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ABS-CBNHD PExTalk 593: HALIK pa din ni DADDY Cardo, NAK. Di ba, SHAN CAI? DREAM on, Vicky!



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    Last updated Aug 17, 2018
    By Aries Cano, Mia Billones

    MAPIPILITAN umanong tapatan ng Queen of All Media na si Kris Aquino ang mga kaibigang kandidato sa pagka-alkalde ng lungsod sa darating na eleksiyon sa Mayo kung hindi siya lulubayan ng mga basher na nang-iinis at kumukuwestiyon sa sinseridad ng kanyang ginagawang charity work.

    Binantaan din ni Aquino ang kanyang mga basher na mararanasan nila ang pinakamasamang bangungot ng kanilang buhay kapag hindi siya tinantanan ng mga ito sa pambabatikos sa mga ginagawa niyang pagtulong sa mga biktima ng kalamidad.

    Binalaan din niya itong huwag siyang hamuning tumakbong mayor sa Quezon City para kalabanin si Quezon City Vice Mayor Joy Belmonte dahil posibleng patulan niya ito sa sobrang inis.

    Buwelta pa ni Aquino, “Kung trip nyo kong bwisitin—you may get your worst nightmare come to life.Yan ang problema - yung kusang tumutulong hinuhusgahan. Yung mga naka posisyon na nagkulang ngayon naghahanap ng pwedeng ma-bully.”
    Dagdag ni Aquino, nagkamali ang ilan sa paghamon sa kanya dahil kaya niyang patunayan na hindi siya aat­ras sa anumang laban lalo na at nakasalalay dito ang kanyang kredibilidad.

    Samantala, sinabi ni QC Congressman Wins­ton Castelo na lahat ay puwedeng kumandidato.

    “The more, the merrier,” ang tugon ni Castelo na isa sa matunog na kandidato sa pagka-vice mayor sa QC nang hingan ng reaksiyon sa isyu.

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    Christina Mendez (The Philippine Star) - August 18, 2018

    MANILA, Philippines — After raising the specter of a military takeover and brushing aside the constitutional provision on succession, President Duterte yesterday said his announced plan to resign was just an “afterthought” – borne out of frustration over the continuing drug menace and corruption.

    “I was frustrated. But remember that I was addressing myself to the military and the police and nobody else. What you heard was an afterthought, actually,” Duterte said at the Hugpong ng Pagbabago Convention in Davao City last night. He cited in particular his getting wind of the anomalous activities of some officials at the V. Luna Medical Center.

    After he finishes his term, Duterte said he would leave the government “in the hands of Filipinos who simply love their country.”

    At a Go Negosyo event earlier this week, Duterte said he was thinking of resigning out of exhaustion, but made it clear he didn’t want an “incompetent” Vice President Leni Robredo to take his place and that he would rather have a military junta succeed him. Under the Constitution, the vice president succeeds the president if the latter dies or gets incapacitated.

    Yesterday, Duterte explained that he was just venting out his exasperation after learning that the funds intended for hospitalization and medicines of soldiers at the V. Luna Medical Center had been misused by some of its officials.

    The President recently ordered the relief and start of court-martial proceedings against Brig. Gen. Edwin Leo Torrelavega, head of the AFP-HSC; Col. Antonio Punzalan, commander of the V. Luna Medical Center, and 18 other individuals over alleged anomalies at the military hospital.

    Duterte said he allotted some P50 million to V. Luna Medical Center but this supposedly ended up in the pockets of corrupt military officials.

    “And I said to them, ‘Ano kaya gusto ninyo mag-resign ako ngayon (That’s why you want me to resign)? I am challenging you, everyone of you to – kung sinong interesado (whoever is interested), just stand up. What’s the – stand up and sabihin mo (just say it)’,” Duterte said.

    “If the Air Force, Navy, Marines, Police, all the major commands tell me to ‘step down’. Fine. Mas pagod ako sa inyo (I’m more exhausted than you),” he said with expletives.

    “And so I said, because I will – you will, after I shall have stepped down, magulo ‘yan. Magulo ‘yan kasi sabihin nila,” he said.

