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Pag-aaral at Paghahanapbuhay ng Pag-aaruga o Nursing sa Australia, New Zealand, at Pasipiko



  • Please read on the following links: These are from AHPRA Website (Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency). Kung sa Pilipinas pa, ito yung equivalent ng PRC pero they just cater to health professionals.

    These are all PDF files, take time to download them and read properly, not just browse/scan.

    Framework for the Assessment of Internationally Qualified Nurses and Midwives for Registration
    >>> Read this link as an overview on how the AHPRA will assess your application to register as a Registered Nurse (or Division1)

    Application for General Registration (Graduated or Trained Overseas) as a Registered Nurse, Enrolled Nurse or Midwife
    >>> This is the application form that you will actually fill-up, sign, attach documents and submit to AHPRA for evaluation/assessment. After the evaluation, AHPRA will give you a decision letter whether you qualify to take a Competency Assessment Program (aka Bridging Studies).

    Schedule of fees Nursing & Midwifery Board of Australia
    >>> These are the fees. Just look for Overseas assessment charge.

    Nursing Programs of Study
    >>> This contains the list of schools that offer competency courses for oversees-educated nurses. Just find (Control F) the "Non qual award - Overseas qualified nurses" because the texts in this document are really small. Contact the school directly on the schedule of the course, price, duration, etc.

    I hope this helps.
  • thanks so much dikonaalam and mulanj28. will read through. thanks so much.
  • pinayluv2travel: thanks for the all the info you've posted here, really helpful. =) btw you said that you sought an agency's help from there? i just wanna know if you are familiar with shivsans limited/ nurses2asutralia because there is someone who has been in contact with me and i am actually about to pay 1,500AUD for the registration and for my application to move forward. their services include visa processing and assistance in everything such as looking for accommodation and other things. i know a lot would say that an agency is not needed but i prefer to have someone look after my files and give me feedback and process my documents for me. would you know is this agency legit? i just fear na baka mamaya scam to eh. but the person calling me is really from AU. uso din ba diyan ang mga fake agencies?

    any input on this will be greatly appreciated. thanks so much! god bless you more.


    Sa akin kasi wala akong binayaran sa agency kahit direct hire ako. Pero I need to pay them by working for them for 2 years. Ask them kung what kind of work gagawin mo pagdating ng australia. If they say na you will work in one hospital lang and you will be hired by the hospital eh I doubt it. Hospitals here don't hire nurses from Philippines. Unless you did the pre-registration course eh pwede yun. If they will say na they will provide everything then you will pay them by working for them baka you will end up as agency nurse. This means na you will work in different hospitals. For me I didn't like this idea. I have no choice lang that time. Very stressful na tatawagan ka anytime pag may work na available kahit saang hospital. Di ka makatanggi dahil nakatali ka sa kontrata. Buti nga that time eh 2 years lang. Yung mga sumunod sa akin eh 4 years. If this is okay with you eh go ahead. Basta ask lang questions. At ask them kung may mga pinoy na ba silang na hire din then ask kung pwede mo silang ma contact para magtanong. Hope this helps.;)
  • maraming salamat sa input, pinayluv2travel. i'll be attending a seminar dito sa pinas later about programs in AU. now i have things to ask pagdating ko dun. thanks so much for the enlightenment, great help. =)
  • jay08jay08 PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    ^^san yung seminar and who's sponsoring it?
  • rictos16rictos16 PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    hah? magaaral pa pala sa aus bago makawork dyan??? nyek goodluck
  • I came here via student visa sponsored by a nursing agency here. I took the pre-registration course for overseas nurses for 3 months. Then I got my registration and my nursing agency shifted my visa to temporary working for 2 years. Then I applied for Permanent residency before I finish my contract with them. Now I am working in a State hospital. I am not sure if there is still a nursing agency here in australia that is willing to sponsor overseas nurses. Pero I won't recommend this. Kasi as agency nurse, you will work in any hospital that they will ask you to work. Mahirap. You better study on your own then hanap ka ng mag iisponsor na hospital. Hospitals here do sponsor overseas nurses.

