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E CORREI DIU ENCANTADIA! Thread II (Encantadiks Central)



  • legolasslegolass Moderator PExer
    I loved the episode last night! Ang galing ng pagka-execute ng Pirena-Mira scene :D Magagawa mo pang maawa kay Pirena. She's really a lost soul. Possible palang maging sympathetic yung villain. I'm glad the script is not cut-and-dried, kasi hindi typical "anak ng villainess" si Mira. Ang galing-galing din ni Yasmien kagabi!

    I love the backstory with Cassiopeia and the other three guardians of the stone. Gusto ko nang isupalpal ito sa nag-critic sa amazon ba yon? na wala daw central mythology ang story, unlike Mulawin. Last night's episode proved him wrong.

    The last scene with Amihan, Pirena and Mira was heart-wrenching. Palaban si Amihan, ang galing-galing niya!

    Clearly, this is the best written show on TV today! I'm so proud of this show.
  • swe3tcrystalswe3tcrystal Member PExer
    Napansin ko ang galing ng pagarte ni Iza Calsado bagay sa kanya ang role na Amihan na bilang reyna. Nakita ko sa mukha nya kagabi ang isa ng matapang na reyna kahit buhay nya pa ang kapalit.

    Ang galing din umarte ni Sunshine Dizon nabumagay sa kanya ng role na kontrabida. Magaling syang magshift ng emotions mula sa pagiging ganit at galit hanggang sa pagkaawa sa sarili at pagiyak.

    Nagiimprove na ang acting skills ni Yasmine Kurdi lalo na sa eksena nila ni Pirena kagabi. Ramdam ko ang poot sa dibdib nya bilang anak na pinamigay ng magulang sa iba.

    Congratulations KAPUSO!
  • axianbeautyaxianbeauty -amor est vitae essentia- PExer
    legolass wrote:
    I loved the episode last night! Ang galing ng pagka-execute ng Pirena-Mira scene :D Magagawa mo pang maawa kay Pirena. She's really a lost soul. Possible palang maging sympathetic yung villain. I'm glad the script is not cut-and-dried, kasi hindi typical "anak ng villainess" si Mira. Ang galing-galing din ni Yasmien kagabi!

    I love the backstory with Cassiopeia and the other three guardians of the stone. Gusto ko nang isupalpal ito sa nag-critic sa amazon ba yon? na wala daw central mythology ang story, unlike Mulawin. Last night's episode proved him wrong.

    The last scene with Amihan, Pirena and Mira was heart-wrenching. Palaban si Amihan, ang galing-galing niya!

    Clearly, this is the best written show on TV today! I'm so proud of this show.

    agree ako sa yo. galing ng takbo ng story.. it inspires my writing... :D
  • letskieletskie Posible! PExer
    svppr wrote:
    may Encantadia the movie pala this MMFF? wow! excited ko nang panoorin to! nyahaha! :rotflmao:

    thanks letskie for the post! :)

    no prob :wink:

    yun song ni Bayang Barrios na Tadhana, yun pala ang title non naging topic dito sa thread. Gusto ko rin ng wav tone neto, para feel na feel ko ang Encantadia kahit anong araw sa buong linggo wahahaha
  • siouxsioux Member PExer
    Downloaded this from the net.. This is my ringtone now.. Baka gusto nyo rin..

    Encantadia ending..

  • nythunternythunter Jumping Bunniak PExer
    Episode summary posted by earthcrystal of igma.tv forum and revised by Nythunter

    Kabanata 44: Ang Pagbabalik ng Tagapagmana

    Recaps of last scenes from previous episode

    In the bed chamber. Amihan slowly regains consciousness. Mira happy to see Amihan regains consciousness, greets Amihan, telling her that she have been there all the time tending to her. Amihan, mumbling, tell Mira that she's not her child. Amihan tell Mira that Pirena's her real mother.