    Duterte said he made the declaration not because he was  afraid of the military or the police, but because he wanted them to toe the line and follow his order.

    He directed the officials of the uniformed services to “better shape up” because his commitment to fight corruption is on the line.

    Constitutional restrictions

    His chief legal counsel Salvador Panelo, meanwhile, said President Duterte may have raised the scenario of a takeover by a military junta, as he is aware of constitutional “restrictions” that keep the leadership from getting things done.   

    “Well, perhaps what he is saying is, if you follow the Constitution, there has been—there are many restrictions that will tie the President in doing things that should be done,” Panelo said in an interview with ANC. A military takeover, he said, could just be one of the scenarios in the President’s mind.

    “And a military junta, if ever there is one, would not follow the Constitution, and whoever is placed by the military junta could do things extra constitutionally,” he said.

    “I think the point is, right now, ‘I’m shackled by many restrictions.’ But again, knowing this President as he repeatedly said, there are powers in the Constitution that he can use, even without declaring martial law or declaring a revolutionary government,” he pointed out.

    But he could just be testing the waters after all, Panelo said, adding the Chief Executive has been transparent about his thoughts and feelings – something many Filipinos find endearing.

    He also said he doesn’t think Duterte is resigning. “He has been saying that he is not a kind of man that will stick or clinch to an office. If he sees and feels that the situation is ripe for him to step down, he will. But not now, I don’t think so,” Panelo said.

    He also doused speculations over the President’s health. “I think the statement was more of an expression of exasperation, a cry of sheer disgust over what’s happening vis-a-vis the drive versus corruption,” he added.

    The President’s “intention is precisely to tell the people that he is disgusted, exasperated, he wants to resign, but he will not do it,” he said.

    “He’s so pissed off, but knowing him, he is not a quitter,” Panelo added.

    He also said Duterte has no intention to influence the deliberations of the Presidential Electoral Tribunal (PET) on the election protest filed by former senator  Ferdinand Marcos Jr. against Robredo.

    “I think that was more of a comparison between the vice president and Mr. Marcos given the qualifications that the two have,” Panelo said. “He just wants to compare this particular person to another,” he said.

    Panelo said Duterte has no power over other constitutional bodies such as the PET.

    “The President’s statements on matters pending in any court will not affect that particular jurisdiction with respect to any decision it will make,” he pointed out.

    For the Philippine National Police (PNP), backing a military junta is out of the question.

    “As far as the Philippine National Police is concerned, I thinks that’s also made clear by the Armed Forces of the Philippines – we will follow what’s written in the Constitution,” PNP spokesman Senior Supt. Benigno Durana said in a press briefing yesterday at Malacañang.

    He stressed the PNP is squarely behind the President and rule of law and that the people should be just as supportive to the administration.

    “We should learn from this migratory bird, the geese… they rally behind their leader when they fly long distances,” he said. “The rest of the flock is cheering, encouraging the leader, etc. I think that’s also holds true to us. We can go long distances in our journey as a nation if we’ll support and, you know, encourage our leader – in this case, our President,” Durana said.

    The PNP spokesman added the PNP and the rest of the Filipino people should “encourage our father” and “not contribute to his already monumental problems.”

    “That is why the PNP is working doubly hard to make sure that it implements the President’s order to go after illegal drugs as much as possible, not to give him a lot of headaches,” Durana said. It is only under Duterte’s watch that the PNP is getting full support, he said.

  • peppermint2peppermint2 i'm a UAAP fan PEx Expert 🎖️
    Okay papabitag na ako.


    SC > RSB > GMO > DS


    GMO > RSB > DS > SC

    Papangitan sa ngayon in terms of story ang DS at SC lol pero lumalamang ang DS sa ngayon because of AP at TGS, sama na rin Asintado. :giggle:
    I agree when it comes to storytelling. GMO does their research and they don’t give us the usual stories. Magaling scriptwriters and researchers nila. 
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    Helen Flores (The Philippine Star) - August 18, 2018

    MANILA, Philippines — President Duterte wants to resign?

    The lawyer of Vice President Leni Robredo yesterday urged Duterte to “take a break” instead and allow her to prove her qualifications and abilities to be the chief executive.

