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What consists a good energy diet?

hey doc,

i often feel stressed out. what am i supposed to be eating so i have to be up on my feet all throughout the day? i want to be able to just sleep for about 5 hours a day and spend the whole doing something productive. would taking a multivitamin supplement such as i.e. clusivol, enervon, centrum, etc. help?



  • IraIra PEx Rookie ⭐
    I think you pretty much know the answer to this--you have to take adequate rest and sleep and eat a balanced diet. A carbohydrate-rich diet can provide more immediate energy, but a balanced diet is still best. You will not be able to be productive with only a few hours of sleep everyday coupled with stress and work because your body is not equipped for that kind of abuse. I wish multivitamins would help, but unfortunately, they don't really give you energy, inspite of the ads suggesting that they do.
  • doc,

    you dont understand. i have to be up on my feet most of the day since i work and study at the same time. of course i eat lots of carbo food, i mean, rice and bread and all of that stuff, but is there a particular diet that i have to eat so i could be at my sharpest for at least 19 hours a day?

    thanks a lot.

  • IraIra PEx Rookie ⭐
    Actually, I understood what you meant already the first time. And my answer still is the same, unfortunately. There is no magic diet nor drug you can take to make you alert practically 24 hours a day. If there was, you would have heard about it by now. Our body needs rest and a proper, balanced diet in order to function at its peak. That's basically it.
  • errrmmm...doc, ricey and i hav the same situation, and sometimes, gusto ko na sana hindi na kailangan ng tao matulog. can i ask how you, doctors manage your time?(kasi sa pagkaalam ko, halos hindi na natutulog ang mga doctors, lalo na pag may mga emergency.)
    anyone here knows a website/book which has a rich information about diet(i mean yung proper intake ng food, ndi yung pagpapapayat), or a website which teaches you about doing your proper exercise without going to the gym(using dumbels,push-ups and etc...at home)
  • IraIra PEx Rookie ⭐
    Physicians are able to go without sleep because we're used to it, and part of the job requires us to be awake for at least 24 hours. I should think that medical school would have already weeded out those who can't stand that kind of stress. That doesn't mean that we're 100% physically and mentally alert every time we're on duty. We take catnaps in between calls.

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