    Muros, seeing Alena return from her failed mission Lireo, tell her that he warned her already that entering the castle would prove hard because of the numerous Hathors in Lireo. Alena, annoyed, tell Muros that she doesn't believe that Muros and his companion are the only ones that escape from the Hathors invasion. Alena ordered Muros to look for the soldier and diwatas that was able to escape Lireo and gather them. Alena tell Muros that when they have a sizable force she will lead them herself and they will attack Lireo to save it and Amihan. Muros salutes Alena and leave with his companion and Wantuk. Apek, as usual, wants to be left behind. Wantuk prod Apek to come with them leaving Alena alone. Alena, thinking of Ybrahim, calls his name, wishing he was there to help her. (nythunter: woot! magkakaroon na ng rebel underground sa Encantadia led by none other than sang'gre Alena!)

    In Sapiro, Ybrahim wakes up calling Alena's name. Asval and Axion arrives, hearing Ybrahim call Alena's name. Asval asks Ybrahim if he was able to rest. Ybrahim answered that he felt Alena calling for his help. Axion tell Ybrahim that there is nothing he can do to help the diwatas. Ybrahim, puzzled, asks Asval what Axion's talking about. Asval answered that to help the diwatas he must learn of the most powerful force in the Sapiryan kingdom. Asval then starts to tell Ybrahim of the Encantadia's story.

    Asval tell Ybrahim that a long time ago, Encantadia was once a big kingdom lead by a council and gem that guard Encantadia was one and not yet broken into four elements . This council composed of Cassopeia for the diwatas, Asval for the Sapiryans and another from the Hathors and Adamyans. Everybody was happy and contented at that time because everybody in Encantadia follow one rule. The rule was that no one would take the life of his own race of the life of another race. During this time of peace, Ybrahim's father, Arameo was born. Arameo was the pride of the Sapiryans because Bathala himself dotted on the child. Bathala, taking a liking to the baby, presented him with a singular gift. Bathala left the child a magical sword called the Kabilan. The, Kabilan, is a powerful sword that gives the one using it boundless stamina and energy. Asval tell Ybrahim that powerful the Kabilan maybe it also holds in itself a curse. Ybrahim asks Asval what is the curse. Asval answered that to know they must find the sword. Ybrahim asks Asval where is the sword. Asval answered that Cassopeia, the first queen of the diwatas, is the one that knows where the Kabilan is.(nythuner: dang! i wasn't able to get the name of the Hathorian and Adamyan representative. Anyways, i think the 'Kabilan' doesn't have a curse in it, instead it become a curse in itself when everybody wants to gain and take control of its powers. Bathala presented Arameo the 'Kabilan' in good faith. hehehe you saw Asval's face when he grip the sword? he look maniacal! hehehe)

    In Cassopeia's lair. Cassopeia sees the badly beaten Aquil stirring. Cassopeia approached Aquil, and say that Aquil must rest to regain his strength for himself and for Encantadia as well. (nythunter: I really can't wait to know her real story and the curse that was given her!)

    In Lireo. Amihan, gaining conciousness but still weak, tell Mira that she is not her real daughter instead she's the daughter of Pirena. Mira, looking at Amihan incredulous, answered that it's not true, that she is Amihan's daughter. Amihan tell Mira that she's Pirena's real daughter. (nythunter: buhuhuhu for Mira!)

    In Avila. Danaya tell Mila to rest up cause they will soon begin the journey back to Encantadia. Mila then asks Danaya what her mother look like. Danaya answered that Amihan as beautiful as Mila and that Amihan's the most loving sister, a good leader and a good queen. And just like Mila, she uses her heart as well. Danaya tell that she feels what Mila's feeling as well. Danaya tell Mila that Amihan's the one that save her from death. And that Amihan's the reason she's alive and the reason that she's there with her.

    In Lireo. Mira, in denial, would not accept Amihan's words and insists that she's her real daughter. Amihan tell her that she's is not her daughter because Pirena just exchange Mira for her real daughter. Amihan, tearful, tell Mira that Mila's her real daughter but she's dead because Hagorn have killed her. Mila, shocked, couldn't believe that her friend Mila is Amihan's real daughter.