    “VP Leni is qualified to be president because her qualifications are just the same qualifications you possess as required of a president under the Constitution,” Romulo Macalintal said in a statement, addressing Duterte.

    Last Tuesday, the President said Robredo “cannot improve on anything here” should she become president. 

    “The problem is, I cannot suggest to them that you follow the succession which is really (in) the Constitution... I am hesitant to suggest a constitutional succession,” Duterte said.

    He said he would rather have a military junta or the likes of Sen. Francis Escudero and former senator Ferdinand Marcos Jr. lead the country. 

    Malacañang on Thursday said Duterte might resign if Marcos wins in his electoral protest against Robredo. 

    Duterte also called Robredo’s bailiwick, Naga City, as a hotbed of illegal drugs. 

    “The alleged presence of illegal drugs in a city does not disqualify her nor could be a basis to say she is not qualified to be President in the same way that the presence of illegal drugs all over the country which you failed to eradicate in six months as you promised during the campaign does not disqualify you as President,” Macalintal said.

    “As a lawyer, you know she is entitled to due process or right to be heard before she could be accused of not being qualified to perform the functions of the presidency which under the Constitution, she is the rightful successor,” he said.

    Macalintal said Duterte should take his “much-needed” rest and let “constitutionally mandated” Robredo take the reins of the presidency in her own style and approach.

    “You really need a good break Mr. Idol President and when you come back you can rest assure that the country has been that good, if not better, in the hands of the qualified VP Robredo,” he said.

    Acting Chief Justice Antonio Carpio said if the President resigns, the Vice President automatically takes over.

    Carpio said the Constitution states that the second highest official of the land, the Vice President should take over in case the President resigns. In this case, the recognized Vice President is Robredo.

    “If there’s a vacancy, if there’s a resignation in the Office of the President, it’s the Vice President who takes over – that’s very clear in the Constitution,” he said.

    Although Robredo has a pending electoral case before the Presidential Electoral Tribunal (PET), Carpio stressed it would not affect the order of succession under the Constitution.

    “We have to follow the Constitution,” he stressed.

    Carpio believes Duterte may have been merely “expressing his thoughts” over his statements in considering to resign from office.

    “Maybe he’s just exploring, expressing his thoughts but at the end of the day, we have a Constitution and we just have to follow the Constitution,” he said. – Evelyn Macairan

  • peppermint2peppermint2 i'm a UAAP fan PEx Expert 🎖️
    Watching Halik because of Jericho and Sam. Kulang sa chemistry si Jericho and Yen. Si Yam is palaban. Si Yen ang Waterloo in this series for now. Hope ganahan siya kasi gusto ko matagal makita si Jericho and Sam sa primetime. 
  • PrincessAndiPrincessAndi queen of music PEx Icon 🎖️🎖️🎖️
    Watching Halik because of Jericho and Sam. Kulang sa chemistry si Jericho and Yen. Si Yam is palaban. Si Yen ang Waterloo in this series for now. Hope ganahan siya kasi gusto ko matagal makita si Jericho and Sam sa primetime. 
    Yen Santos - snoozefest actress, walang appeal and charm
  • PrincessAndiPrincessAndi queen of music PEx Icon 🎖️🎖️🎖️
    fortnette ikaw pala yan !! balik ka na sa UN mo , gagawin ko na 5 stars

    Ay hindi po ako yan, hihihi :giggle: baka isipin ni sis joshie ako talaga yan :giggle:

    Defensive ka naman Fortnette, wala naman siyang nirereplyan na post mo. :giggle:

    On a scale of 1 to shout-out, gaano ka ka-excited na magbabalik na ang JameLia mo thru NAK? :lol:

    Kebs ko naman kay Chameson.

    Sampalang Julia Barretto at Chienna Filomeno ang inaabangan kez 
    Walang appeal yung Chienna Filomeno, carmi martin na jean garcia ang peg, gurl
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    asus pandi 

    hindi kaya ng Dreamscape yang mga ganyan kabonggang production ano !!!

