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Duterte: 'Is there any bishop here? I want to kick your *****$'


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    Report details sexual abuse by more than 300 priests in Pennsylvania's Catholic Church

    By Daniel Burke and Susannah Cullinane

    Updated 0040 GMT (0840 HKT) August 16, 2018

    (CNN)A new grand jury report says that internal documents from six Catholic dioceses in Pennsylvania show that more than 300 "predator priests" have been credibly accused of sexually abusing more than 1,000 child victims.

    "We believe that the real number of children whose records were lost or who were afraid ever to come forward is in the thousands," the grand jury report says.

    "Priests were raping little boys and girls, and the men of God who were responsible for them not only did nothing; they hid it all. For decades. Monsignors, auxiliary bishops, bishops, archbishops, cardinals have mostly been protected; many, including some named in this report, have been promoted."

    The grand jury described the church's methods as "a playbook for concealing the truth" after FBI agents identified a series of practices they found in diocese files.

    The lengthy report, released Tuesday afternoon, investigates clergy sexual abuse dating to 1947 in six dioceses: Allentown, Erie, Greensburg, Harrisburg, Pittsburgh and Scranton.

    Pennsylvania's two other dioceses, Philadelphia and Altoona-Johnstown, have been the subjects of earlier grand jury reports, which found similarly damaging information about clergy and bishops in those dioceses.

    "There have been other reports about child sex abuse within the Catholic Church. But never on this scale," the grand jurors wrote in Tuesday's report.

    "For many of us, those earlier stories happened someplace else, someplace away. Now we know the truth: it happened everywhere."

    The grand jurors said that "almost every instance of abuse we found is too old to be prosecuted." But charges have been filed against two priests, one in Erie diocese and another in Greensburg diocese, who have been accused of abusing minors.

    "We learned of these abusers directly from their dioceses -- which we hope is a sign that the church is finally changing its ways," the grand jurors said. "And there may be more indictments in the future; investigation continues."

    At a news conference announcing the report's release, Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro called it the "largest, most comprehensive report into child sexual abuse within the Catholic Church ever produced in the United States."

  • Molestations and rapes

    At times, the lengthy catalog of clergy sexual abuses in the report is difficult to read. As the grand jurors note, priests and other Catholic leaders victimized boys and girls, teens and pre-pubescent children.
    Some victims were plied with alcohol and groped or molested, the report says. Others were orally, vaginally or anally raped, according to the grand jurors.
    "But all of them were brushed aside, in every part of the state, by church leaders who preferred to protect the abusers and their institution above all."
    Among the more egregious cases, the grand jury reports that:
    • In the Greensburg diocese, a priest impregnated a 17-year-old, forged a pastor's signature on a marriage certificate and divorced the girl months later. According to the grand jury, the priest was allowed to stay in ministry by finding a "benevolent bishop."
    • Another priest in Greensburg groomed middle-school students for sex, according to the grand jury, by telling them that Mary had to "bite off the cord" and "lick" Jesus clean after the Nativity.
    • In Harrisburg, a priest abused five sisters from the same family and collected samples of their urine, pubic hair and menstrual blood.
    • Also in Harrisburg, a priest raped a 7-year-old girl who was in the hospital after her tonsils were removed, according to the report.
    • In Pittsburgh, church officials said that a 15-year-old boy "pursued" and "literally seduced" a priest. A church report later acknowledged that the priest had admitted to "sado-masochistic" activities with several boys.
    • In the Allentown diocese, a priest admitted sexually molesting a boy and pleaded for help, according to documents, but was left in ministry for several more years.
    • Also in Allentown, a priest who had abused several boys, according to the grand jury, was given a recommendation to work at Disney World.
    • In Scranton, a priest who later served prison time for abusing children was found to have been HIV-positive for years.
    Tuesday's news conference began with a short video of three victims who told how they were abused and how it changed their lives.
    An 83-year-old man said he couldn't show any affection to his wife and children as a result of the abuse he suffered. A woman said the abuse started when she was 18 months old. Another man said, "When you have the priest touching you every day, that's a hard memory to have. The first erection that you have is at the hands of a priest."
    The victims said this was "not a vendetta against the church" and that abusers have "to be accountable in the church for what they did."

