• Travel Photo of the Week: Urban Landscape Exploration

    By PExer: thomasianphotographer
    Every year, the Holy Week always equated to going to nearby vacation spots to unwind and relax from the hustle and bustle of city life. Funny thing is, most people have that too in mind and so your getaway usually becomes stressful as well because many flock to the same vacation spots and thus making it very crowded and congested.

    The great thing is that during this time, the Metro is amazingly relaxed and fairly peaceful. So even though you didnít make plans for your getaway, why not try something new? Something Iíd like to call urban landscape exploration.

    Going out and doing photography in the Metro during this time really enables one to explore and let his creative juices flow, as all is peaceful and very relaxed.

    Quezon Monument, Quezon Memorial Circle

    All you really need is a camera, a stable tripod and loads of creativity to be able to capture images like this. Manila has loads of shooting places to offer. One must just open their eyes and see the beauty in the Metro.

    Harbour Square, facing Malate district, Manila

    Also, take advantage of the lack of people. Rarely does Manila run out of people buzzing all around; this is the only time where Manila is a bit laid back. Enjoy and take advantage of the tranquil atmosphere – stop and enjoy the beauty of the fading light from Manila Bay, perhaps?

    Welcome Rotonda, between cities of Manila and Quezon City

    And might I add, you need some nerves of steel to be able to shoot images like this. Sometimes, one needs to go out of their comfort zone to capture these kinds of photos.

    So what are you waiting for? Go out and shoot before everyone goes back to Manila and the fast-paced life of the Metro catches up with you. But remember to always stay safe while shooting!

    Photo Source: 500px.com



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