    Haller?! Walang hanggan, mara clara, otwol, sana maulit muli, tayong dalawa vakla...

    star creatives nagpabasak ng ratings ng abs through the super flop krystala....
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    SHOWBIZ NEWS NOW NA! - Boy Abunda (Pilipino Star Ngayon) - August 17, 2018

    Gabi-gabing napapanood ang teleser­yeng Halik na pinagbibidahan nina Jericho Rosales, Yam Concepcion, Yen Santos at Sam Milby.

     Kamakailan ay inilarawan ng dalawang aktres na ‘wild’ umano ang istilo ni Sam tuwing humahalik sa kanila sa mga eksenang ginagawa.

    Ayon naman sa aktor ay ibinabagay lamang niya sa karakter ang kanyang mga ikinikilos sa serye. “Siyempre sa character ‘yan. He’s very, ‘yon nga medyo lustful siya and wild siya,” nakangiting pahayag ni Sam.

    Wala umanong kamalay-malay ang aktor na wild na pala ang dating ng kanyang paghalik kina Yam at Yen na kanilang ginagawa sa mga eksena ng serye.

    “Gano’n pala ako, Kasi sa character, it’s more lust-passion. In real life passionate ako,  ako personally, passionate ako. If it’s love, iba ‘yung passion. Not wild passion, it’s the love passion, ‘yung mas gentle,” paliwanag ng aktor.

    Marlo natupad na ang pangarap na maging singer

    Noong Miyerkules ay pumirma ng kontrata sa Star Music si Marlo Mortel.

    Ayon sa aktor ay noon pa niya pinapangarap na maging recor­ding artist ng nasabing recording label.

    Kakaibang genre ng mga kanta ang nakatakda niyang gawin para sa mga tagahanga at mailalarawan daw ito ni Marlo bilang isang album-serye.

    “Pinoy country, actually very similar siya sa gusto nating mga Pilipino. It’s all about love, may kaunting drama na pasadong-pasado sa Pinoy taste. And I think it’s time na ma-recognize siya dito sa Pilipinas,” nakangiting pahayag ni Marlo.

    Bukod sa pag-arte at pagkanta ay araw-araw ding napapanood ang aktor sa Umagang Kay Ganda bilang host. Ginagawa raw inspirasyon ni Marlo ang inang matagal nang nakikipaglaban sa breast cancer upang pagbutihin ang lahat ng trabaho.

    Ayon sa aktor ay palala na nang palala ang kondisyon ng ina ngayon at humihiling na lamang siya na sana ay mangyari ang isang himala. “Ayaw niyang pasabi pero ang ganap eh ilang linggo na siya doon. Ibig sabihin medyo malala na ‘yung nangyayari. Usually aabot lang naman kami ng wala pang one week kapag nagche-chemo siya, pero iba na kasi ito. Iba’t ibang operations na ‘yung ginagawa sa kanya, so medyo… basta. Ginagawa ko siyang inspirasyon. It hurts every time na nakikita ko siya nang ganoon kasi iba na talaga ‘yung itsura niya. Nagpi-pray pa rin kami, umaasa na gagaling pa din siya,” makahulugang pahayag ni Marlo.

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    SHOW-MY - Salve Asis (Pilipino Star Ngayon) - August 17, 2018

    Sobra palang na-in love ang Pop Superstar na si Sarah Geronimo sa Pinoy adaptation ng South Korean blockbuster hit na Miss Granny.

    Bilang Audrey, ang pinabatang karakter ng 70-anyos na si Fely (Nova Villa), kinailangang baguhin ni Sarah ang look niya para umakma sa panahon ng isang pensyonadang lola na bumalik sa edad 20 matapos magpalitrato sa isang magical photo studio.

    “In love na in love po ako sa fashion ng Granny. Recently nga po bumili ako ng mga damit na ganyan ang style, ang ganda-ganda. Walang masyadong pinapakita, pero sexy at disente, ang ganda-ganda talaga,” kwento ng singer-actress.

    Close to home rin daw ang Miss Granny para sa kanya dahil nga pareho silang music lover at maka-pamilya ni Audrey.

    “Na-enjoy ko po talaga ang journey ko sa paggawa ng pelikula na ito, dahil family-oriented, tungkol sa mag-ina, mag-lola, singer pa. Parang konti na lang po, maniniwala na ako na ako si Miss Granny, eh,” natatawa pang banggit ni Sarah.

