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PEXSTRUCK Season 2: Thread #1 : The Comeback is Real!

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Hi mga Kapuso at Kapamilyas! Welcome to the 2nd Season of PExStruck!
Yes, the iconic PEx game is back back back for it’s 2nd season on January 2020! 
But we will open the signups as early as today (DEC 1)
And this time, we are highly encouraging everyone from Pexlounge and KPEX or any lurkers to join us! This game is a social strategy game meets talent competition so expect this journey to be fun and exciting! Dramas are more than welcome here as long as you keep it cute most of the time!
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How to SIGNUP?

Sign up with your username and Filipino Actor/Actress you want to play with. That star will be your artist peg for the whole duration of the game. Kapuso, Kapamilya or even Kapatid are all welcome!


1. You have until Round 1’s deadline to pick/change the celebrity you sign up with. Once the deadline passes, you’re playing with that celebrity for the rest of the game. 
 2. The rounds will be similar to the First Season where you will mostly use your celebrity's body of work in the challenges so please make sure to go with a celebrity that has a decent and sufficient body of work.  
3. Deadline extensions are always allowed as long as you request it before it has passed. If you miss the deadline and didn’t request an extension, we’ll see you during the wildcard round. 
4. Please keep all your entries in one PM, no need to create different messages for every round. 
5. Don't worry, this game will not be too fast-paced that people with regular school or work can't keep up, I plan it to be more organized with the time of critiques and tribal councils so that we can all have our own time for our commitments in the outside world.
 Tip from the Host: If you’re playing with a celeb that was used on the last season, check out what entries were sent so you don’t repeat them constantly and lose points for being repetitive (this depends on the judges ofc).

Simplified Gist of the Game

Why SIGNUPS is Launched this December if the game will start next year (January 2020)?
I opened the signups this early since I want to avoid the Holiday Rush this month :-* 
  • After we reach a certain number of contestants, Hahatiin kayo sa teams muna. Then you will send individual entries every round, ang catch lang dun is habang nasa team pa kayo, yung safety mo nakadepende sa teammates mo. Kase iaaaverage ung scores nyo each round. Think of Survivor, immunity challenges are important sa kanila or else magtatanggalan sila.
  • If mababa score nyo as a team, magbobotohan kayo ng ieeliminate, so alliance will be used or pwede ring wag ka makipag alliance, diskarte mo yun.
  • The team phase will contunue hanggang mareach nyo top 10 and yun na ang merge nun.
  • Once we reach 10 players who survived the game, solo solo na. No need to depend on the team but you can still keep or make new alliances. Important lang na mataas makuha mo sa challenges para may immunity ka. Or else, you may want to depend on your alliance.
  • Sa Merge, every one who got eliminated before Top 3 will be part of the council wherein you will vote for the rightful winner. So depende sayo kung pano mo makukuha boto nila, thru social game ba? O talagang maganda track record mo sa game.



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