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CLOSE-UP to FAME (abs' new reality tv show hosted by HEART and GEoff )

watch out guyyyyyyyyyssssss


  • diba couples ang hahanapin nila? and who has the best ability?
  • hay sana umpisahan nha ito para khit paano makita ko cla magksama..............

    geoffheartist..... :heart:
  • diba c heart and john ang may commercial sa close-up eh bakit c geoff ang kasama ni heart sa show na to?
  • :vomit:

    Ang dami namang bago. Sana naman di ito artista search, di na mahulugang karayom ang studios ng ABS sa dami ng ta-artits.
  • KaTaZiAKaTaZiA PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    yeah.. why isn't it john & heart??
    i love geoff and all but i'd like to see john & heart together again!
  • ^^ Just ask Unilever why :)
  • facey_12 wrote:
    hay sana umpisahan nha ito para khit paano makita ko cla magksama..............

    geoffheartist..... :heart:

    i agree!! can't wait to see 'em back together .. kelan kya ang start of dis show? daily or once a week lang?
  • jo24jo24 PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    I like Geoff and Heart, but I am not too sure about another reality show from ABS-CBN. (Actually, any reality show from any network for that matter. I welcome Pinoy Big Brother with caution since that is tried and tested. But mind you, Big Brother in America is not that big a hit but it has a cult following every summer, which includes me). In general, I think reality TV is just a fad that may be running its final course, or it is in fact, on its way out.
  • ^I agree, I never liked BB, let alone reality shows sa pinas.

    Pero I just have one random Q, how did Maja//John become a love team? I know they had a show or something but I can't remember.
  • They were paired up sa It Might Be You ata :)
  • yayyy....im excited bout dis new show!!!
  • Anong timeslot??? Sa hapon ba to??? Or sa umaga??? o once a week lang??? or baka naman ito ang ipapalit sa Nginiiig???
  • /\ hindi nmn totoong hanggang june 25 na lang ang NGINIIIG! kinomfirm yan kanina ni Toni G. sa ETK sa Cebu! So... Tuloy-tuloy ang Nginiiig ni Hero! Yahoo!
  • uyyy astig to.. excited na ko... pero mas naeexcite ako sa panday!! hehe!!
  • hmmm... sana pumalit toh sa 'kaya mo ba toh' hehe.
  • ^^ agree.. lang kwenta yang Kaya mo ba To'....
  • Maganda ang Kaya Mo Ba to, pero ayoko lang pagnaglalaro sila ng camera effects. Nakakahilo. Cheh! At sana sa Kaya Mo Ba To, gawing mas physical ang jokes, wag yung puro usapan.

    At tanggalin na yang walang kwentang JE Sison at si KitKat. Pure practical jokes/stunts na lang.
  • Palit sa kaya mo ba to ang close up to fame... starting june 25 4:30 pm after ETK
  • ...no!!! :(
  • i thot this was a model search? ala America's Next Top Model [i love this show!!!]

    magaling naman si hearty sa hosting and geoff is getting better. what a good choice by abs. ;):lol:
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