    Magaan din daw sa set at cool bilang director si Bb. Joyce Bernal, nakasama niyang mag-immersion ng isang araw sa isang elderly facility.

    Kuwento pa ng singer-actress, nu’ng nasa Home for the Aged, nakaramdam siya ng lungkot. “Although sinasabi nila na ‘okey kami rito, ayos naman ang kalagayan dito, may mga activity kami, kumakain kami sa ganitong oras,’ makikita mo pa rin ang lungkot sa mga mata nila… sa kanilang lahat,” pag-alala niya sa mga nakitang mga lolo at lola.

    Kinailangan nilang gawin ‘yon ni Direk Joyce para maaral ni Sarah ang nuances ng matatandang gaya ng karakter ni Fely.

    Pero klinaro rin ng singer-actress na mismong si Nova ang ginawa niyang pinaka-peg sa pagganap sa karakter ni Audrey.

    Mula raw sa depth nito, pagsasalita, paggalaw hanggang sa facial expression, sinubukang ilapit ni Sarah nang hindi nawawala ang sariling marka.

     Bukod sa retro na mga damit, ayos ng buhok at make-up, retro rin ang ilang kanta na kasama sa original soundtrack ng Miss Granny tulad ng Kiss Me Kiss Me, Rain at Forbidden Love.

    Magsisimulang mapanood sa mga sinehan ang Miss Granny sa August 22, mula sa Viva Films. 

    Starring din sa movie sina James Reid and Xian Lim.

    Bela at JC naka-P7.5M na!

    No. 1 uli sa nagaganap na Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino ang pelikulang pinagbibidahan nina Bela Padilla and JC Santos, The Day After Valentine’s, directed by John Paul Laxamana for Viva Films.

    Ayon sa unofficial box office result, kumita ito ng P7.5 million sa opening Day last Wednesday.

    Ang pelikula nilang 100 Tula Para Kay Stella ang no. 1 sa kauna-unang PPP last year.

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    skin27 said:
    Dumating din ang panahon na Laos na ang big 3 LT ng abscbn..Sino kaya ang papalit Joshlia kaya? So far this year walang maingay na love team..
    Eventually baka paghiwalayin na sila, individually magiging big star lahat sila parin

    Hindi naman papalit ang JoshLia kasi kasama na rin sila dyan

    pero after ng JoshLia LT wala na talagang magandang loveteam na nabuo puro sablay na
  • L.A.S.E.R.SL.A.S.E.R.S Member PEx Icon 🎖️🎖️🎖️
    Excuse me, pinakamababa ang production ng DS? Hello, AP, OTWOL, TIMY (kahit na flop), BFY (Japan) :lol:
    Sana may teleserye ulit na abroad ang setting
  • L.A.S.E.R.SL.A.S.E.R.S Member PEx Icon 🎖️🎖️🎖️
    Hawig ni Maymay :lol: siya na lang love triangle ng MayWard :lol:
  • L.A.S.E.R.SL.A.S.E.R.S Member PEx Icon 🎖️🎖️🎖️

    mabubuwiset ka talaga sa pa-cute ni Maymay sa mga pictures :lol:
  • L.A.S.E.R.SL.A.S.E.R.S Member PEx Icon 🎖️🎖️🎖️
    skin27 said:
    skin27 said:
    Dumating din ang panahon na Laos na ang big 3 LT ng abscbn..Sino kaya ang papalit Joshlia kaya? So far this year walang maingay na love team..
    Eventually baka paghiwalayin na sila, individually magiging big star lahat sila parin

    Hindi naman papalit ang JoshLia kasi kasama na rin sila dyan

    pero after ng JoshLia LT wala na talagang magandang loveteam na nabuo puro sablay na
    Hindi kasali joshlia Kasi nga diba ang big 3 dati is kathniel, lizquen at jadine..joshlia bago pa lang..
    sabagay pero sa dami ng introduce ng ABS CBN na loveteams ngayon wala talagang appeal at pilit

    paano pa kaya kung wala ang JoshLia noh, buti na lang meron pang natirang matino :lol:
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