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  1. somewhere down the road
  2. The quickest way to a man's heart is through his ego
  3. biruan biruan
  4. What is the proper way to ask your date to have sex with you??
  5. "Action speaks louder than words..." do u believe that?
  6. I want a Challenging Man!
  7. Was I wrong???
  8. Marriage Proposal
  9. guys: Share your secret pick-up spots!
  10. Anyone here for Sporty Dates?
  11. playing mind games
  12. from "GEEK" to "HEART-THROB"
  13. does MEN really "BLOWS" better than WOMEN?????
  14. about making love...
  15. your last time
  16. Have you tasted a woman over 50?
  17. i must hav done sumthing..but what was it?!?
  18. boy problem.. need yar opinion!!
  19. May suicidal tendency ba kayo pag broken-hearted?
  20. Having Sex With D Same Sex: 4 Curiosity
  21. Things your ex liked about you... (and maybe still likes about you... )
  22. fave position?
  23. wHat iF hE's/sHe'S gettiNg maRriEd sOon????!!!!
  24. Nagkaroon ba kayo ng Ex o kaya Boyfriend na sikat at kilala ng marami?
  25. Tell me, why should you be my girlfriend?
  26. The big O!
  27. The sweetest dance you've had...
  28. Masturbation in groups
  29. would You?
  30. my song...
  31. the best man
  32. Married but looking...
  33. Third Wheel
  34. Now we are strangers again....can anyone relate???
  35. on second chances...
  36. girls...
  37. Body attraction
  38. Advice from people who have been "busted"
  39. Of first date blunders and daily bloopers.......
  40. tired of falling in love?
  41. he asked me to go all the way
  42. ****** love
  43. Kelangan ko lang ng tulong niyo...
  44. ...a Husband Shopping Center...
  45. Read This!!!
  46. heart transplant...
  47. "it's over!" how would i say it to him??
  48. will things ever go back to the way it was?
  49. relationship na hindi dumaan sa friendship...
  50. relationship na hindi dumaan sa friendship...
  51. Need your Advice!
  52. which do you prefer to hear, making love or having sex???
  53. sino ang mas madalas magtwo-time, boys or girls? i say both...
  54. List of Merged and Moved Threads
  55. HELP! its hard to be GOODLOOKING!
  56. why can't i commit?
  57. can someone plese define COOL-OFF
  58. Too shy to ask someone for a date...
  59. Is It Just Me???
  60. Am I Suffering from the FRIENDS Syndrome?
  61. aggressive or maria clara type?
  62. Guys: what topics u like being discussed during a date? smart girls---how do u test?
  63. What is the color of your nipples?
  64. love or dependence?
  65. GirLs...what IF???
  66. When is it really over?
  67. What do you think?
  68. love is unfair..
  69. What women want
  70. B]ok lang ba? kung first meet kayo na?[/B]
  71. Billiard date, anyone?
  72. Hey, Babe, How About It?
  73. should i break up with him? help!
  74. is there such as Real Thing?
  75. Atheist + Christian Couples
  76. Bakit siya nakipag-break sa 'yo?
  77. how can u tell if the guy is inlove with u?
  78. Do You Believe in Intellectual Compatibility?
  79. love
  80. Do you feel guilty when you chat?
  81. one night stand
  82. confused...ex wants to return
  83. We can always go private!
  84. Is courtship a necessary phase towards building a romantic relationship?
  85. PRBLMS2?? hear me out!
  86. Are you a MAN-HATER? WOMAN-HATER?
  87. Share Ko *** Sa Inyo Ang Mga Fave Qoutes Ko!!!
  89. single people aged 24 to 28: DO YOU LIKE BEING SINGLE
  90. Do u believe na majority of CUTE guyz is either taken or bisexual?
  91. "online love affair".. sweethearts online??!!
  92. For Girls: A common situation in a relationship...What would you do?
  93. he said he feel inlove with me... true or not??
  94. why do men/women cheat?
  95. have you done it with foreigners?
  96. Does the size of the "THING" really matters???
  97. What you learned from getting hurt....
  98. Napiga na lahat ng love in your heart
  99. In love ako!
  100. gUyz oUt der!!!! neEd uR heLp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  101. would you die for love?
  102. can love change a person? opinions please
  103. do men dig chicks with cars?
  104. *** is ur shortest relationship????
  105. have u ever doubted your special sumone?
  106. On Match-making...
  107. funny momments having sex
  108. How will you know if your X still loves you?
  109. What do you hate about love?
  110. Single Unwed Mothers
  111. Should I let go or fight?
  112. Who would you choose?
  113. help susugurin niya ako tom!!!
  114. what would you do??
  115. describe ur BF or spcl sum1.....
  116. nagpakamartir ka na ba for someone?
  117. Mahilig ka ba sa chubby?
  118. Way to overboard.....When will you tell yourself "IT'S OVER."?
  119. please marry me...i'm pregnant!
  120. How can u tell him that it was just a joke?
  121. [B]would you end up relationship just because you discovered that he/she doesnt go to
  122. Any Funny Experience sa LOVELIFE??
  123. What happened in our 3rd Monthsary
  124. Have you ever.....
  125. IKAW BA AY INLOVE??? :inluv:
  126. Pano kung ginagamit ka lang ng nililiwagan mo???
  127. Any surefire way to make someone fall in love with you!!!!
  128. love sucks.....
  129. guys cry!!!
  130. naging "querida" ka na ba?
  131. frat boy
  132. I dreamt of him......
  133. Searching no more.......
  134. Things you hate about SEX
  135. What To Do And What Not To Do When Your Heart Gets Broken
  136. pano tumigil sa panchichicks ?!?!?!
  137. how ironic love is ...........
  138. some ideas for d anniv
  139. para sa mga matataas ang pride....pano ba mag-sorry???
