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The LA Lakers- Sacramento Kings rivalry?!

JW55JW55 PExer
Hirap yun lakers sa kings diba!!


  • Sacramento?:lol: They're so patawa ha! How can they be rivals of the Lakers eh they haven't even gotten past the first round of the playoffs ha? Wow, some people are willing to make their team so much bigger, you even make them tapat to the World Champions para maki-extra ha!:lol: That's so funny! To the Lakers, the Kings are just another team trying to win the NBA title, not a rival. Have them win a playoff series first, or reach the Conference Finals!:lol:
  • Okay, okay tweetums makes a great point about Sacramento never going past the first round and not winning a playoff series since the 1980s or 1970s.:lol: But, as The Rock mentioned in the Jazz vs. Kings thread, facing each other four times a year can breed a lot of contempt for one another. Hirap ang Lakers sa Kings? Maybe, but then again, bakit di mo sabihing hirap ang Kings sa World Champion Lakers?

    Still, nobody can deny that when all is said and done, the Lakers still own the Kings. Sacramento still has no championships:D, they're still the number 2 or 3 team in California:D, and they'll probably lose Chris Webber to free agency next year.:D

    If you smell what The Rock is cookin!:cool:
  • kahit na hindi sila nakakalampas sa first round!! game 5 na man always!! and about chris webber!! he will be still palying for sacramento next year!?
  • Hay nako! You're so delusional! Game 5 nga, talo pa rin!:bleh: And if you think Webber is staying in a little town like Sacramento when he could go somehwere else to make bigger money, hey ha, I have magic beans you might want to buy ha!:lol:
  • nussnuss PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    tol... gusto mong ilampaso ang Kings natin ng Lakers? :lol:
  • Ilalamposo ng kings ang lakers ngayon!?

    kahit na game 5 paring!! muntik na!!
  • if they ever meet in the playoffs, I really can't tell what the outcome will be, but I'm sure it will be a seven game blast!
  • sure JW55!!!!! believe in what u want to believe if it makes u feel any better. but get this, the Lakers nailed the Kings in their last game without Shaq. Wanna know something else? Kobe manhandled the Kings with a sprained ankle. Hahahaha and u still believe that the Kings have a chance? Think of the match-ups. I'm quite sure no one can stop Webber from the Lakers' line-up but who's gonna stop Shaq and Kobe on the other end of the court? Divac? too old. Jason who?
  • batang uliranbatang uliran PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    You are comparing a team with 12 NBA championships to one which is having its first good season this year. Doesn't sound like much of a rivalry to me.
  • well at least it's better than the dead Lakers-Celtics rivalry...
  • CamBa Yun!! AHAHAH! OK Lang Magaling Parin ang Kings!!
  • Originally posted by JW55
    CamBa Yun!! AHAHAH! OK Lang Magaling Parin ang Kings!!
    Ano ang "CamBa"?:confused: No championships is still no championships.:bleh:
  • From ESPN.com: Shaq leads charge with 23 points, 15 rebounds
    SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) – A year ago, the Sacramento Kings nearly knocked off the Lakers in a tense five-game playoff series.

    Shaquille O'Neal had 23 points and 15 rebounds as Los Angeles scored 18 straight points in the fourth quarter to beat the Kings 84-72 Sunday for the Lakers' sixth straight regular-season victory over the Kings.

    The world champions joined Sacramento atop the Pacific Division by destroying the Kings in the fourth, even without Kobe Bryant, who hurt his ankle Wednesday at Milwaukee. O'Neal was good, but the Kings helped out by missing 15 straight shots during a paralyzing fourth-quarter stretch.

    "They couldn't find a rhythm," said Lakers coach Phil Jackson, who mostly watched the fourth quarter reclined in his seat as Sacramento self-destructed. "They played the game we wanted, and without (Chris) Webber having a really hot night, that was a big problem."

    O'Neal played his customary Superman role splendidly, especially in a late-game sequence in which he hit two free throws, intercepted a pass at the other end and outran Webber for a breakaway dunk that gave the Lakers an 11-point lead with 2:37 left. He even hit five straight free throws in the final minutes.

