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  1. How to insulate a room to preserve airconditioned room?
  2. Reviews Needed: Aowa water-based vacuum cleaner aw 1099
  3. Hardi Flex
  4. roofing
  5. stairs - wire design
  6. Air Coolers
  7. Junk shop in QC?
  8. SOPHIA BELLEVUE CAPITOL HILLS - future residents speak up!
  9. buto
  10. (Future)Sta. Rosa lot/house & lot owners- dito tayo
  11. Serious thread: Mahal ang lupa, saan makakabili ng Paso na may lupa?
  12. M A R B L E
  13. Buying lot under CLOA - safe?
  14. Seeds swap V2
  15. Soil Paso
  16. Real Property Tax
  17. East Residences Ortigas
  18. Wall Paint For Condo
  19. Where can I buy a door bell (chime)?
  20. Occupancy permit and property tax
  21. 7 Days To A New Home
  22. “homes Beyond Clouds”
  23. Wallpaper or paint
  24. Bagsakan ng Tiles
  25. Para sa may Retro and Vintage Theme na Room (FRAMED REPLICA VINTAGE POSTERS)
  26. Magkano ang Bermuda Grass?
  27. San ba mas makakamura.. Yung gawa na na cabinet o pagawa nalang sa karpintero?
  28. Roller Shade vs Roman Blinds
  29. House Investment
  30. Where to buy a rocker chair?
  31. Sample Contracts from Contractors
  32. all about zen
  33. Rights for Sale? Paano ito ?
  34. Help with the floor plan
  35. FOR BATHROOM: stone/granite sink
  36. area rug, carpet --- san nakakabili ng mura?
  37. Lancaster Estates: Place, Residences, Villages, Manchester, Somerset and Kensington
  38. Paranaque Townhouse
  39. Hardiflex or Gypsum?
  40. help, tips on renovating/upgrading a condo unit
  41. Gusto ko bumili ng lupa sa Belvedere
  42. Pls help me with my thesis.. (re Solo travel)
  43. Saan makakabili ng Zen Bed Frame?
  44. May nakabili na ba sa inyo ng TV/REF sa Pier?
  45. Ice Cream Scoop or Disher
  46. Hacienda La Joya in Imus, Cavite
  47. Bare Type House
  48. Single Attached Housing VS Rowhouse
  49. Retro Style
  50. Design Of Ceiling
  51. Designs for Living and Dining Area
  52. Interior design...
  53. New Bosch Power Tools microsite
  54. all about ELECTRIC FAN
  55. Hoarders!
  56. Air Purifiers
  57. Good Carpenter - Antipolo Area
  58. Curtain Rod And Cornesa
  59. Window Grill Designs
  60. Outlets/Warehouse Sales for the Home and Garden
  61. Where to buy powertools?
  62. Entrance sa House
  63. Firewall
  64. FengShui on House Construction/Arrangement
  65. "bioem" For Organic Fertilizer/imported/organic/
  66. Anyone from Hacienda La Joya, Imus, Cavite
  67. Home generators
  68. Resort-Type Living In the City
  69. suggestions on where to buy furniture in cebu???
  70. Ano ano ang process sa individual filing ng Pagibig?
  71. Subdivisions with and without Developer-Assisted PagIbig Financing
  72. Surgical Stainless steel cookware
  73. Recommended Store-Electrical Materials
  74. Meralco
  75. Investment Opportunity!
  76. featured house in tayong dalawa
  77. where to buy Fire extinguisher?
  78. Saan po pwede makabili ng portable sewing machine?
  79. Tallest building in the Philippines!
  80. Pusanggala!!!!
  81. Larawan Ng Mga Kagandahan Ng Kalikasan!
  82. In need of a landscape artist
  83. Sino Ang Gusto Mag-renta Sa Cambridge Condo Sa Halagang P15,000 Na 2 Br?
  84. Upholsterer
  85. Structured cabling sa bahay (phone wires) help or how to hide wires.
  86. Metal stick na ginagamit ng phone line sa ground important ba?
  87. 4 months to go on my DP but i changed my mind
  88. We are building our home!
  89. Your favorite home/accessories/furniture store
  90. The truth about PETA
  91. Punchlists and other details to check for turnover
  92. LED Lightbulbs / lighting
  93. Advice-Ponteverde Sto Tomas
  94. Empire East Land Holdings
  95. advice on where/how to install single point water heater
  96. Wht is about Contract-to-Sell of PAG-IBIG Housing Loan Program
  97. Buying untitled land?
  98. Patayo Apartment/Townhouse 4 Rent
  99. Are you looking for a Condo Unit??
  100. Designers and Builders for a shop/store
  101. hydroponics
  102. Design o Pics ng Bar counter sa bhay ;pls help
  103. flooring in bedrooms - dapat consistent?
  104. Pergola roofing suggestions
  105. =Pre-Fab Questions=
  106. All About Condo Unit Investment
  107. Zen Residences East in Antipolo
  108. The Lakeshore
  109. Eastwood Condos..RFO,Rent-to-Own,Pre-selling(No Downpayment,As low as 10k/month!!!)
  110. 3M House
  111. Poste Na May Transformer
  112. Where can i buy workshop type tables?
  113. Have you ever bought filter on the Internet?
  114. Need help: Landscaping ideas on a budget
  115. Solar generator
  116. Concrete Stamping
  117. Vinyl Wood Laminate
  118. split-type aircon
  119. Mosquito Repelling Plants???
  120. pinoy seedling website
  121. intercom
  122. How much is a new LPG Tank (Shellane)?
  123. La Potenza, San Miguel, Pasig City
  124. paano ba gawin resistant sa anay ang bahay
  125. Tapping into power sources
  126. Wallpaper Installer (contractor)
  127. use PAGIBIG? = Live alone!
