• PHOTOS: 2013 Philippine Hot Air Balloon Festival

    The skies of Pampanga set the stage once again for a grand feast for the eyes as the 18th Annual Hot Air Balloon Festival went full swing. Aimed at promoting aerial tourism in the country, over 32 balloons represented by 15 countries participated and flew at this year's festival, making it the largest to date.

    This year's event also showcased the aerial theatrics of the renowned Breitling Jet Team, which are composed of former fighter pilots from France. The crew dazzled event attendees by steering their L-39 C Albatros military training jets through a series of aerial acrobatic maneuvers.

    With hot air balloons, paragliders, jets, a flying Humpty Dumpty and a floating space shuttle, this year's Hot Air Balloon Festival was definitely one for the books. Check out the photos below for scenes of the festivities!

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