    In Avila. Danaya tell Mila that just like her Amihan once lived with the mortals. Mila asks Danaya is she was treated bad by the mortal's just like her. Danaya answered that the Hathors are he ones that hurt Amihan. Danaya tell Mila that Amihan grew up with her father Raquim but the Hathor came for them and killed Raquim. She tell her that the diwatas enter the mortal world to get Amihan and return her to her people, back to Encantadia.

    In Lireo. Mira hysterically shouted its not the truth, that everything Amihan just tell her is not true. Agane answered that it is the truth and that Mila is dead.

    In Avila. Mila tell Danaya that she's getting confused because of everything Danaya told her. Danaya answered her that she will soon understand everything once they return to Encantadia.

    In Lireo. Mira, unable to accept everything, cried out 'No' runs out of the room crying. Agane smiles evilly looking at the retreating Mira.

    Back in Avila. Mila, remembering Danaya's relationship with her mother, tell Danaya that if Danaya's the sister of her mother then Danaya's her auntie. Danaya curiously asked Mila what is an auntie. Mila tell her that auntie's are the sister of ones mother. Danaya answered that she preferred to be called Ash'te rather than auntie. Mila, indulging Danaya, call her Ash'te Danaya for the first time. Danaya, happy to her Mila finally recognize her, hugs Mila tightly. Mila hugs Danaya back. (nythunter: Blood really is thicker than the word 'crazy'. hehehe)

    In Lireo. Pirena and Gurna walks into Mira's chamber to find Mira crying. Pirena signal Gurna to leave her alone with Mira. Gurna walks out of the chamber. Pirena calls Mira 'Lira' and asks her why is she crying. Mira, mocking, asks Pirena if 'Lira' is her real name. Pirena answered that she named her 'Mira' after a beautiful flower. Pirena then approaches Mira and tried to console her by touching her shoulders. Mira bluntly swipes Pirena's hand away. Mira, tearful, asks Pirena how can she exchange her and let Mira grow in the care of Amihan. Pirena answered that she's hurt by her action as well. Pirena tell Mira the hurt she felt everytime Amihan call Mira her daughter, how her heart bleed everytime Amihan cuddles and hugs Mira, how she cries whenever Amihan lovingly call for Mira. Pirena tell Mira that everything she have done for Mira. Mira, accusing, tell Pirena that its not true, that Pirena did everything because she wanted to get the crown from Amihan and from her as well. Pirena, on bended knees and crying, asks Mira if she really wanted to be queen cause she will give it to her. Pirena tearfully tell Mira to just say what she wants and she will give it to her. Mira, full of hatred at Pirena, look at her closely and answered that she will never recognize Pirena as queen of Lireo, that Amihan will remain as the true queen for her. Mira tell Pirena that her hatred for cut deep into her soul. Pirena, hearing her daughter's words, couldn't help but cry. Mira adds that die she may she will never recognize Pirena as her mother. Mira tell Pirena that she will always recognize Amihan as her real mother and no one else. Mira leaves the room leaving Pirena devastated by her words. (nythunter: im really sorry cause i wasn't able to capture the moment. its really hard putting the scene into words. i hope you forgive me. gundamn it! i wonder when they gonna produce VCD/DVD's of Encantadia. Calling GMA7's attention!)

    Meanwhile. Ybrahim searches the forest for Cassopeia, calling for her name, eager to know where the magical sword, Kabilan, is.

    In Lireo. Gurna asks Pirena whether Mira have accepted her as her mother. Pirena, crying, answered that Mira rejected her as her real mother. Pirena worriedly tell Gurna that Amihan's curse must be coming true. Gurna, puzzled, asks Pirena what is the curse. Pirena answered that during her fight with Amihan, Amihan cursed her to never find happines and peace forever. Gurna tell Pirena that she must not believe in Amihan's curse so that it will never come to pass. Suddenly Agane entered the room, bringing the news the Amihan have finally regained consciousness. Pirena, wiping away her tears, turn around toward Agane and ordered her to take Amihan to her in the royal court. Agane leave to do Pirena's bidding. Pirena then ordered Gurna to summon Mira to her presence. She plans to let Mira watch what she will with the mother she recognize. (nythunter: hmmm evil, evil, evil Pirena. Doesn't she know that by doing this, Mira's hatred for her will grow?)