  128. Flora Vista Condo- anu nga ba tlaga?
  129. tile reglazing..anyone??
  130. Mid-Rise Condo/Townhouse
  131. Bellefort Estates, Ang Bahay na Masarap Uwian
  132. Insulations
  133. 2 bedroom house for 200k, possible?
  134. It's time to live on your own!!!!
  135. Steps in Acquiring Real Estate...Help!
  136. Electricity Bill
  137. kitchen cabinet
  138. PAG IBIG question
  139. Dishwashers available in the Philippines?
  140. Rattan Furniture
  141. Ant Repelling Plants?
  142. Estimated cost to furnish a 5-br house in Batangas
  143. Estimated cost of furnishing a 5-br house in Batangas
  144. How to compute capital gain tax?
  145. Roof Gardens
  146. Highest EER...LG or Samsung?
  147. House Roofing
  148. How to Make my Marble Floors shine
  149. Where can I buy Asian Home Decors
  150. up & down
  151. slidding window/door
  152. Herbs and Spices: Anyone into these?
  153. looking for furniture store near AsiaWealth Tower, Pasay
  154. All about LCD TVs.
  155. Cost of Building Townhouse
  156. Pag-ibig Financing.. pa help naman.
  157. Sterling Plaswall Building System
  158. help po,...magkano po ang price ng stainless na handrails...?????
  159. Furnitures @ Factory Outlet Prices!
  160. Pre-Fab Swimming Pool
  161. Pet shops near 168 or Tutuban Mall
  162. FREE iPAD for House Construction
  163. 2 Storey house with small rooftop (40Sqm) possible for 1M budget?
  164. power saver device
  165. What's your dream House and where do you want to build it?
  166. Eton Tower Makati, corner of De La Rosa and V.A. Rufino St. Makati City
  167. How to measure a space? like an office..
  168. carport
  169. Any feedbacks about dealing with home builders?
  170. Condo Unit for Rent/Sale
  171. Help A.C. dilemma
  172. 2 Storey House For Sale 2.5m (negotiable)
  173. matress or foam?
  174. Cement / Concrete Question
  175. Insulating Paint
  176. Laundry Cleaners
  177. What's a good shoe sole fix?
  178. Where can I buy Medicinal Herbs/ Plants (like Bilberry, Valerian, Rosehip etc.)?
  179. Portable Aircon
  180. Roof Insulators, ok ba?
  181. Where to buy quality knobs, levers, deadlocks at affordable price
  182. Where to buy quality faucets, shower, mixers at affordable price
  183. Where to buy quality lightning and electrical fixtures at affordable price
  184. Building a house na paunti-unti
  185. Where to buy affordable hanging plants for condo living?
  186. Pag-ibig Housing Loan
  187. Air Conditioner Installation Question
  188. Asphalt
  189. Stone-coated Steel Roof Tiles vs. Longspan Tile Roof
  190. Light Sensor Switch/Timer Switch
  191. Is California West Hills a good buy?
  192. All About Cabinets
  193. Are T&G and laminated wood flooring the same?
  194. Modular kitchen supplier..anyone?
  195. Online shops based locally
  196. Our Company Offers Build Now Pay Later Scheme. Interested?
  197. Soap Scum
  198. Indoor Plants Pictures
  199. blinds
  200. Why Dirty Kitchen?
  201. Kohler or HCG or American Standard?
  202. Power Saving Device?
  203. Rainwater Harvesting - where to by 55-gal drums
  204. can anyone recommend an interior designer?
  205. Mas mura ba mag pagawa ng bahay kesa sa bumili ng built na?
  206. T.V. wall mounting
  207. Any New Home Owners?
  208. Foldable Attic Ladder
  209. Repair of cordless phone?
  210. What to do with old aircons?
  211. Elba / La Germania Gas range price cheaper than SM & other mall price
  212. Where do they sell large L support brackets?
  213. Boysen vs Davies
  214. Self-destructing fluorescent lighting fixtures?
  215. Bar Chair ?saan me maganda and mura bilihan bandang South?
  216. Horoscope, naniniwala ba kayo?????
  217. Roof Repairs!!!
  218. LF: Upholstery services
  219. feedback on DMCI condos anyone?
  220. utility box
  221. Any disadvantage in building house basement?
  222. Housekeeping 101
  223. Customized Computer Table
  224. door with pivot hinge
  225. 2BR Condo Unit
  226. where to buy puppies ( breed)
  227. Rain or Shine vs. Boysen vs. Davies
  228. How much does it cost to hire a plumber?
  229. Concealing Overhead Tank
  230. Steel/Junk Shops in Binangonan/Angono Area
  231. Help in Identifying this kind of Wallpaper
  232. Eco-House
  233. black & decker service center
  234. mint plant
  235. Granite counter top
  236. Corporate Holdings Management Inc. (chmi/kassel Residences)
  237. Wooden Stair Treads
  238. Paano ba mag-laba?
  239. Bagsak na ba stalucia?
  240. technique sa pag plantsa
  241. Construction and Renovation Issues(Builder's Thread)
  242. lot? house? condo?
  243. How cool are ceiling fans?
  244. Who lives in iTower near UST?
  245. Mga magkano aabutin pagmagpapademolish ng bahay?
  246. Avida Towers New Manila
  247. Layout Designer
  248. magkano magpatayo ng swimming pool
  249. Brand of Paint
  250. List ng mga Village/Subdivision na inabot at hindi inabot nung ondoy