  • 'Grave failings'

    The grand jury's searing report comes as the Catholic Church, including Pope Francis, is struggling to contain a sexual abuse scandal rapidly consuming the church on several continents.
    In Australia, a bishop has been found guilty of covering up sexual abuse. In Chile, the Pope was forced to recant his dismissal of an abuse scandal involving a prominent priest and bishops accused of covering up his crimes.
    And in the United States, a prominent archbishop was removed from the powerful College of Cardinals following reports that he had molested a teenage altar boy and several others while he was rising through the church's ranks. Meanwhile, bishops in Boston and Nebraska are investigating possible cases of sexual abuse in Catholic seminaries.
    "The report of the Pennsylvania grand jury again illustrates the pain of those who have been victims of the crime of sexual abuse by individual members of our clergy, and by those who shielded abusers and so facilitated an evil that continued for years or even decades," Cardinal Daniel DiNardo, president of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops and Bishop Timothy L. Doherty, chair of the bishops' Committee for the Protection of Children and Young People, said in a statement.
    "As a body of bishops, we are shamed by and sorry for the sins and omissions by Catholic priests and Catholic bishops."
    The Vatican declined to comment on the grand jury report.
    DiNardo and Doherty noted that the grand jury's report spans 70 years, and many of the abuse accusations were made before 2002, when the bishops adopted new policies. The policies, known as the Dallas Charter, after the city in which they were adopted, have been revised in 2011 and 2018.
    The charter, the bishops said, "commits us to respond promptly and compassionately to victims, report the abuse of minors, remove offenders and take ongoing action to prevent abuse."
    For weeks, many Catholics in the United States had been warily waiting for the Pennsylvania grand jury's report, especially as bishops in the state began publicly releasing the names of accused clergy in an apparent attempt to preempt some of the report's findings.
    In a statement on Monday before the report was published, Cardinal Donald Wuerl, the former Bishop of Pittsburgh who now heads the Archdiocese of Washington, said the report "will be a reminder of the grave failings that the church must acknowledge and for which it must seek forgiveness."
    "We are now in the midst of a new era where our communal bonds of trust are once again being tested by the sin of abuse."

  • Delays in publication

    Court action had delayed the report's publication. A number of individuals named in the report claimed that its findings were false or misleading, that they were denied due process of law and that its release would impair their reputations.
    On July 27, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court ordered the grand jury report to be released by 2 p.m. August 14 with redactions in sections where litigation was ongoing.
    State Attorney General Josh Shapiro had written to Pope Francis on July 25, requesting that the Pontiff direct church leaders to stop "efforts to silence the survivors."
    "A comprehensive investigation by the Office of Attorney General found widespread sexual abuse of children and a systematic coverup by leaders of the Catholic Church," Shapiro said in his letter.

    Harrisburg abuse list

    On August 1, the leader of one of the largest Roman Catholic dioceses in Pennsylvania released a list identifying 71 priests, deacons and seminarians accused of "substantiated" sexual misconduct over the past seven decades.
    Bishop Ronald Gainer of the Harrisburg Diocese also issued an apology on behalf of the religious community.
    "That conduct has left a legacy of pain and sorrow that is still being felt," he wrote. "I apologize for these actions."
    While most men on the Harrisburg list are accused of sexually abusing children, others were investigated for inappropriate behavior, such as kissing or inappropriately communicating with a minor, Gainer wrote. Others were accused of viewing or possessing child pornography.
    The list did not say how the diocese handled most of the accusations and did not give the men's current whereabouts, though a few cases that were forwarded to civil authorities were more detailed.

    CNN's Carma Hassan, Julia Jones, Madeleine Thompson, Augusta Anthony and Janet DiGiacomo contributed to this report.

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    Kinampihan pa nga niya mga rapist na Abu Sayyaf di ba.? 
  • Wala ba siyang inatakeng mga Muslim? Inubos nya mga Maute ah, bi da mga Muslim yun? 
    Hindi nyo kasi naiintindihan eh. Ang inaatake niya yung mga nagpapanggap na mga maka_Diyos, turo ng turo ng Koran at Bibliya tapos puro kababuyan at pagpatay lang din ang ginagawa. Nagpapayaman pa yung iba.
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  • Lay group to Duterte: Why pay people to kill?