  140. for girls only:bat mas **** nyo fonesex?
  141. let's ask d guys: wen u do cry, r u sincere or s it jus 4 show?
  142. shud i fyt for him or just let him go?
  143. How can you quickly get over someone you love deeply? Help! :(
  144. is it difficult to find a partner if your goodlooking?
  145. NO's in a Relationship
  146. what if... kung alam mong iiwan k nya?
  147. mabait ka, maganda ka, but ur still single!?!
  148. pogi-point system
  149. Mga dating 2-timer na ngayon ay over sa sisi!!!
  150. What Can I Do?
  151. Virgin: Must, or wa pakels!!!
  152. top 5 things your gf/bf can be proud of of you
  153. What do you want more in your relationship? Humor? Physical? Intelectual?...
  154. ano gusto mo inLove ka sa guy OR sya Mas inLove sayo?
  155. M.U? ano ba talaga toh?
  156. How will u knw if u've met the One u'll marry?
  157. do or do not
  158. How do you say "I Love you?"
  159. lies, lies, lies...
  160. anong **** nyong parte ng katawan ang hnahawakan ng partner nyo?
  161. against all ODDS?
  162. How did your S.O. propose to you?
  163. Have u ever get tired for not seeing your bf/gf in a few weeks or so???
  164. Congeee
  165. for the ladies
  166. ladies...pardon me...
  167. Guys, paano kayo mag-SELOS?
  168. flirting
  169. Ideal length of 'steady period" before getting married
  170. " Woman's FACTS about MEN "
  171. is the guy's thingie relative to the size of his foot?
  172. the moon
  173. hardest & toughest love situation 2 deal with.....
  174. will you wait? is it worth it?
  175. if you'd be given a magical power just for a day...what would you do?
  176. What is your best asset that would make a guy fall for you?
  177. Differences in religion---will you marry?
  178. Kilig Na Dream...
  179. BOYS: What do you prefer -- a career woman or a plain housewife?
  180. Have you ever won your ex back?
  181. have you fell in love with a foreigner??? what happened???
  182. nang iwan na naman ***
  183. first and last relationship
  184. things guys should know about girls...
  185. Sa Akin Kili-kili....sa Inyo, Ano?
  186. a TRUE LOVE IS.........
  187. Na-inlove ako sa kanya at......
  188. I LOVE YOU--- 4 Gurls Only
  189. make a plot on how you'd want to break up
  190. how do you make it up to your gf/bf after a big fight
  191. sex makes a relationship last
  192. how does it feel to fall for a gay man
  193. Asset ba sa guy ang may bigote,balbas,buhok sa dibdib,etc.
  194. Nver been touched, nvr been kissed... post here...
  195. Naranasan nyo na bang mag-invest ng emotions sa taong di mo pa nakikita?
  196. kasalanan ko ba???
  197. Talagang ganito ba?...
  198. girls help! need date suggestions
  199. WhaT To Do WiTh GuYs LiKe tHiS?!?
  200. girls,maganda ba tignan sa guy ang may goatee and nka braids???
  201. soon-to-be brides/grooms
  202. MeEtInG & LoSiN dEm Or NoT KnOwIn dEm aT aLL...
  203. on long distance relationship
  204. My Tragedy
  205. hey girl, do u masturbate?
  206. My GF is afraid of my slightly large/long thing!!! What should I do?Help me pls!!!
  207. :hmm:kayo ba ang tipong laging nanlilibre sa boyfriend nyo?ok. lang naman un diba???
  208. WHEN MEN CANT GET IT UP!!!!!!!!!!! wawa naman!
  209. sino ang pipiliin moh....
  210. ligawan
  211. best condom...
  212. girls being straight forward
  213. been involved w a celebrity?
  214. I'll marry you after I accoplished all my goals. Wait or find another man?
  215. Players Club
  216. Is it true na masarap magmahal ng maarte?
  217. [email protected] [email protected] Remember...4 girls talk
  218. Guys with tons of excuses... maniniwala ba tayo o hindi ?
  219. is 8 ok 2 fall nluv 2 ur chatm8?
  220. guys:ano bang **** nyong suot ng gf's nyo?palda or pants?
  221. May "Phobia" ako sa close physical contact with girlsHELP!
  222. W/c is easier.....
  223. "LoVe sTrUcK pOsEsSiOn"
  224. Who is YOUR Cloud Number Nine???
  225. From all the French Kisses you've done, are all of them your BF/GF?
  226. MEN need to feel that they are your number one priority
  227. 3 yrs na sila pero di pa rin alam ng parents
  228. if you can alter your BF's fashion sense, what will be the changes from OLD to NEW lo
  229. how to break-up with a f*ckmate
  230. If you're not committed, whom would you wish you're with?
  231. Have you ever regreted having this person for a GF/BF?
  232. What's with the eyes??
  233. bkit kailangan pang mag 2 time???
  234. Is It TruE Na MaS-MasArAp MagMahaL Ang Bata??
  235. bday
  236. Do You Follow Your Own LC&M Advice ?
  237. I have a HUGE...
  238. Girls, ano pinaka ayaw nyong attitude/ traits/ characteristics...etc..... sa guys?
  239. Campus Romance: mas motivated ba kayo sa studies niyo?
  240. you love her/him pero ang parents nya iba ang gusto...
  241. Would you leave your sky?
  242. Sabihin mo sa amin kung sino nanliligaw sa yo?
  243. I Fell For The Girl That I Saw On Tv
  244. what's the real score...
  245. any of u girls DONT wear undies when out of your house?
  246. GUYS: getting to know a girl..
  247. will it last...
  248. Muntik na kitang minahal...
  249. Indecent Proposal
  250. SHE luv HER!!!