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Kailangan ng Saklolo | Biglaang Tanong (Opisyal na Sinulid : EntrePinoy)

badboy17badboy17 PExer
Ano difference nya sa DTI registered? I'm trying to see if this certain company I'm applying at is legit. 


  • IPO means Intellectual Property Office so we can assume that you're concern is about intellectual properties. IPO concerns relates to ownership ng Intellectual Properties like logos, brand names, and royalties etc. more on sa image ng company to eh.

    DTI registration relates to compliance of the business entity with the existing laws, rules and regualtions about establishing and operating business here in the country.

    If you're more concern with the legitimacy of a business, better rely on the DTI registration (SEC registration if possible) since legal requirement yan sa business.
  • Hello,  anyone here who is a supplier or distributor of animal feeds? I want to start a business.. Thank you
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    Gusto ko lang malaman kong ang "ORGANI-C" na product ng FTW ay effective ba sa colon cleansing, at sa mga may abnormality function sa katawan? pls comment lang po

    salamat po !!!
  • pexmanmamataymanpexmanmamatayman PEx Rookie ⭐
    I have an apartment space na gusto kong iconvert para maging coworking space. May mairrecommend po ba kayong contractor or interior designing company to take care of all the necessities? Renovation, design and repairs. Thanks in advance 
  • Good day to everyone. Our family is planning on starting a bakeshop around Sta. Ana Manila area. I would like to ask for some tips and questions which could help in setting up our family business. If there are bakers or owners of bakeries here, I'd like to know where is the best place to buy flour and other baking ingredients? Also where can you find good bakers for a bakeshop? I'm planning on putting up a job listing online, is that a viable solution?
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     @ 09161953525, THANKS
  • wavemakerwavemaker PEx Rookie ⭐
    This thread is about selling your entire business. Baka sawa ka nang magmanage ng business mo and you are looking for a buyer. Post the details (location, nature of business, daily sales, selling price, etc.) about your business here and the reason for selling it. There are a lot of people here planning to start a business. Someone will surely be interested in your business if you agree on the price.

    You can write a format like this (you can add more details if you want):

    Nature of Business: Water refilling station
    Location: Quezon City
    Daily sales: 3000 pesos
    Selling price: 300,000 pesos
    Equipment/Assets: 200,000 pesos
    Number of employees: 2
    Reason for Selling: migrating to another country
    Contact details:

    Sample lang po yan. :D
  • Hi There, Is anyone here already have a business located in malls in Manila like SM or Ayala? I just want to ask how much it will cost me to rent a space there? I'm thinking of upgrading my business. And I think 1 step is to locate your business in those popular malls. Thank you. I already seen a discussion about this here, but its quite old and I guess the price range is much higher now. Thank you again. Hope you can help me :) 
  • Hai guys,
    I'm running a garage for the past few years. Ours is a one-stop-shop for all automotive repairs. As you all know, the garages are the most very busy places than the huge number of cars that we see out on the roads, and our mechanics are working hard to solve the issues with the vehicles in our garage. So I'm thinking about mixing their work with pleasure by placing a countertop cooler to have chilled refreshing drinks during the intervals of their work. I know these refreshing drinks won't satisfy their hunger, but it can stave it off. However, I would like to hear from you before making a final decision. Is it OK to put a refrigerator in the garage? Please share your suggestions and opinions on this.
  • Hello! Sino nakakaalam kung saan at anong company ang gumagawa ng slipper na Bestwalk? Tnx!
  • markianlatmarkianlat PExer
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    may tanim kami white oyster mushrooms. nag uumpisa pa lang kami.. May alam ba kau magandang market para sa mushroom? 
  • Hi, looking for at least 40 sqm retail space for laundry business in Las Pinas: around Pilar, BF Resort, BF Almanza, DBP Vil, Moonwalk Vil. Preferably with parking. Know any?
  • Hello, Guys I'm Exequiel Malay. Meron akong nadiscover na Pure Online Business Oppurtunity.. More on Training Courses sya na Binibenta and Digital Products..Gusto ko lang kunin 2nd opiñion nyo kung Ok ba sya.. 

    Click nyo po itong Link sa baba  Thanks..👇

    Affiliate links  Exequiel Malay 
  • half_nakedhalf_naked PEx Rookie ⭐
    Anyone here who knows or deals with an iced tea supplier? 
  • Hi, does anyone have idea in the new telco company?
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    Hello, nagtayo kami ng 5doors apartment ng misis ko, dream namin na makapagtayo pa sa future ng another 5 or more sa ibang lugar. Mas okay ba na gawin na naming one person corporation ito? Ano ang pros and cons kung Corporation na or sole proprietorship?

  • jmonroejmonroe PEx Rookie ⭐
    Can do model for photographer GandaModel
    Register at gandamodel.com

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