    Yes, i have a hospital experience before coming here kasi requirement sya. At least 2 years experience. Noon ito hindi ko lang alam ngayon. Paiba iba kasi rules and regulations. What i heard nga ngayon eh di na nirerequire ang IELTS ng AHPRA as long na may proof na our method of teaching is english eh okay na yun. IELTS can be really difficult dahil sa required score na kailangan. Just check AHPRA and email them.

    Syanga ***, be careful sa mga agency dyan sa atin na nagsasabi na they recruit nurses for australia. Australia never recruit nurses from phils. to work kaagad. You really need to study. May na meet ako dito na nag aaral ng Enrolled nurse kahit nurse na dyan sa atin. Kasi daw ni recruit daw sila ng agency dyan sa atin pero pagdating dito eh *** raw sumalubong sa kanila. Na illegal recruiter sila. Buti na lang at may kamag anak sya dito. Nag aaral sya ng Enrolled nurse dito nung ma meet ko kasi nag clinical sa ward ko. Dito kasi dalawang klase ang nurse. Division 1 or Registered Nurse na tulad nating mga pinoy nurse na nagbibigay ng IV medication at injection. Ang Division 2/Enrolled nurse- cannot give medications. Pero may Enrolled nurse na ENDORSED na ibig sabihin nag aral sila to give medication sa pasyente except IV medication or injections.

    Going back sa nakilala kong pinay sa ward. I asked her bakit di Pre-registration course ang kinuha nya since board passer na sya sa atin. Obviously di nya alam ang pasikot sikot sa australian nursing. Kasi naka student visa sya pero Division 2 ang pinag aaralan nya. Hospitals here will never sponsor Division 2 overseas students. Only Division 1. Kaya tip yan sa inyo. Pag board passer na sa atin, come here to study Pre-registration course for Overseas nurses. Few months lang yun. Eh itong Division 2 alam ko 1 year sya nag aral. SAyang nga. kasi di rin sya maiisponsor ng hospital. Unless ituloy nya ng Division 1. I felt bad for her. Nanghinayang din dahil gumastos na sya pero she never thought na dapat hindi Division 2 ang kinuha nya.

    thanks poh sa info n 2..big help for us...ask ko *** poh..
    possible b n mgkwork kaagd jan ** australia **** *** k png experience ** ** phil.?????kxe kapa2sa q *** ** board exam this july 2011 taz i have applied sa isang agency(convergence) nklgay ** ads nla **** *** k experience..they keep on texting me and rescheduling me to come to their place and talk for the procedures assessment and requirement regarding nga ** application q for australia aun nga me chance nga dw ** for nursing jan..kso npaisip ** kng possible b **** un eh *** p q experience **** months ** practice as a nurse.. nta2kot ** ** punthn kxe *** rin kaalam alm ** gnun and vka fake un agency..
  • thanks poh sa info n 2..big help for us...ask ko lang poh..
    possible b n mgkwork kaagd jan sa australia **** *** k png experience dito sa phil.?????kxe kapa2sa q sa board exam this july 2011 taz i have applied sa isang agency(convergence) nklgay sa ads nla **** *** k experience..they keep on texting me and rescheduling me to come to their place and talk for the procedures assessment and requirement regarding nga daw sa application q for australia aun nga me chance nga dw ako for nursing jan..kso npaisip ako kng possible b talaga un eh wala p q experience kahit months ** practice as a nurse.. nta2kot din akp punthn kxe *** rin ako kaalam alm sa gnun and vka fake un agency..
  • b^e^d^a^n wrote: »
    Hello guys,

    Anyone here looking at working as a nurse in Australia? Or already in Australia?

    I'm an international student myself taking up business fashion in Sydney and I work as an education consultant on the side.

    I just want to assist anyone who wants to pursue their career in here as a nurse since it is in demand.

    I would also like to gather more info from nurses who are already here.

    Hope to hear from all of you!

    hi, im very much interested to apply as a nurse in Australia, can you please give me some details on how i can start my application? im planning to take ielts by february next year. pls add me in ym [email protected] so we can talk. thanks a lot and im hoping for you reply...God Bless:)
  • Alam ko most of the Filipino Nurses are wanting to go to the US. But New Zealand is so easy to get to. And the wait is shorter. Its so easy I did the process on my own. All you need is 450 hours of nursing practice and and an IELTS of 7.