    Rick Fox had 17 points and Brian Shaw added 14 for the Lakers, who won in the NBA's toughest arena for the second time this season and earned the tiebreaker edge if the teams finish tied for the division lead. Sacramento (46-22), which fell to 28-6 at Arco Arena, has two games in hand on the Lakers (47-23).

    The Lakers beat the Kings last fall while Webber was out of the lineup, and they won again last month with O'Neal out of the lineup.

    While O'Neal did a bit of everything despite foul trouble, the Kings suffered their most embarrassing collapse of the season. Webber's jumper with 11:28 left gave Sacramento a 62-53 lead, but the Kings didn't score again until Vlade Divac's free throws with 3:32 left.

    The Kings, who played under assistant coach John Wetzel after Rick Adelman was sent home with the flu, missed easy shots and took bad shots. They made bad passes and didn't catch good passes. The offensive flow that usually makes Sacramento the NBA's most exciting team completely disappeared.

    "We got stuck on 62 for the longest time," Wetzel said. "We finally made a couple of shots, but by then they had a (large) lead."

    Sacramento, which had its seven-game home winning streak snapped, missed 18 of its first 20 shots in the fourth quarter and finished with a point total that was seven below the high-scoring Kings' previous season-low of 79. They shot a season-low 32 percent and made a season-low 27 field goals.

    "I think everybody knows that's not indicative of how we play," Doug Christie said. "I don't know what happened, but we've got to recover from it."

    Webber had 15 points on 7-for-26 shooting and 10 rebounds, while Christie also had 15 points. Peja Stojakovic had nine points and 11 rebounds, but he and Webber shot a combined 2-for-11 in the fourth quarter.

    "We didn't tear it up on offense," Shaw said. "They got their open shots, and Webber and Stojakovic got their opportunities, but they weren't falling. It was a combination of our offense and them not making a whole lot of shots."

    Both teams abandoned any pretense of a fast break in this late-season game, instead playing half-court, jump-shooting offenses. O'Neal's foul trouble limited his effectiveness in the first half, while Webber stayed outside even more than usual.

    "We're not going to outrun anyone, so we wanted to set the tempo," Lakers forward Horace Grant said. "Once we did that, we felt in control of the game. This is a great game to win."

    Neither team gained a large lead until O'Neal's foul trouble forced him to the bench, and Sacramento held Los Angeles scoreless for more than five minutes late in the third quarter. The Kings made an 11-3 run and led by as much as 11 points until O'Neal returned in the fourth.
  • ano ba 'yan, Sac-town choked in the 4th quarter. but I've got to give it to Shaq, he shot 5 straight free throws!

    so that makes it 3-0 'di ba? one more game to go for a sweep.
  • kings have learned their lessons. did any of you guys see how the kings thrashed the lakers on their home court 108-84? that is so sweeeeet! is that the team to beat? duh, and who's number 1 in the pacific and number 2 on the west? lakers is going down this season.
  • Until the Kings a. win a season series from the Lakers, b. win a first round playoff series, c. win an NBA Championship or d. all of the above, they are still just pretenders and nobodies in the NBA.:bleh:
  • i think sacramento has more firepower than the lakers... nawala lang si kobe, tambak na ang L.A.! pero, the lakers are still better dahil sa experience nila. still, the lakers better watch out.
  • the rock must be out of his mind. you think pretenders can: a) win 55 games, b) be the best home team with 33-8 win-loss record, c) be the number 1 offensive team in the league.

    pretenders is probably what you can call the lakers because they think that they are the best team in the nba. well, without shaq or kobe on that team, they are nothing. just bunch of sissies no better than the bulls or wizards.

    let's just cross the bridge when we get there. :) let's wait for the playoffs!!!
  • The fact of the matter is that Shaq and Kobe are on the team and you can't do anything about it. If we follow your logic, then the Kings won't win even 20 games if Webber and Stojakovic aren't on their roster, now can they?:confused:

    The Lakers already won the season series 3-1, they are now set to win the Pacific Division, just like they did last year. When was the last time the Kings even won a division title? The answer is 1979. Pretenders cannot take away an NBA title from a reigning champion until they win one themselves. So don't start predicitng championships until the Kings even win a first round playoff series, let alone a conference championship.;)
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