movie in the Fifty Shades of Grey series starring Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson. We sent two of our resident reviewers to give us their honest views about the film.

    Describe Fifty Shades Freed in one sentence.

    Laurence_writer: Fifty Shades Freed is both "nakakakilig" and heart-pounding.
    jesjman: Fifty Shades Freed is the last movie of the Fifty Shades series, and portrays the ups and downs of Anastasia's life as "Mrs. Grey".

    How did the characters (Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey) evolve from the second film to this final installment?

    L: Christian slowly shows his kinder side while Anastasia is able to assert her needs and wants more. Both Mr. Grey and Ms. Steele grew a lot from when we first laid eyes on them.
    J: In general, I think Anastasia stayed the same, headstrong and assertive. Meanwhile, Christian's character is still disturbingly possessive, but I felt he was softer in this movie.

    How did Ana and Christian's relationship grow now that they are married?

    L: I can honestly feel that they are more mature now. Christian is genuinely working hard to grow up and Ana's there to be with him all the way.
    J: I guess, now that they're married, they have to deal with "rich married couple" problems, like having kids, adjusting to new last names, and nepotism.

    From a scale of 1 to 10, how steamy are the scenes in Fifty Shades Freed?

    L: Hmmm, I'll give it an 8. It's not as steamy as Grey but still very satisfying.
    J: It's a 10. Dakota and Jamie's chemistry on screen is very natural, and I love that.

    What's your most memorable scene in the movie?


    J: My most memorable scene is when the camera focused on Dakota's Vertu cellphone to communicate with her friend. I thought that was a fascinating detail because nothing says filthy rich and gullible like using a Vertu phone (if you don't know, Vertu sells "luxury" cellphones that has mediocre specs for $10,000 to $25,000 a pop).

    Who is your favorite character in the entire Fifty Shades series?

    L: This is hard but I'll have to pick Anastasia Steele. I can honestly relate with her, especially about being open in trying new things and not giving up on the one you love.
    J: I honestly don't have a favorite character.

    Do you think Fifty Shades Freed was able to provide a perfect ending to the series?

    L: I can't say that it was the perfect ending. But it's not bad either. It was just right to make the film standout from the first two installments.
    J: I think it was a suitable ending to the whole series. It put an oversimplified closure to some of Christian's issues to assure us they're gonna be okay and they're not going to divorce (any time soon).

    What I like in Fifty Shades Freed is...

    L: the songs! Fifty Shades Freed has got some of the best and magical tracks. And the song-to-scene pairing is just so perfect!
    J: that it is straightforward romantic movie. It doesn't pretend to break grounds in film making or story telling. It's blatantly outrageous, and that's just how its target audience likes it.

    What I didn't like is...

    L: the story. The conflict, and the antagonist's motivation, is weak and underwhelming. But I can't blame the movie for that since they just adapted the plot from the book.
    J: that the main conflict of the movie felt forced. I wasn't invested in hating the antagonist at all because his motivation for ruining Anastasia and Christian's lives was too loosely portrayed.

    Your final verdict:

    L: Fifty Shades Freed definitely knows just when to hit all the right spots. It had me holding my seat during the entire show. It made suppressing whimpers of pleasure particularly difficult.
    J: The in-your-face extravagance makes it somehow fun to watch. And I really appreciate Dakota and Jamie's onscreen chemistry. But I felt that the theme and conflicts could have been treated with more finesse.


    L: 8/10
    J: 6/10

    Fifty Shades Freed is NOW SHOWING in Philippine cinemas, it is rated R-18 Without Cuts (Original US Version)

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