    Cebu City (CNN Philippines, August 18) — A group of Catholics on Saturday slammed President Rodrigo Duterte's offer of ₱5 million reward money for the head of each cop involved in illegal drugs.

    "Why do you need to pay people to kill people?" Fe Barino, Commission on the Laity in the Archdiocese of Cebu, said in a gathering to condemn the spate of drug killings in Cebu City. Around 700 parish leaders, church volunteers and lay faithful participated in the event. 

    "We just pray for our President to be guided by the Holy Spirit. We understand the country has so many problems, so we pray that he be guided by the Holy Spirit," Barino said, stressing the value of human lives.

    She added they do not have the capacity to end the killings but they can pray for government leaders to adhere to the law.

    The Catholic flock for the first time recited the Oratio Imperata, a special prayer to end the spate of killings issued by Archbishop Jose Palma.

    Duterte on Friday night raised the bounty on "ninja cops" –policemen who use drugs or are involved in illegal drugs operations – to ₱5 million from an earlier ₱3 million.

    "Kung dalhin mo 'yan sakin patay, ₱5 million. Pag buhay bigyan kita diyes mil (₱10,000)," Duterte said during a speech in Davao City.

    [Translation: "If you bring him to me dead, ₱5 million. If you bring him to me alive I'll give you ₱10,000."]

    Duterte said he is not asking people to kill cops, but urging the policemen to surrender instead within 48 hours.

    "Wala akong sinabing patayin mo, pero pag dinala mong buhay bigyan kitang diyes mil," he said.

    [Translation: "I did not say you should kill, but if you bring them to me alive I'll give you ₱10,000."]

    Philippine National Police Chief Oscar Albayalde welcomed the President's move as a "very strong deterrence against these few bad cops from continuously treading on their crooked path."

    "It is also a very huge incentive for the majority of our good cops to aggressively root out these ninja cops from our ranks, in a manner that should be patently smart and legal. Simply put, all operations against erring cops must be in accordance with the law," he said.

    A total of 58 uniformed personnel have been arrested for their involvement in drugs since Duterte assumed office and launched his bloody war on drugs in July 2016, according to government data released Friday.

  • Activist priest recounts 'close call' with death squad

    Father Amado Picardal has spent his life documenting Davao Death Squad killings. He sees himself as the target of the notorious group.

    MANILA, Philippine – An activist priest found himself the target of a death squad he closely followed and documented most of his life.

    In a blog post on Sunday, August 26, Father Amado Picardal narrated how the threats he had gotten for years materialized in the last few months as he lived “a quiet life as a hermit” in Southern Philippines.

    “Two weeks ago, I almost became a victim of extrajudicial killing and the 4th priest to be killed under the Duterte regime had I stuck to my routine,” he wrote.

    Picardal said he got information that on the afternoon of August 11, about 6 men on board 3 motorcycles “with full-faced helmets” stationed themselves near the entrance of the monastery he frequented in Cebu. It was usually the time he would go out, following his usual routine.

    “Had I gone out, there would have been no escape for me,” he wrote. “I recognized their modus operandi – that’s what I learned from a former member of the Davao Death Squad when we were documenting the extrajudicial killings years before.”

    “It was a close call, I thank God for protecting me,” the priest added.

    Three Catholic priests have been killed under President Rodrigo Duterte’s administration. (READ: More Catholics outraged by killings of priests)

    Father Richmond Nilo, a 43-year-old priest in Nueva Ecija, was killed last June 2018. Murdered before him were Father Marcelito Paez, a 72-year-old priest also from Nueva Ecija, and 37-year-old Father Mark Ventura of Cagayan.

    Just last July, a gunman was killed in a shootout outside the Archbishop's Residence in Cebu City. He was allegedly looking for Archbishop Jose Palma.

    Years fighting the DDS

    Picardal’s work involving the call for justice for victims of extrajudicial killings may have been the reason for his being targeted.

    As part of the Coalition Against Summary Executions (Case), Picardal was able to document the killings allegedly carried out by the Davao Death Squad (DDS) when Rodrigo Duterte was mayor. He was based in Davao City from 1977 to 1981 and from 1995 to 2011.

