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IPO Initial Public Offering

So does anyone know of any upcoming IPOs? D What corps are they and how would you rate those companies today?


  • jtanjtan PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    that's an insider's info, i doubt you can get those info unless you know someone from the company who's releasing an IPO. by the way, not all companies have stock value going up after IPO, some goes down.
  • Originally posted by jtan
    that's an insider's info, i doubt you can get those info unless you know someone from the company who's releasing an IPO. by the way, not all companies have stock value going up after IPO, some goes down.

    i'm only slighly familiar with the way things work in RP. but i wouldn't go that far. as far as i know, the information becomes 'public' soon after registration with the SEC and usually may presyo na.

    the IPO market is pretty dry right now. kakaunti lang siguro. dekster, do you know anyone who works at an i-bank (goldman sachs, merrill lynch,etc)? that would be a start.
  • insider info?!? I'm not asking for top secret stuff... just opinions as to which companies might go public soon so I could check out their financials...

    Last I read from the papers is that Shoemart Inc. is going public soon...

    And the reason I'm interested is that PSE just came up with this thing that small local investors (i.e. those investing in less than 25 thou) will be given a 10% discount if they participate in IPOs... pretty cool no?

    look the article up nalang in inq7.net if you want more details. think it was in yesterday's edition. :D
  • metropolitanmetropolitan PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    has anyone participated in an IPO as a retail or individual investor?
    how has your investment performed?
  • mac_bolan00mac_bolan00 PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    back in the late 90s, only because our brokerage offered minimum lots to its employees. some reached 100% apprc. in one week. others crashed ti 1/5 opening price on the first day.
  • I did. Up 50% for the year. Those who planned to flip the stock after listing were disappointed though, since it traded flatly in the short term following its listing.
  • daming IPOs lately ah. the best i got was TUNA which more than doubled up on the 2nd day of trading. got it at 1.35 and sold it at at 2.70. i only got a few shares though.
  • of course you should not miss the "next Petron" - PNOC-EDC that will be listed under the ticker OIL.
  • wednesday's the big day. may mga nagsasabi that this IPO is sucking the investor's funds dry. they're selling their other stocks to subscribe to this one.
  • bluetheherobluethehero PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    when will GMA-7 go public? yung tuloy ha.
  • Kumusta ang current buzz regarding the IPO of PNOC-EDC? Is it too late to get some?
  • QuadradoQuadrado PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Lightspeed wrote: »
    Kumusta ang current buzz regarding the IPO of PNOC-EDC? Is it too late to get some?

    Last day of subscription was yesterday... Try asking your broker though for an OTC transaction.
  • PNOC-Energy Development Corp.
    Recommendation: BUY/SUBSCRIBE

    It appears that the local bourse will remain action-packed, at least until the end of the year, as public listings continue to take place. PNOC-Energy Development Corp. (PNOC-EDC), will be the fourth company to hold an initial public offering (IPO) this year after Alliance Tuna International, Inc., brokerage firm CitisecOnline.com, and Lopez-owned power producer First Gen Corp. (FGEN).

    In fact, PNOC-EDC’s public listing should have been done as early as September but due to procedural delays, including the processing of necessary approvals, the company slated its foray in the equities market to the second week of this month.

    PNOC-EDC, the geothermal arm of the government’s Philippine National Oil Co., is the second largest geothermal producer in the world. It started commercial operations with the commissioning of its first steam field in 1983. The firm presently supplies fuel to 12 power plants in the country.

    The geothermal company will be listing up to 15 billion shares at the Philippine Stock Exchange on Dec. 13, with 70% of the shares reserved for international investors, 20% for a domestic offer through trading participants of the exchange, and 10% for local small investors through domestic lead underwriters. The domestic offer starts today.

    The firm hopes to raise as much as $300 million from the partial privatization to be able to upgrade its equipment, purchase drilling machinery and finance the company’s build-operate-transfer (BOT) projects.

    Moreover, the privatization of PNOC-EDC is required under the Electric Power Industry Reform Act of 2001, the law that sets reforms in the country’s power sector.

    This year, PNOC-EDC expects profits to shoot up to P10.5 billion compared with only P8.6 billion in 2005. This is because of expected revenues from the 125-megawatt Upper Mahiao plant, which was recently turned over to the firm by CalEnergy Ltd., Inc. after the end of a 10-year-BOT deal.

    In an IPO report, Unicapital Securities, Inc. estimated the firm’s price-to-earnings ratio (PER) to be at 7.79x at the end of the year based on an IPO price of P3.20 per share. This translates to 55.5% discount to market PER of 15.5x and 23.5% discount to its nearest rival First Gen Corp. at 10.14x.

    "With this at hand, our fair value estimate (FVE) target is P4.20 at par with [First Gen], while price-to-book value is 3.37x," said Unicapital Securities research head Ron L. Rodrigo in the report. PNOC-EDC’s healthy operating and net margins were also highlighted in the report.

    "Gross margins are steadily rising. In the past four years, PNOC-EDC’s margins are on the uptrend and this improvement carried over in the nine months of 2006 as margins reached 52.5%. The company’s four-year average gross margin is 46.3% and continues to improve as fees on BOT decline," added Mr. Rodrigo. -- Ehden Llave-Pelaez

    Financial Highlights 2002 2003 2004 2005
    Operating Profit Margin 27.00% 27.60% 35.20% 43.80%
    Net Income Margin 4.20% 0.70% 11.80% 46.00%
    Debt-to-equity 2.86 3.32 40.44 4.95
    ROE 4.2 0.8 140.6 84.3
    EPS 0.06 0.01 0.17 0.7
    Book Value per share 1.63 1.47 0.14 0.98
    Terms of Offer
    Offer Price P2.50 - P3.20
    Primary 4.2 billion-5.4 billion
    Proceeds $300 million
    Listing Date December 13,2006
    Offer Period December 4,2006 - December 8, 2006
    Source: PNOC-EDC Prospectus
  • Those who aim to pursue a job in investment banking may want to know which investment houses are lead managing and underwriting these IPOs, and send their well-prepared resumes and cover letters to them. Most likely, these firms will have an urgent need for additional staff.
  • namour7997namour7997 PEx Rookie ⭐
    any idea about the IPOs line up this 2007?
  • metropolitanmetropolitan PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    namour7997 wrote: »
    any idea about the IPOs line up this 2007?

    there is talk that GMA Network and Pilipinas Shell are planning IPOs.
  • namour7997namour7997 PEx Rookie ⭐
    anyone in here dipping into the Pacific Online IPO this March 28?

    is it worth a long term or short term?
  • And liit ng offering ng Pacific Online. 60,000 shares/broker worth P8.88 a piece masyadong konti... Pero sabagay ang liit ng offering talaga....
  • QuadradoQuadrado PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    I would say that this will be a good short-term power play, subscribe (that is if you can get any...) and dump upon listing.

    Given the general bullishness of the local bourse and the small size of this issue, I would not be surprise to find this stock up 20% upon listing... Remember Tuna some months back? Just like Pacific Online, TUNA had a very small size offering but upon listing the price hit ceiling for 2 days if I remember correctly.

    I am keeping my fingers crossed, I order some amount from my "live" broker... My online broker already rejected me!
  • namour7997namour7997 PEx Rookie ⭐
    any idea on how will the mandatory 10% allocation for small time investors be distributed? or is it already reserved for the priviledged few who has connections?
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