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Tenjou Tenge on GMA!

The newest anime of GMA entitled "Tenjou Tenge" premieres on GMA on June 6, 2005, Weekdays @ 4:30 pm or right after Glass Shoes. The anime will replace One Piece on its timeslot.

New sked:
Tenjou Tenge(new anime) - weekdays @ 4:30 pm or right after Glass Shoes
Shaman King - weekdays @ 5:00 pm or right after Tenjou Tenge
Flame of Recca - weekdays @ 5:30 pm or right after Shaman King


  • wonder kung papakita nila yung mga fan service shots dito sa anime na ito. :D
  • topnotch97topnotch97 PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    uh oh! heavily censored yan.... no fan service or even the intense violence and blood
  • lalaki ni hudaslalaki ni hudas PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    WHAT??? replace one piece??? no way... we love one piece you see... anywya tenjou tenge was way too much for filipino audiences... while one piece is wholesome, if that's the case i guess i have to chance my daily anime routine... i think many aniume lover didn't appreciate the real beauty of one piece... marami kami... "Be one of us"
  • @lalaki ni hudas
    Well, One Piece itself still hasn't stop airing in Japan, so tama lang na itigil muna ang showing ng mga episodes until GMA gets a new "set" of episodes to air. Otherwise, mabibitin ka lang. :)

    As for Tenjou Tenge airing...urgh, yup, expect a LOT of cuts/edits and censoring here as the blood/violence and fanservice level is really high ( panty shots galore and "bouncing jugs" :lol: ).

    It's ironic, though...when Shaider was aired here, we got "panty shots" of Annie in almost every episode, and that was LIVE ACTION. But now, they're censoring an ANIMATED SERIES?! :rolleyes:
  • not to mention, bitin din ung anime :lol:
  • Bitin SAAN? Sa istorya o sa fanservice? Come on now, be honest! hehehe :naughty:
  • ano ba yan...huhu! nakakalungkot naman na mapuputol muna One Piece, I have a hard time downloading the manga at raws, kaya yung sa TV lang madedependahan ko. Huwaaahhh!!!! mawawala pa yung anime na lagi nagpapasaya sakin. hehe! Ibalik nila sana One Piece!

    Censored ba tong bago? ano b yan, buti ba kung gabi yan...eh hapon po yan maraming bata...oh well...
  • not worth watching kapag puro cuts..or baka gawin nila yung may blurred sa screen kapag fan service shots na. :(
  • Jazzy Japs wrote:
    Bitin SAAN? Sa istorya o sa fanservice? Come on now, be honest! hehehe :naughty:

    at least the anime is tamed, unlike the manga :naughty:

    anyway im still waiting for Madoka to be animated :mecry:
  • sasuke wrote:
    at least the anime is tamed, unlike the manga :naughty:

    Ah yes, the manga is waaayyy more "hardcore" (literally!) :lol:
  • ruri_asagiruri_asagi PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    maganda ba story nya? :)
  • @ruri asagi
    Well, that's kinda hard to explain, you see, since the current story's (i.e. present time) development is HEAVILY DEPENDENT on a FLASHBACK storyline. Actually, I'd suggest you read the manga na lang, as the story is more fleshed out there, and yes, the anime was "rushed" kaya medyo "bitin" ang dating. But it's still watchable for the characters, fight scenes and ( okay, I'll admit it! :laugh: ) the fanservice.

    Compared to Ikkitousen (another anime of the exact same genre, i.e. fighting+heavy fanservice), Tenjou Tenge the anime is a whole lot better, in my opinion.

  • Hayup... parang wala akong nakitang panty...
  • well ah parang may pagkakahawig ang Tenjou Tenge sa Getbackers, iisa ba ang gumawa nun!!!!

    pero MAGANDA at ASTIG ang bida sa Tenjou Tenge ha kahit bebot ang bida!!!!
  • nakita ko manga n2 and my reaction was: "Oh My God!!!"

  • niceplayniceplay PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    hehe napanood ko ung 1st episodes ni2 sa tv,, and ang daming cuts,, and nka censored din ung boobs.. eh la namang pinapakita dun.. medyo daring lang nga.. pero nwei its no use showing it on tv.. when they're cutting the good parts.. (y'know what i mean by good parts! ryt guyz! :naughty: )
  • I got to see this earlier but I didn't finish it. As what I've seen so far...

    Kick-*** samurai girls + fanservice = I like... :lol:

    At may blur din sa mga cleavage exposure scenes. Sabi na nga ba't may mangyayaring ganito, e.
  • h33r0h33r0 PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    mejo d nmn cla ganong ka strict sa boobie shots. ung exposure nung naka kimono yata un d nmn na censored.
  • Hanapin nyo na lang ito na uncensored sa mga favorite anime cd sellers nyo siguro o DL nyo na lang. Hindi ko na rin nasubaybayan yung manga nito kasabay nung sa bleach. nag focus kasi ako sa Naruto. :)
  • pwede ba ilagay ang site ng tenjou tenge manga dito!!! gusto ko kasi basahin kaysa sa panoorin na puro cuts!!!!!!!!

    Pls guys
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