    The DDS is claimed to be responsible for the deaths of at least 1,000 people. The group was allegedly overseen by then mayor Duterte, according to several whistleblowers. He, however, has denied this.

    Picardal was among the main sources of several groups, including Human Rights Watch (HRW), as they reported on these extrajudicial killings. (READ: What ever happened to the Davao Death Squad investigations?)

    The priest, however, is not sure who ordered his hit – whether it was the President himself or “some zealous henchman trying to please him” – as all he knows is that a death squad is determined to kill him.

    “Whatever happens to me – whether the order came from him or not – the blame will be placed on him for under this regime the culture of death has claimed the lives of over 25,000 people,” Picardal wrote.

    “This regime has nothing to gain in creating a martyr so those behind the project should think twice before carrying out their evil plan,” he added.

    Hermit life on hold

    As several priests and staff of the monastery have noticed that the unidentified men still lingered for several days after August 11, Picardal was advised to “move to a more secure location and avoid public exposure.”

    He, however, wrote he “always knew" his "life would be at risk” but that he would not make himself an easy target.

    “I have decided to temporarily vacate my hermitage up in the mountain and continue to spend my life of silence, solitude, prayer and writing in a more secure location,” Picardal wrote, adding that he hopes to go back to the mountains soon.

    In March 2018, Picardal embarked on what he called the last phase of his life which includes “a life of solitude, silence, and prayer” as a hermit in the mountains.

    His hermitage plans have been temporarily put on hold as the threats against his life mount, he wrote. (READ: One last bike trip for the fearless Father Picx)

  • ‘By secular standards, the Catholic Church is a corrupt organization’


    SHOCKING as that statement may seem, that is the conclusion of a well-argued opinion piece (with that title) by Neil McDonald of the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. The piece was in reaction to the recent Pennsylvania grand jury report that detailed more than 1,000 cases of sexual abuse over a period of several decades by more than 300 Catholic priests, all identified by name and many of them still alive.

    McDonald wrote:
    “Imagine for a moment that a big, admired multinational corporation, one selling a beloved product, was employing large numbers of male pedophiles and rapists, operating in rings all over the world, and that their crimes had been uncovered in Australia, Ireland, Canada, the Philippines, Belgium, France… and, further, that senior executives had systematically covered up and suppressed evidence, transferring and enabling hundreds of predators, betraying thousands of victims.

    What would happen to the company is not terribly difficult to imagine.

    At a minimum, the US government would likely use its Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act to go after not only the rapists and molesters, but also the company’s executives, up to and including its CEO if possible, seizing the company’s assets and seeking the harshest possible prison terms. That’s the sort of thing RICO was invented for. The company would almost certainly collapse.”

    In our case, what would happen if it was discovered that leaders of the Boy Scouts of the Philippines for decades had systematically sexually abused the organization’s young recruits. Won’t it be immediately closed down, its leaders hauled off to jail?

    One would not even have to actually imagine such scenarios. Remember the case of the Christian cult Branch Davidians in Texas which the Federal Bureau of Investigation even attacked with its most deadly SWATs, after reports that children of its followers were being sexually abused?

    I have always maintained that arguing whether the Catholic Church is God’s representative on earth or even whether God exists or not is totally useless. Instead you will learn the truth from actual data, as even the New Testament, to my surprise, believed in Matthew 7:19-20: “A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, nor can a bad tree bear good fruit. Therefore by their fruits you will know them.”

  • Read the report

    Well, this tree in Pennsylvania has had such poisonous, stinking fruits as could possibly be. If Philippine Church leaders and their secular apologists think they can simply ignore the Pennsylvania grand jury report and its impact, they should read the actual document which can be downloaded at https://www.attorneygeneral.gov/report/.

    Already, friends have reported that their teen-age children have told them they have become agnostics because of the incontrovertible reports of sexual abuses by Catholic priests.

    Nobody with an open, objective mind can read the 900-report with his faith in the Catholic Church and its teachings unscathed and even denied. One finishes the report with horror and anger.

    The report summarizes what it found:

    “We heard the testimony of dozens of witnesses concerning clergy sex abuse. We subpoenaed, and reviewed, half a million pages of internal diocesan documents. They contained credible allegations against over three hundred predator priests. Over one thousand child victims were identifiable, from the church’s own records. We believe that the real number — of children whose records were lost, or who were afraid ever to come forward — is in the thousands.