    And the IELTS, they are taking combined grades. Meaning if you have - lets say a 6.5 in Reading and 7 on the other modules. All you have to do is take the IELTS again and if you make the 7 in Reading and 6 on the other modules, the Nursing Council of NZ will take the combined grade of both your IELTS exam.

    Kaya take advantage of it.

    ask ko ***... after ng application sa NCNZ then na approve ako if ever then I need to enroll for CAP right? so I need to go to NZ to study.. panu po un visa nun? student visa? o there is a special permit given for this?

    I highly appreciated the respond from you nurselorena or anyone here...
  • ^ I think visit/visitor's visa (3-4 months I think). CAP course is usually for 2 months or more if you need extension. Then after CAP while looking for a job (wala pa ring job offer at pa-expire na ang visa), pwede magpa-extend nung visit visa provided you can show evidence of funds. Pag may job offer na, apply na ng work permit/visa..
  • wala din palang reassurance na makakahanap ka ng work after passing yung CAP.. nakalagay din dun sa website na kelangan pang maghintay ng 12 months para makapasok sa CAP school:tampo::(
  • *** sa CAP matagal **** ang paghahanap nun... pero kpg nakapasa ka na madali n *** maghanap ng work.
  • is there age limit ??
  • reithron wrote: »
    *** sa CAP matagal **** ang paghahanap nun... pero kpg nakapasa ka na madali n *** maghanap ng work.

    dun ba sa mga hospital, 2 years ba yung minimum years of experience? I've read in other forums na once na nakapasa sila dun sa CAP, they still find difficulty in finding work because of their visa (which is good for 2-3 months lang)
  • if i were you, i will suggest UK, get an ONP-PDA, after that you can be a Licensed Nurse in UK. Did you know that once you become a Licensed Nurse in UK that licensed is valid in Euro countries.
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  • Hi. This is my first time to post something so I hope I can get assistance from any of you. Im a nurse here and for two years now I've been attending a lot of seminars regarding visas consultancy either in Canada or Australia. My mom wants Canada since her relatives are there. But I want in Australia because my dad's relatives are there. One of my friend is already in Sydney through IDP. She also said that I should do the same however, problem with IDP is that it's very expensive because it's a university based plus it will take me two years to finish it. So I'm looking for something shorter, that's when I heard of the bridge program. They are usually 3 months then after you are a registered nurse now in australia. Just correct me If I'm wrong, there is no board exam in Australia for nurses right?

    My question is, have you heard of VMC Visa Migration Consultancy? They assist in the bridging program for nurses and clinical placement after the program. How can I check if this one is legitimate? The tuition for the program is roughly 850k so I don't want our money go on to waste of this one is fraud.

    Second question, who among you have undergone the bridge program? Is it better than a university for two years? Thanks
  • Hi. Forget about consultancy firms / migration agents / or even IDP. most of us did it by ourselves.

    The first thing that you need is an IELTS exam with band score of 7 on ALL sub-test.

    Then, apply to AHPRA - Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia. I provided the link below:


    Gather all your documents (PRC License, CV, app forms, diploma, TOR, etc) and submit it to any AHPRA office.

    Given that all your documents are complete, in 4-6months average, AHPRA will determine if you are eligible for RN registration or if you need to do a bridging program. Bridging programs last for 12 weeks. And the list of accredited providers are on the website. The tuition fee is about AU$10,000 on average. So the PhP 850,000 that the consultancy is asking you is waaaaaaaaaay to expensive.

    There's a 1-year or 2-year RN conversion program. I'm not familiar with this. But a friend of mine is currently doing the 1-year conversion program. I believe it is for those without experience. But since you already have 2 years experience, you need not worry about this. The 12-week bridging program (BP) is suitable for you.

    There's also this thread: There's probably hundreds of Filipino nurses discussing Australian RN registration here. It has tons of information, thru personal experiences of the members.


    So save yourself a huge amount of money. Do it yourself because the process is pretty much straightforward.

    Good Luck.

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