    In Avila, Danaya says her goodbye to Dakila. Dakila tell Danaya that the Mulawins are there to help the diwatas. Dakila then tell her to take Bagwis with them back to Encantadia and bid them farewell.

    In Lireo's royal court, Mira arrives with Gurna and asks Pirena what she wants with her. Pirena ordered her to stay. Agane then arrives with a chained and still weak Amihan. Mira wanted to run for Amihan and help her but Gurna stop her. Amihan, dignity etched on her face, bravely scorn Pirena and asks Pirena what she wants with her. Pirena approaches Amihan and tell her that she need to bow before her and recognize her as the queen of Lireo.

    Back in the mortal world. Bagwis landed with Mila while Danaya orbs. Mila asks Danaya if they have arrived in Encantadia. Danaya answered that they are not in Encatadia yet but soon they will be.

    Back in Lireo. Amihan answered Pirena that she might have taken the crown and have taken Lireo but she will never ever bow down to her. Pirena, seeing Amihan's resolve, summon Agane to give the punishment of Amihan. Agane approaches readying her whip. Pirena asks Amihan again to bow down before her but Amihan silently stand straight. Mira look at Amihan worried.

    In the mortal world. Danaya takes the medallion out, chanted words and order the medallion to open a portal to Encantadia. A portal starts to appear. (nythunter: aaaaaaaaahhhhh ambilis natapos! bakit nagkaganun? bakit ambilis natapos?)

    To be continued...

    Here it is people, the episode for June 30, 2005. ENJOY!

    Hasna Lesnu Maste!


    - Agane whips Amihan but Amihan still will not admit Pirena is the queen.

    - When Danaya and Bagwis walks into the portal, Lira saw her right palm glowing a bright blue. She turns her head to look back and then says that she is really going to Encantadia.
  • janlepitenjanlepiten jakile PExer
    Nakakabitin naman, I'm sure meron pang maraming pangyayari sa nakaraan ng Encatadia. Maraming pa rin akong mga tanong like bakit na kay Casseiopeia ang kabilan. Siguro unti-unti lang ang pag-reveal. Feeling ko rin na merong pang task na gagawin si Ybrahim bago makuha ang kabilan.
    Also, Hindi pa rin matanggal sa isip ko ang "Tagos hanggang sa aking
    espiritu" scene ni Mira and Pirena.

    Cassiopeia, ano ba talaga ang plano mo? Are you good or bad?
  • jefferjeffer Member ✭✭✭
    sioux wrote:
    Downloaded this from the net.. This is my ringtone now.. Baka gusto nyo rin..

    Encantadia ending..

    ayyyy....downloading disabled naman....

    pwedeng sa YSI mo na lang send? plizzz.........
  • nythunternythunter Jumping Bunniak PExer
    Wednesday ratings!

    TV Patrol World 26.1% vs. 24 Oras 34.8%;

    Meteor Garden 27.9% vs. Attic Cat 32.1%;

    Mga Anghel na Walang Langit 29.8% vs. Darna 35.9%; Kampanerang Kuba 29.3% vs. Encantadia 37.2%;

    Ikaw ang Lahat sa Akin 25.6% at Oh Feel Young 21.9% vs. Extra Challenge 22.1%;

    Yes Yes Show 10.6% vs. Nuts Entertainment 16.2%.

    hehehe taas pa rin ng Encantadia.
  • petronixpetronix Lireo Security PExer

    On last Wednesday's episode:

    To be honest, I really felt sad for Pirena last night. Her wounded soul came into the open, crying maybe for love.....for compassion or understanding.....or maybe for affirmation for her actions. In her grief a myriad of thoughts came flashing by. As stream of tears flowed through her eyes, even then the train of memories came rushing forth, ......of sad childhood and bygone youth....of mother and sisters and friends that seemed lost and distant now....of things most cherished and sought but never came.....of deep longings...of broken dreams......of pain of rejection ....of deep sorrow. Aaah Pirena.....how lonely can you be? :(

    On last night's episode:

    May mas sasakit pa ba kay Pirena dito? Sabi ni Mira sa kanya: "Tagos hanggang sa aking espiritu ang pagkasuklam ko sa iyo!" Later on, sabi rin niya: "Hanggang sa aking kamatayan ay hindi kita kikilalaning ina." at "Hanggang ako'y nabubuhay si Amihan ang kikilalanin kong reyna ng Lireo. Siya lang ang kikilalanin kong ina." Grabe ang bigat ng mga salitang ito. Parang noon din ay namatay na si Pirena, at napaiyak siya ng husto sa sakit na naramdaman.

    (Is there anything more painful for Pirena than this? Mira says to her: "My hatred for you penetrates my spirit." Later on, she also says: "Until my death, I won't recognize you as my mother." and "As long as I live it is Amihan who I will acknowledge as the queen of Lireo. It is only her who I will recognize as my mother." These words are too heavy.
    It's like Pirena died right then and there, she cried out in pain.) :(

    These scenes of Pirena were just so powerful and sad. I can't get it off my mind.

    Who says Encantadia isn't worth watching?
  • jefferjeffer Member ✭✭✭
    ok na....downloaded it na. salamat!
  • cryzacryza Member PExer
    grats sa encantadia for the superb drama scene last night.
    kang yasmien at kang sunshine...bilib talga ako sa inyo...great performances!!!!
    kami lahat sa bahay tulala at nakatutok sa tv..yung drama hindi hysterical ang dating..yung pagsasalita ni yasmien malalim ang puot at pagkamuhi nya sa kanyang tunay na ina..
    si Pirena nmn nagsusumamo sa kanyang anak handang ibigay ang korona na matagal na nyang minimithi para matanggap lang sya ng Mira...:( ..kawawa talga sya noon feeling outcast sya ng kanyang ina ngayon nmn ang anak...
  • Idol_FanaticIdol_Fanatic Banned by Admin PExer
    addict pa rin ako kahit hindi na ganun ka ganda ung encantadia
  • Idol_FanaticIdol_Fanatic Banned by Admin PExer
    what ever the outcome is ENCANTADIA STILL ROCKS!!!
  • kirlykirly Member PExer
    naiiyak ako ky amihan last night.....


    i the reason cassiopea saved aquil is something to do with the sword...something a great man can conquer...kasi di ba sabi ni asval... he prepared ibrahim for the task...
  • nythunternythunter Jumping Bunniak PExer
    best week so far!

    hehehe cguradong ngarag na naman tayo this weekend sa kahihintay sa lunes.
  • rictos16rictos16 Fassy.Askar.Hiddles ✭✭
    nakakaasar d ako makapanood mnsan lang kasi hay............ may mga quizes.......huhuh.............buti nalng eh mabait rin ang landlady namin........heeheh..........ms u all!! ay.....pero khit mga kapamilya sila they still like enca....... nice naman kasi eh.......
  • rictos16rictos16 Fassy.Askar.Hiddles ✭✭
    mga kapusong cebuanos....... makalagot lagi kay damo ang mga kapamilya dri....... pero happy ko kay bsag kapamilya sila mutanaw mn sad sila og enca.......... ay.........ms na nako among balay oi!! tagsa nalang ko makatanaw og enca....
  • nythunternythunter Jumping Bunniak PExer
    hehehe :wave: miss rictos!

    welcome back!
  • rictos16rictos16 Fassy.Askar.Hiddles ✭✭
    avisala nyt!gimingaw n ko sa inyo!!!! mag eb ta!
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