    Most of the victims were boys; but there were girls too. Some were teens; many were pre-pubescent. Some were manipulated with alcohol or porn0graphy. Some were made to masturbat3 by their assailants, or were groped by them. Some were raped orally, some vag1nally, some anally. But all of them were brushed aside, in every part of the state, by church leaders who preferred to protect the abusers and their institution above all.”

    Many of the details of the sexual abuse are so horrific I don’t think even the most depraved pornographer, or horror-movie writer, would have ever thought of these.

  • 0ral sex, then holy water

    One boy was forced to say confession to the priest who sexually abused him. A nine-year-old boy was forced to perform 0ral sex and then had his mouth washed out with holy water. Another boy was made to pose naked as if being crucified and then was photographed by a group of priests who then shared the photos with others.

    As appalling was how bishops dismissed the sexual abuse cases, even when the perpetrators had confessed to having committed them. Two examples in the report:

    “In the Diocese of Erie, despite a priest’s admission to assaulting at least a dozen young boys, the bishop wrote to thank him for ‘all that you have done for God’s people…. The Lord, who sees in private, will reward.’ Another priest confessed to anal and oral ***** of at least 15 boys, as young as seven years old. The bishop later met with the abuser to commend him as ‘a person of candor and sincerity,’ and to compliment him for the progress he has made in controlling his ‘addiction.’”

    How would the Church which for centuries has claimed to be God’s representative on earth explain all these? That Satan and his cohorts have infiltrated it so as to make the faithful lose their faith? That Gods works in mysterious ways? And that oft-repeated line that all these are simply meant to test our Faith?

    But we have our rationality and the sciences to explain such sexual depravations.

    Sex is one of the most powerful instincts of humans, designed into our very genes in order to ensure the continuance of our species (or any other species for that matter). If sex hadn’t been so powerful we would have been extinct by now.

    Catholicism, for reasons so complex to be discussed here, is one of the few religions that require absolute celibacy for its clerics. Even its “Eastern” branch, the Greek Orthodox Church requires it only for its bishops. Islam, Judaism, Hinduism and Protestant Christian Churches — like our local Iglesia ni Cristo — don’t require it.

    Buddhist sects which require it — apparently being more scientific than Catholics — have special disciplines to “transmute” sexual energy into higher forms of consciousness, as in the yoga tradition called Tantra.

    Nature always takes its course. A celibate priest realizes one day that all the theology he has learned are fiction. Left with no beliefs in the supernatural as the basis of his morality, his sexual instincts are unleashed, violating even a society’s secular rules. With his years of being with men 24 hours a day having transformed him into a homosexual, he preys on boys. Or perhaps his sexual preference had been for males even in his youth, and he entered the priesthood as a means of suppressing his homosexuality.

    The Catholic clerics have been able to do their dastardly deeds because they were in positions of power over the minds of their young victims, the victims’ families, and the families’ communities. In a society ruled by Catholic dogma, no cleric can ever commit such crimes. Therefore, it cannot exist.

    The Pennsylvania grand jury report is important to us in this country for the following reasons.

    Pennsylvania and the dioceses the grand jury investigated have been among the most civilized communities in the world, with a secular efficient state, a highly developed rule of law, and a very high sense of the rights of individuals. Yet Catholic priests and even its bishops have managed to commit on a mass scale sexual abuse against boys and girls.

    Our country has been one in which the Catholic Church has been so powerful that it was even virtually the state religion during four centuries of the Spanish colonial period. In this superstitious country, or because the elites use it to legitimize its rule, the Church’s power over the minds of our people is a hundred, a thousand times more than in Pennsylvania.

    With the same repression of the sexual instinct among priests here, logic tells us that the scale of sexual abuses here may have even been more horrific than in Pennsylvania. Our state, which has been in one way or another controlled by the Church for five centuries, simply hasn’t investigated such depravities. Victims here of course have been more brainwashed than in the US to suffer in silence, told that it is God’s will.

    Is the Philippine Catholic Church’s involvement in politics its way of squelching public attention and state investigation of its priests’ sexual abuses?

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