• Review: Coco (2017)

    Philippine Release Date: November 22, 2017
    Director: Lee Unkrich
    Anthony Gonzalez, Gael Garcia Bernal, Benjamin Bratt, Renee Victor, Ana Ofelia Murguia and Edward James Olmos
    Photo Credits: Disney-Pixar

    Bring on the waterworks, as Disney Pixar brings out yet another animated film that will make your eyes hurt from crying. Because they definitely know that what breaks us all is an animated old person with a touching story (It has been eight years and I still can’t get over Up).

    It’s Dia de los Muertos, and young Miguel Rivera (Anthony Gonzalez) wants to join the singing contest at the plaza to finally fulfill his dream of becoming the next Ernesto de la Cruz (Benjamin Bratt), a famous film star and singer whom Miguel idolizes so much. However, his family has put a generations-old ban on music and he has yet to strum one note in front of another person. Desperate to take one step further into reaching his music dreams, he steals Ernesto’s guitar hanging on his famous grave. This offense makes him cursed into being stuck in the afterlife, until one family member gives their blessing to bring him back into the real world.

    Disney Pixar’s Coco finally taps into the colorful celebration of the Mexican Day of the Dead, and it’s as colorful and awesome as you can imagine. They have really depicted beautifully how the Mexican culture views the afterlife and I was in awe when I saw how beautiful they made the world to be with all the alebrijes and the layered worlds. We are really living in good times, when we have creators who keep levelling up their own game.

    Also a unique thing to exist on a Disney Pixar film – integration of music. It was refreshing to see Pixar characters singing original songs, my favorite of which is Un Poco Loco sung by Anthony Gonzales and Gael Garcia Bernal. Now, I really want Gael and Diego Luna to star in an animated musical together. I really love it that they are slowly embracing their Disney side, which are already geniuses when it comes to animated musicals. I am looking forward to seeing more music integrated in the Pixar films as it gives more life to an already beautiful picture.

    However, Coco’s story is a bit underwhelming, though it is minor factor than can be disregarded. The creators haven’t lost their touch in making the film relatable and family-oriented and it made everyone in the theater cry. Plus creativity points on how they built a quirky afterlife “Immigration” check based on the ofrenda culture during La Dia de los Muertos. This is still what you’ll expect from the team.

    Coco is a very solid film compared to past Pixar features, but I wouldn’t regard it as one of their best. Still, with the colorful integration of the Mexican culture and the wonderful spin of the afterlife makes this film worthwhile to watch on the big screens.

    Rating: 9/10

    Coco is now showing in 2D and 3D theatres nationwide.
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