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touch up or full body repaint?

Hi guys. My car has managed to accumulate several dents and scratches over time. May konting rust na rin sya sa hood at fender. I wanna do a makeover at rust-proofing na rin.

Ung suki ko na shop has advised me na ipa-full body paint na sya. Kse daw tutal bawat parte nung exterior either may gasgas o kaya dent. Mostly maliit naman, halos nde pansin ung iba. Nasasayangan ako sa orig paint kse nga buong parte ipapaint eh maliit lang ung dent or scratch. Nde kaya pineperahan ako nito? Sabi nya halata daw pag patch job.

My car is a Mercedes Benz and i'm quite sure nde papantay sa orig quality ung ipapalit. And my friend advised me na considerably lowered pa ang resale value pag full body repaint. Totoo ba to?

So dapat ba patse-patse na lang? Nde ba pangit ang itsura nun? My car is white, btw.


  • Washover (hilamos) lang yan. Yeah kailangan buong car para pantay ang kulay, although meron mga shops na kayang mapantay ang kulay per panel. But if the dents or scratches are on different panels eh ipa-washover mo na para sulit.
  • Is washover a pinoy term? Wala kse akong naririnig na ganyan d2. Anong bang kaibahan ng washover sa normal paint job?
  • Washover means to just "paint over" the original coat, usually done after doing some minor body repair or just to give the car a touch up when the orig paint has gone dull. A more drastic operation is the "strip to metal", usually done when you want major body work done or want a change of color, as the term implies will strip the orig coats off leaving bare metal. Washovers are also cheaper and the time in the shop is quicker, than the latter.

    Better you ask you fave shop what exactly they are offering to do, and then what you want done and compromise.
  • shun_sakurai
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    Am interested with this too...Manila driving has given my poor car too many dents everywhere, most of which aren't my own doing.

    How much would a washover and a "strip-to-metal" job cost? I'm assuming the washover is on the whole car?
  • Depende sa gagawin. Meron gumagawa ng "hilamos" na tape or cover lang the parts not to be painted. Much quicker and cheaper. Then there are those who do what I'm having done to my ride, "washed-over" plus some minor body work, and the shops I've gone to have estimates from 25k to 35k, this is for my Hilander, w/c is of course bigger than you average sedan, the lowest quote for w/c is around a little above 20k to 30k. According to them most of the cost will be on labor, specifically for stripping and reattaching of the windows, lights, trimmings etc.

    Strip to metal procedures will probably double the quotes above.
  • shun_sakurai
    shun_sakurai when in doubt, FLAT OUT!
    Thanks man. Noted. :)

    If I were up to it, I'd probably have to avail of the same thing you did, for my car.
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    Most cheap wash overs are the tape, cover, and spray a new coat method (this can be done in less then a week). The proper wash over is to remove the necessary panels, sand down the old top coat and prepare it properly for a new coat... this still isnt a scrape to metal thing so the original base coatings are still there. This would take around 3 weeks to a month at the average.

    There are also choices like if your scratches are relegated small ones (swirl marks, blemishes, etc...) then you can also have the option of having a Paintless Dent Repair job done then go for a detail in a good detailing shop like Big Berts.This is what i'm saving up for with my pickup.

    A wash over (basta properly done) will not lower your resale value as long as you keep the stock body color. If you plan to keep the car for a long time, try considering to have the washover done by a good paint shop, medyo mas mahal (30K-40K) but you'll get a good paint job. :)
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    mga pards, san ba makakakita ng touch up paint for silver - "1D0" yung code?
  • kung meron lang konti dents and scratches,pwde na ang washover...pero kng meron na rust damage and dumadami na...mas maige kung strip-to-metal para maprepare ng maige bago irepaint.nagpabody repair ako ng auto ko,then pina washover ko lng...wla pa 1 taon lumitaw nanaman ang kalawang.
  • Thanks kelunji, samm. *okay*

    I've spoken to my suki and washover nga ang sinasabi nya. Try ko muna isang panel to see kung ok sya gumawa, then onto the rest na. First time ako papapaint ng kotse, so mejo kabado ako.
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